Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Australia 2023

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The use of cryptocurrency is becoming more popular in Australia, with tons of exchanges available to people to choose from. 

Considering the avalanches of Cryptocurrency Exchange available in the market, you may be perplexed on which one you are to use. In this article, we will present you with the best cryptocurrency exchange in Australia you can use. 

Among all the research we’ve made, these top 10 exchanges top the list. 

Swyftx Exchange 

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Australia

Syyftx is one of the best platforms for cryptocurrency exchange in Australia. Although Swyftx is rather new, it is very reliable and easy to use with a well structured interface which in turn makes it convenient to navigate for both experts and novices.

With Swyftx, you can buy and sell over 280+ cryptocurrencies using AUD. Verification in Swyftx does not take too long.

For those that do not have access to computers or laptops, Swyftx mobile application has made it possible to also trade cryptocurrencies with your phone anytime.

Swyftx has a unique demo feature for beginners to use in practicing how to trade. It also comes along with a free virtual currency for novices to use along with the demo account while practicing.

To deposit in Swyftx is very easy as you can easily transfer using your bank account or you can opt for other options provided by Swyftx such as Poli, PayID etc.

There are other services provided by Swyftx for its users such as Tradingview chart, combined order books, real-time price feed, 24/7 live chat support, 2FA security etc.

Swyftx Exchange Commision: Swyftx charges a fee of 0.6% for each transaction carried out and there are no hidden charges. 


Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Australia

Coinspot is one of the best choices to trade cryptocurrencies for beginners with over 2 million users. The site is easy to use and navigate making it faster and convenient for users to perform crypto transactions.

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There is zero percent rate of being scammed as Coinspot is a well established crypto exchange site with over 300+ cryptocurrencies you can trade with.

Coinspot has different methods of deposit to choose from such as bank transfer, PayID, Poli cash deposits etc. There is no need to worry while trading as Coinspot provides top notch security and your accounts and transactions are safe and secured.

With the instant buy and sell feature, you can buy any crypto coins and sell it instantly.

Although Coinspot does not offer a mobile application for its users like Swyftx, it is still one of the best cryptocurrencies exchange platforms in Australia.

Coinspot Exchange Commission: Coinspot charges according to how you perform transactions on the site. For an instant buy and sell, a service fee of 1% will be charged.

Binance Exchange

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Australia

Although Binance is not an Australian site, this does not stop it from being one of the top three cryptocurrencies exchanges in Australia. With access to 300+ cryptocurrencies you can trade with.

Binance also provides different methods to deposit AUD such as PayID/Osko, bank transfer etc. 

Although binance might not be easy for a novice or beginner to use and operate at first, it is still one of the best out there.

Binance Exchange Commission: Binance offers an exchange rate of 0.1% for transactions.

Digital Surge

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Australia

Digital Surge is an Australian site with over 270 cryptocurrencies for users to trade with.

Digital Surge only allows AUD for trading. With a good interface and structure, it is very easy for both beginners and experts to use the site. 

Digital Surge offers a service whereby you can pay bills with Bitcoin. Most cryptocurrency exchange platforms do not offer this. They also have a mobile application version available for both Android and IOS users to download.

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Digital Surge Exchange Commission: Digital Surge offers a service fee as low as 0.5% for each transaction.

Independent Reserve Exchange 

Independent Reserve only supports 27 cryptocurrencies, but these crypto coins are the top most traded and trusted crypto coins globally. They are the only cryptocurrencies exchange platform in Australia that offers insurance on your crypto assets, and this covers up to $5million.

Independent Reserve Exchange Commission: Charge a service fee of 0.5% for each transaction.

But if you are a trader that invests in a large scale trading for instance, you trade up to $100,000 upward per month, the fee charged will reduce.

E Toro Australia

Unlike other crypto coin exchange platforms in Australia, E Toro works like a broker offering many trading tools. It functions more like a social trading platform, that is, you can interact with other traders on the platform either by commenting on news feeds or posting.

E Toro provides a demo trading account with $100,000 virtual money to aid novice learning trading. They also offer the 30 top most popular cryptocurrencies globally. You can also stake crypto coins on E Toro.

E Toro Exchange Commission: E Toro charge a withdrawal commission of 5%.


Cointree is designed to help novice or beginners trade cryptocurrencies. It is very simple to use as the interface is well designed for easy navigation. 

With an offer like Coin to Coin, that is, you can exchange Coin A to Coin B and over 169+ crypto coins available in Conntree, you can buy and sell with ease.

Just like Digital Surge, Cointree offers services whereby you can pay bills with Bitcoin available in your Cointree accounts.

Cointree Exchange Commission: Cointree offers a rate of 0.9% for each transaction.

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Easy Crypto Exchange

Easy Crypto just as the name implies is a quick or fast platform to buy cryptocurrencies. It does not operate like other exchange sites as you can’t store your crypto coins there.

When you make a purchase, it is sent directly into your crypto wallet already provided by you to the site.

Easy Crypto does not require the user to first deposit money before transactions, you can send money directly from your accounts straight when you purchase any coin.

With 100% funds safety guarantee on each transaction, you can trade with Easy Crypto without worries.

Easy Crypto Exchange Commission: Offers 0.5% to 1.6% on each transaction.

Coin Jar

This is an Australian exchange platform that allows deposit in two currencies, GBP and AUD with over 40+ cryptocurrencies available for trade in Coinjar.

There are several payment methods available on Coinjar for users to use such as PayID, bank transfer, cash payments etc.

Coinjar Exchange Commission: Coinjar offers a service fee of 1% for each transaction.


Just like Easy Crypto, Elbaite allows you to buy and sell peer to peer (P2P) that is, you can buy and sell crypto coins from other traders directly from a crypto wallet.

There are no issues of having your coins stolen or your exchange account hacked as your crypto coins are stored in your crypto wallet.

Elbaite Exchange Commission: Elbaite offers a service rate of 1% for buyers and zero fees for sellers.


With the above mentioned cryptocurrencies exchange platforms, you can choose any and start trading crypto coins conveniently at your home.

Buy note that there are many exchanges so pick the one that suits you most as well as make more research about it. 

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