AAX Crypto Exchange Review 2023 – Is it safe to use?

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In the cryptocurrency space, exchanges play an important role in the buying and selling of crypto coins or tokens as well as investing. There are various exchange platforms in the crypto space with unique features that attract traders and investors.

AAX is one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms with unique features. You might also want to get to know more about AAX exchange and its features, then this article is a must-read.

In this article, we will get to know about the AAX Crypto exchange Review, who created the AXX exchange, and how you can buy and sell crypto in the AAX exchange.

What Is AAX Exchange?

AXX Crypto Exchange Review

AAX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2018 and launched in September 2019 which is located in Seychelles, AAX is well known for its amazing features and robust security. The AAX exchange was established by Atomic International Technology LTD and has spread its wings to different continents.

The AAX exchange is commonly used by Asians as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in that part of the world.  AAX has spread its trading wings globally as traders all around have begun to register on the AAX exchange platform for active trading.

AAX exchange has a trading volume of $5.15b in the last 24hrs, it is ranked #19 among other cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world.

The traditional platform boasts its security features, trading volume, customer support, and high technological innovations. 

Who Created AAX?

The Atom group created AXX in 2018 and started operation in 2019 in Hong Kong Asia. The AAX exchange head office is located in Malta and it has partnered with LSEG technologies for smooth Operation.

AAX Crypto Exchange Review– Is AAX Legit?

AAX Cryptocurrency Exchange is a trading platform that has a large number of crypto assets that can be traded. It supports coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and thousands of tokens as well as stablecoins.

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The user interface is user-friendly, secure, and easy to navigate.

One major feature a trading exchange should have is security; the AAX exchange is secure, the platform provides hard wallets that store users’ funds to avoid wallet hacks, and the funds of traders with large trading funds are insured. 

All users must have two-factor authentication to safeguard their funds in the AAX wallet and yet the privacy of users is maintained.

The exchange customer care representatives work around the clock to ensure that user complaints, difficulties, and issues are rectified and customers enjoy the best services and user experience. 

They have a user telegram community where the response team responds promptly to users.

The platform provides pro trading opportunities and technical analysis help to Traders, it also has unique trading bots that many traders have been using since its inception. The AAX platform provides affiliate opportunities for earning when you start inviting more people to trade with the exchange platform through your link.

AAX is powered by LSEG Technology which helps traders place trade orders in less time. 

The platform allows more than 60 trading pairs including BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT with a fair fee.

They provide indicators, chart analysis, and tools for traders for both futures and spot traders TA. The AAX exchange can run smoothly on Android phones and computers.

Once a new user registers, they can start trading immediately.

What makes AAX stand out the more is the following features:

  • It is safe, secure, and transparent.
  • It is User-friendly and even Beginners can buy and sell crypto within minutes with no complications.
  • The platform provides training opportunities in different languages for beginners
  • AAX exchange allows users to earn income outside trading and investment through the refer and earn program with 40% commission and 10% second tier commission.
  • AAX platform provides reliable trading Bots 
  • It has fast buy features for new traders.
  • The AAX calculator assists traders to calculate their trading profit and loss when a trade closes.
  • AAX has savings features that are free and help traders make a profit after a deposit.
  • There are no rigorous KYC procedures.
  • Users can buy any crypto using Fiat currency.
  • AAX allows users to transfer and deposit funds from hard wallets with no extra charges.
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These features above are what make the AAX exchange unique.

Some may wonder if the AAX platform is legit. Yes, considering the aforementioned features, the exchange is legit.

How To Use, Buy And Sell On AAX

To start buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the AAX exchange, you need to know and understand how to get started with the AAX exchange.

How To Start Using AAX exchange

  • Go to the AXX website – and click the sign-up button to register an account with AAX exchange, you would be prompted to enter your information details in the online form and verify your email.
  • The next step is to do KYC (Know-Your-Customer) if you want to use the p2p features but if you don’t have the requirement for KYC, you can skip that.
  • Your AXX account is ready to be funded for use.

How To Buy crypto on AAX Exchange

You can buy crypto on the AAX exchange with the following steps:

  • Click the buy column, choose p2p
  • Choose the crypto you want to buy amongst others
  • Choose payment method and currency
  • Select your order
  • Choose the merchandise 
  • Cluck pay and buy.

How to Sell Cryptocurrency in AAX Exchange

  • To sell you can easily exchange your crypto to Usdt or any stablecoin.
  • Send your crypto to a buyer wallet for Fiat pay.
  • Navigate to the trade page and click on the sell button.


Does AAX have KYC?

Yes, but It is not compulsory to go through the KYC process except if you want to use the P2P features for buying and selling.

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Is AAX a Good Exchange?

Yes AXX is a good exchange considering its features above, it is safe, secure, fast, and user-friendly. AAX exchange creates insurance for its users’ funds, cold wallet, and two-factor Authentication.

How Do I Buy Crypto In AAX Exchange?

You can buy cryptocurrency in the AAX exchange through the p2p features and digital transfer.

AAX supports 50 pairs such as BTC/USDT and you can swap, buy, sell, and stake on the platform.

What is AAX Token?

The AAX token is known as AAB, it is minted on the Ethereum network and it is beneficial to users. The AAB token provides a free signal to holders and a 20% discount rate to traders on the exchange platform.  Users that hold AAB also receive Airdrops, and free tokens when trading on the platform. The AAB token can be traded on any pairs Available in the AAX exchange and has a 50m supply lock for the next 5years.


AAX Exchange is a legit exchange that started its operation in Asia and is now spreading its wings globally. 

The AAX exchange has also gotten representatives in African countries to create awareness and get them onboard to the exchange platform.  AAX exchange has amazing features that every recommended exchange should have, it is secure, easy to use, and fast.

You can buy and sell crypto on the platform through P2P or digits transfers easily and with no complications. The AAX team is working hard to ensure traders enjoy amazing trading benefits and flexibility while using the AAX platforms.

You can trust the AAX exchange for your cryptocurrency trading but you should also pay attention to the security of your hard wallets and keep your login details safe to avoid any form of hack or theft in your wallet.

To get started with AAX, visit the AAX official platform, and register for amazing trading and investment Experience.

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