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11 Best Assets to Buy in Your 20s

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Best Assets to Buy in Your 20s are very Essential in our Youthful Life. As it is said, life starts in your 20s, once one clocks 20, his eyes and mind are open to opportunities, actions, and steps to become successful. Buying assets is one of the dreams of any young person who intends to enjoy life in the future, he is faced with what to buy that will become profitable in the future and what not to buy. 

Assets are also a form of investment because if you buy a good asset, you can make a profit from them when you resell it later, probably when a pressing need comes up.

Some young ones in their 20s might also want to buy assets for their future children as inheritance or feel worthy to own an asset. No matter what your reasons may be, you would love to know which assets to buy now in your 20s.



In this article, we will discuss the top 11 assets to buy in your 20s and also give answers to questions you may have in mind.

How to Build Assets in your 20s

The intention to build assets can only be possible when you know how to build assets and the steps to take to build assets in your 20s.



Here are practical ways to build assets in your 20s below:

Start with Self Development

Self-development is the first step to building assets and wealth in your 20s, wealth starts with the right attitude and it can only grow when you are fully mature to handle your assets and bridle the desire to squander. It is imperative to build your mindset to start building wealth and accept the fact that you are ready to discipline yourself. If possible, take self-development courses, talk to a mature person and read wealth creation books when you want to start building assets.

Plan your Budget

A budget is a written step to income and expenditure, a budget well planned will depict funds inflow and outflow in a specific period.  As a young person in your 20s, getting a budget planner and tracker will help you build an asset.

Open Multiple Savings Accounts

Opening multiple savings accounts with a specific goal to save up funds to buy assets will help you in your 20s. These accounts you can even lock for a specific period and save up a certain amount of your earnings on them, this will help you build assets in your 20s.

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Avoid the Urge to Overspend

There is pressure to spend and enjoy life in your 20s and if you do not avoid it, you might spend money meant to buy assets recklessly. To avoid this, be disciplined enough to know your priority and what is less important before spending, this will help you build assets in your 20s.

Embrace Multiple sources of income

Multiple sources of increase are one strategy for saving funds to buy assets in your 20s. In your 20s, you are open to opportunities and you are energetic enough to do multiple jobs for multiple incomes, and it doesn’t have to be hard work if you are smart. This is one way you can build digital assets.

Invest Wisely

Investment is one way to build assets in your 20s, however, if you do not invest wisely, you might run at loss. To build assets, you must research what to invest in and invest wisely.

What to Invest in your 20s

There are so many investment opportunities that will favor you in your 20s, you can invest in real estate for commission bases, and invest in stocks, crypto, bonds, business, and shares in your 20s to earn yields in return. Your investment determines your wealth and assets in your 20s.



To make the right choice, let us highlight the 11 best assets to invest in your 20s.

11 Best Assets to Buy in your 20s and How to Go About it

11 Best Assets to Buy in Your 20s

If you are searching for an asset to buy in your 20s, then this list will be useful to you. Here is a list of the 11 best assets to buy in your 20s:

Piece or pieces of Lands 

A very good asset you can buy in your 20s is a piece of land or pieces of land. The land is a property that doesn’t depreciate but will appreciate over time, the price for a piece of land will always appreciate and there is a constant demand for it.

Even if you buy in a place that is not fully developed in the city, you will sell higher in a few years when it becomes developed landed is the best asset you can buy in your 20s, to buy land, make research on locations with land areas  and understand the development pace of the area, you can meet with an agent or a real estate to show you a land that will fit your budget, sign the proper do-documentation documentation and certify

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certificate of ownership to have full rights on your asset after payment is made.

 Residential Buildings

You can buy a house or building and rent it out for yearly returns. Residential buildings are a good asset because people will always rent places to stay as shelter is a major need of humans. You can buy houses listed for sale from the owner by signing documents transferring ownership to you in the presence of witnesses.


You can also buy businesses from owners who are selling and make it your asset by signing all necessary documents and changing the name to your name or running your own. You can also start your own business and it becomes your asset in your 20s.


You can buy stocks from companies as an asset in your 20s. Stocks are company shares that are sold publicly and when you buy a company stock you are entitled to a percentage of the company’s profit. You buy a company stock by applying when there is an invitation by the company to do so and you will earn dividends.


Bonds are good assets to buy too in your 20s. Bonds are shares advertised by the government or organizations to the public, you can buy shares by checking the criteria for doing so in your country.


Insurance policies are an asset you can invest in also in case of uncertainties. Life assurance for example will keep a percentage of the asset to your children or any member of the family according to your specification in case of dying unexpectedly. You can invest by working with a certified insurance company and following their procedures.


An investment in a microfinance company or owning one is an asset that you can consider in your 20s. You will earn a percentage and commission as long as microfinance exists, you can do this by doing research on common microfinance companies around you and following their procedures.

Buy Crypto

Crypto is a digital asset that you can buy and sell. You can invest both long term and short term and make a profit, because of the volatility in cryptos you will need to learn and make research on what to buy. You can buy crypto by registering in a good exchange and buying the crypto of your choice.



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Buy Vehicles

The ideal vehicles you can buy as an asset are trucks and transport vehicles that you can lease out to drivers for a certain percentage. Vehiareares is well maintained and can last for years and yield a good return.

Buy Precious Stones

Precious stones such as Gold are good assets that will appreciate and yield good profit. Gold doesn’t depreciate so it can be inherited as an asset. You can buy this in your twenties by buying from a trusted vendor.

Home Properties

Home properties such as pots made of precious metals, electrical appliances, and furniture can also be regarded as an asset that you can buy in your 20s and resell when the prices are high.

Best Asset to Buy for Beginners

We have highlighted 11 assets that you can buy in your 20s and make a good profit above, the best for beginners which has a less complicated process and is easy to sell the land.

The land is a physical asset that doesn’t depreciate but will appreciate with years, the land can also become useful to you for your building in the future. If you are a beginner and want to start buying assets then the land is the best option for you.


What should I invest in my 20s

You can invest in real estate, stocks, bonds, landed properties, and business in your 20s

What Should a 22-year-old Invest in?

 A 22-year-old is still in his 20s and can invest in the assets listed above

How can I build my wealth in my 20s?

You can build wealth in your 20s by investing wisely and avoiding spending unnecessarily.

What Asset Should I Start With?

You can start with land as it is tangible and easier to acquire.


In this article, we have discussed how you can acquire assets and become wealthy in your 20s, and the Best assets to buy in Your 20s. Your 20s are a time to enjoy and also acquire assets, we hope you will do so.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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