5 Best coins to Buy on Binance

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Best coins to buy on Binance is what I will be showing you in this post. Hope you know it’s not just all coins you see listed on Binance that you will rush to buy?

Do you know why I ask? well, let me answer. It’s because not all these coins you are seeing on Binance have a good future.

so if you are among those that once a coin is listed on Binance you rush to buy and hold better stop that now unless you like losing your hard-earned money like that.

Learn how to do research on some coins before you invest in them., don’t be like others. and if you are a reader of this blog I must say you are lucky because will be doing everything for you.

You might ask things like what? well, as a reader of my blog I like to make things easier for my readers by showing them coins to buy either for the long term or short term. not all coins are good to hold for the long term.

that was how I lost money before now holding a coin I should have taken profit from and that’s why I will be trying in this blog to help you not to make those silly mistakes again,

In conclusion, on this coins to Buy on Binance article, you will learn :

  1. Best coins to Buy on binance
  2. Coins to hold for long term
  3. Coins to hold for short term
  4. etc

The Best coins to Buy on binance

  • Bitcoin (BTC/USDT): I should have mainly focused on Altcoins in this article, You know why ? it is Because not all of us have the money to purhase even half a bitcoin right now. but why i have tomn start with it is this: it is the major cryptocurrencyn. mostly all other cryptos depends on it to function.
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what I do is to buy this major altcoin that we believe might perform like bitcoin in the future now there are still low and affordable. so once it does well you will see an incredible profit. but HEY! this won’t just happen overnight. if you are looking for fast money am not sure this article is for you.

Best coins to Buy on Binance
Bitcoin analysis Setember 2021

So here is my analysis of bitcoin. it is overall bearish as of writing this article. so the possible scenario is for the market to return to $38k before it continues its bullish move again. So in case if the market respects my analysis buying Bitcoin at $38k will give you a cool profit. See the full chart analysis here on trading view.

  • Cardano (ADA/USDT): I actuall know you may be longing to see Etherum as the second on this list. actually buying etherum isnt a bad choice either, as it can still be affordable by most investors. but i told you how i do mine, i focus on this coins that will give me times time profit ,ore than the major coins like bitcoin when they make a big move to your favour. thats how I do my own cryptocurrency investment.

Am super bullish on Cardano coin . in fact, it is the number one coin am holding in my wallet. this is one of the coins I believe will do well in the future. getting in mow if you haven’t might be the best investment decision you will make this year.

ADA Analysis September 2021

After ADA broke structure on $1.8+, the price went on an upsurge and tested a new ATH( All time high) of $3.1, and then we are undergoing a retracement/pullback to possibly $1.8 before the price continues its bullish scenario again. so for now, the price is bearish, I will keep you updated if in case the price changes course. Here is the link to analysis on trading view

  • Ripples (XRP/USDT): Although most exchange platforms have succesfully delisteed this particular coin because it has failed to grow up tp expectation , it is still in my watchlist and am holding till when ever haha.
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Ripple Analysis September 2021

After ripple broke structure at $0.75 and went in an upsurge to $1.4 price has been bullish till now that most market is bearish. so am looking at the price to come back to $0.78 to mitigate that zone and continue in an uptrend. Here is the link to my analysis on trading view.

  • Ethereum (ETH/USDT): Just took out my time to write on this coins. and this are cons I believe are in the list of top cryptocurrency every investor who is investing in crypto shold have a percentage of it in his or her wallet. and yeah of course ETH is among this coins.
Etheruem analysis September 2021

Here is my analysis on Eth as well. I will be getting in if the price should obey my analysis. will also keep you up to date on recent posts about how it is playing out; either if it has been violated or if the price is obeying this analysis.

Coins to hold for long term

These coins listed above like Eth, Btc, Ada and so much more which I will put on the list soon are good investments only if you can secure a safe entry to buy and hold. don’t just jump in anyhow unless if you have a huge capital you are putting into use.

Coins to hold for short term

If you ask me I will say investing in crypto should be your long-term goal. but moreover, there are still some coins you can buy and hold for a short while. that’s, you just want to make a small profit and sell off. immediately. well, there are some coins that are good for a short-term holding in which I will be listing here soon.

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That that for Coins to Buy on Binance. I don,t control the market am just a price action trader (Technical analyst) most times our analysis works out, and sometimes it does not. what matters is the money being made when you are right. If you have questions feel free to use the comment section as I will try possible best to get back to you.

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