Top best loan app in Nigeria 2023 [with Instant payment]

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If you are looking for apps to get a loan from, I am willing to show you the top best loan app in Nigeria that can give you loans immediately upon request.

 There are still some apps you should try to avoid. Not all loan apps are good 

You may ask me why? Okay, I will answer you; it’s because they temper your personal data some even resell it to scammers.

This is one of the reasons you have to be careful how or where you insert your details online to avoid privacy breaches.

Before I continue let me tell you a story – an encounter my friend had with a loan app in Nigeria

It was 2019 one of my friends approached me for financial help, he had a pressing need to sort out, but I was out of cash at that time I couldn’t offer a helping hand. He couldn’t check on another person.

He decided to get a loan from of the loan apps in Nigeria, I have forgotten the name. Days ram into weeks, time to pay back the loan reached nut he still has not gotten the money even with the little interest attached.

The loan app support started reaching out to him yet to no avail. The next thing the loan app was sent messages to his contact list. I mean all his contact list saying – if you know so so person, please tell him to pay back the loan he got from us. 

Mheen i was shocked how did this guy got his contact data that was bad you know.

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So that’s as you get a loan from any of the loan giving platforms, please try to make sure you can be able to pay it back in the due time

Best loan app in Nigeria 2021 with low interest rate

So as you take loans try to know the best loan app you can use here in Nigeria with low interest rates and won’t also get access to your personal data in the future.

So here are the best loan app in Niergia 2021 with low interest rates that can offer you loans instantly

Renmoney : 

  this is one of the platforms you could get loan from instantly. They do not offer the only loan, they do savings and also fixed deposits.

They offer huge yield fixed deposits and convenient personal micro-business loans. You can get the loan instantly with just a few steps.

Featurs of renmoney loan app

  1. Lower rates and longer tenure on your loan
  2. A fast and convenient loan from N6,000 to N6m
  3. Swift and flexible repayment ranging from3 to 24months
  4. Money in your bank account upon a successful request
  5. No other hidden charges
  6. Terms and conditions apply
  7. No paperwork

And lots more…

 How  to request for loan from  renmoney

  • First of all, download Renmoney app from playstore here
  • Sign up with your real details
  • Verify your identity-this is to know if you are real or fake.
  • Once you are done with the verification you can go ahead and request for loan according to your working range

 Why choose Renmoney?

  • You can invest your money with renmoney fixed deposit account. You leave it for an accepted fixed duration and earn due interest.
  • You earn up to 12% interest per anum
  • Most convenient and secure
  • mobile/user friendly
  • Save and invest securely on your own terms
  • 24hrs support
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Download the app here now and start your journey with renomey

Carbon App

Carbon gives loans instantly as per request also, it’s one of the most used apps when it comes to loans. It also has cool amazing features like apart from getting an instant loan,  you can use it to make payments and also invest money once you possess an account.

They help  akes your banking easier and convenient for you without stress and data bleach

To get started download the app here, sign up and you are good to go.

Kwikcash loan app

kwikcash loan app

here you get assured, guaranteed, and a hundred percent affordable instant personal loans with ease. kwik cash helps you locate a user for a quick legit loan.

it has over 700+ across the continent, thereby it’s one of the best loan apps I know.  I have once used and I must confess they are good and trustworthy to get a loan from.

but wait before you download the app here are things to note about kwik cash

  1. kwik cash does not offer you a loan, what they do is link you up with assured and legitimate Lenders that will give you a loan after considering what you need it for.
  2. 100% scam free
  3. if you are not satisfied with the services rendered, you have the right to disconnect at any time.
  4. the loan amounts, interest rates, and service rate APR vary and it depends on the lenders according to your country of residence it is affordable with a low interest rate.
  5. to get started with kwik cash click here to download the app on playstore, sign up verify your documents and you are good to go.
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