Top 15 High Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities in 2023

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Public utilities offer great opportunities for career advancement and high pay. Some of them offer higher wages than other industries. 

What is Public Utilities job All About

Public utilities are responsible for providing essential services to the communities they serve. These services could include water, electricity, gas, and sewerage. Public utilities are often public companies owned by local governments or other entities. 

As such, they must abide by laws and regulations that apply to them. The public utility job is all about providing these services without compromising the quality of their service or the community’s budget.

Is public utilities a good career path in 2022?

Public utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and sewerage systems are essential for modern life. 

The demand for these services has increased significantly since the industrial revolution, which means they are now big businesses. 

If you want to work in one of these industries, consider becoming a civil engineer, electrician, plumber, or other related trade.

Do public utilities job pay? 

Yes. they offer great benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid holidays, and other perks. You may be eligible for a pension plan after 20 years of service if you work for a utility company.

Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities and Salary 

if you are looking for a career in public utilities, these are the top 15 best paying jobs in public utilities.

1. Water Treatment Operator – $45k/year

Water treatment operators use their knowledge of chemistry to ensure safe drinking water for millions of people. They work at water treatment facilities, monitoring samples and ensuring they meet federal standards.

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2. Water Distribution Technician – $40k/year

A water distribution technician measures and distributes water throughout a city or town. They may operate trucks or trains to move water around or install pipes underground.

3. Wastewater Treatment Technologist – $39k/year

Wastewater treatment technicians measure wastewater and test its quality before releasing it back into rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. They make sure the water meets state and federal regulations.

4. Environmental Scientist – $38k/year

Environmental scientists study how different factors affect our environment. They collect data about air pollution, climate change, water supply, and landfills.

5. Hydrologist – $37k/year

Hydrologists measure the amount of rainfall and snowmelt entering rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs. They analyze the data to predict future flooding.

6. Geotechnical Engineer – $36k/year

Geotechnical engineers design buildings, bridges, roads, dams, and tunnels using geology and engineering principles. They develop plans and specifications and oversee construction projects.

7. Hydrogeologist – $35k/year

Hydrogeologists explore groundwater and monitor contamination levels. They identify problems and suggest solutions to keep aquifers clean.

8. Environmental Health Specialist – $34k/year

Environmental health specialists protect human life by assuring that food is wholesome and safe. This includes testing products like milk and meat to assure no contaminants present can cause illness.

9. Environmental Toxicologist – $33k/year

Environmental toxicologists determine whether chemicals found in the environment pose risks to humans so that precautionary action can be taken.

10. Food Safety Manager – $32k/year

Food safety managers oversee production methods and prevent contamination of foods such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, dairy, and fish. They also inspect restaurants, bakeries, and other food producers.

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11. Drinking Water Quality Analyst – $31k/year

Drinking water quality analysts test water supplies for contaminants and verify that the standards set by government agencies are being met.

12. Water Supply Systems Supervisor – $30k/year

Supervisors run water systems: from small residential wells to vast municipal networks. They plan, budget, hire, train, and supervise workers who maintain and repair these critical services.

13. Environmental Engineering Technician – $29k/year

Environmental engineering technicians design wastewater treatment plants and manage chemical spills. Many perform hands-on tasks in laboratories, while others research new technology and help write legislation for environmental regulation.

14. Environmental Compliance Officer – $28k/year

Environmental compliance officers enforce environmental laws and regulate industries that impact the environment.

15. Environmental Protection Specialist – $27k/year

Environmental protection specialists find ways to reduce or eliminate pollutants contaminating drinking water, soil, and air.

Benefits of working in the public utilities sector

The public utility sector is a field of work that provides essential services to the public by providing water, electricity, and other essential services. In this industry, there are many benefits to working in it. 

  • The public utility sector provides employment opportunities to people who have low incomes.
  • People in the public utility sector get paid well and earn a good salary.
  • There are many career options in the public utility sector.


What is the highest paid outdoor job?

These are the highest paid outdoor job:

1. Landscaper

Landscapers get paid anywhere between $10-$30 per hour, depending on their experience level. If you have some landscaping skills, you could make around $20/hour. You’ll need to start out working odd hours (like weekends) until you build up enough experience and clients.

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2. Gardener

Gardening pays well if you live in warmer climates, especially if you own your own home. But even if you don’t, gardening still pays pretty well — about $15/hour. To earn extra money, consider selling your produce at local farmers markets.

3. Farmer

Farmers get paid anywhere between $12-$25/hour, depending on where they work. You’ll need to start off doing seasonal farmwork before moving onto year round farming.

4. Construction Worker

Construction workers get paid anywhere between $14-$22/hour, depending on location. As long as you’re willing to work hard, construction work is great way to make some fast cash.

5. Painter

Painting pays anywhere between $13-$19/hour, depending on what kind of painter you are. If you know how to use power tools, then painting houses might be right up your alley. Otherwise, learn basic techniques and paint by hand.

What is a Utility worker?

A utility worker works for a public utility company, such as water, electricity, gas, telephone, cable television, etc. The job duties include:

  • Installing new lines.
  • Repairing existing lines.
  • Inspecting pipes.
  • Digging trenches.
  • Laying cables.
  • Operating power plants.
  • Other related activities.


There are many best paying jobs in public utilities. These careers offer excellent opportunities for stability, good pay, and the potential to grow with a company. 

If you are interested in a career in public utilities, ask about salary and benefits packages before you commit to a job, as they can vary significantly depending on the company you choose.

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