Which Crypto to Buy Today for Long Term -January 2023

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Over the years, cryptocurrency has gained momentum as one of the leading digital assets for both short-term and long-term investment. There’s a saying in crypto that says; “buy and HODL” which signifies buying cryptocurrency for long-term investment for maximum profitability.

While it can be profitable to buy crypto and investing for a long term can yield maximum profit, it can also be a wrong investment decision if you do not do proper research and buy a coin or token that has a great tendency to yield ×100 profit in a long period. 

Penny coins or tokens are gems that can be the best kind of long-term investment if properly researched, that is why the question is, what is the best penny coin to buy now for long-term investment?

To give you a proper insight on crypto to buy for the long term, read this article as we will discuss the top best crypto to buy today for long term and more insight on cryptocurrency.

Firstly let us discuss why you should invest in cryptocurrency.

Should I Invest In Cryptocurrency?

If you are looking to invest digitally, investing in cryptocurrency is one best investment opportunities available digitally. Cryptocurrency investment presents a wide range of opportunities and choices ranging from Bitcoin, Altcoins such as $Etheruem, $ADA, $XRP, etc, stablecoins such as $USDT, BUSD, etc NFTs,d more.

Investing in cryptocurrency doesn’t require rigorous processes when compared to physical assets as your funds will be in exchange. What you need to do before investing in cryptocurrency is proper research on the best coins or tokens to buy and the best exchange for your investment to avoid loss of funds due to hacks and rug pulls. You can also decide to invest and save funds in Cold wallets as long as you can safely keep your private key for access.

The availability of cryptocurrency exchanges makes it easier to buy and sell crypto 24/7 within minutes at a low fee. 

Cryptocurrency investment is profitable as some crypto have the tendency to triple your initial capital in a short period or on a long-term basis depending on the Crypto bought and your investment strategy employed. In cryptocurrency investment, you can invest as low as $10 with no maximum limit which is also one advantage of cryptocurrency investment.

Crypto adoption is also one good reason you should invest in cryptocurrency. Giant tech companies, countries, and businesses are adopting crypto as a means of transaction and these giant companies and countries are investing heavily in crypto they are referred to as whales. This creates demand and adoption of cryptocurrency and a great assurance that the cryptocurrency sector has come to stay providing sustainable investment opportunities.

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Although crypto investment is worthwhile and profitable alongside various opportunities, there are risk factors you should consider such as rug pulls, bear market, volatility, inflation, etc, cryptocurrency investment remains one of the best investments in the digital space if proper research is done.

Let us take a look at the top 11 best penny cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022

11 Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2022

11 Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2022

Penny cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrencies whose value per unit is less than $5 now available. The following are the 11 best penny Cryptocurrencies to Invest in in 2022.


$CHZ token, an acronym for Chillz token, is a token for sports and gaming activities with its range but can be bought in exchanges such as Binance. The market cap of $CHZ is $1,455,272,106.0 and it is trading at $0.2425 as of today. $CHZ is one of the best penny tokens that has great potential for long-term investment.


Dogecoin is a meme coin championed by the billionaire cryptocurrency influencer Elon musk. It has been adopted as a means of the transaction by giant companies and has no limited number of minting. It is a well-known penny token with a potential of ×100 in the long term. The current market cap of Dogecoin is 


Zilliqa token $Zil is notable for its Sharding features to enable scalability. and had an explosive pump in March this year. The $Zil team is a set of intellectuals from the National University of Singapore. The Zil Token market Cap is $428,242,720.57 and is trading at $0.3217

It is a good investment in the long term.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is one of the top penny cryptos with the potential to pump hard in the next crypto bull run, it is the second most popular meme token after Dogecoin that has been adopted by e-commerce companies as a means of transaction. The $SHIB is a promising meme token that pumps at any slight hype and its developers opened an NFT marketplace and Launchpad. The next bull run will revive $SHIB and it is a good investment for the long term. The market cap of $SHIB is $6,401,449,099.7 and trading at $0.000010

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$MANA is a leading token of the metaverse project that has gained massive recognition and usability. It has integrated an NFT marketplace and future possibilities of web3 and gaming. It has also been used by giant Companies such as coca cola as a means of transaction. The future of $MANA is promising and one of the best penny coins to buy in 2022. The market cap is $1336,929,230.0) and it’s currently trading at $0.7206


$ADA is the native token of the Cardano network with the biggest smart contract network and a strong Community.  One of its notable features is peer design. It has the potential to pump hard in the next cryptocurrency bull run and is a good investment for the long term. Its market price is $929509,843.364 and currently trading at $0.4489


XLM is finance crypto intending to change the flow of money for payment. It is making its way into the financial industry and has a future tendency of the future pumps due to cryptocurrency adoption for transactions. It is currently trading at 0.1034


$BAT token is a token that is set to revolutionalize the digital marketing space, its mission is to protect customers’ privacy from advertisers. The $BAT token is airdropped in the brave browser and will pump hard when the Marketing industry adopts it. Its current market Cap is $447,770,943,57 and currently trading at 0.2993


MATIC is one of the best penny cryptos to buy for long-term investment in 2022. Its current market cap is 

$6,725,090,017.0 and trading at $0.7699.


$TRX is the native token of the Tron network which is set to pump hard in the next bull run considering the developer’s efforts. It is one of the best penny cryptos to buy in 2022.  Its market cap is $5535,077,724.9


CRO makes it to the top list of best penny crypto to invest in 2022. It has great potential to pump in the long term. Its market cap is 8,839,201,728.9 and currently trading at 0.1309

Next Big Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2022 to 2023

The next big cryptocurrency to explode in 2022-2023 according to our prediction is Ethereum. Due to the Ethereum merge, the Ethereum network has moved from proof of work to proof of stake which increases the network accessibility. This merge is preparing Ethereum for the next bull run.

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7 Crypto To Buy Today for Long term

Below are the top 7 Crypto to buy for the long-term:

  1. Bitcoin– ( $846bn market cap)
  1. Ethereum– ( $361bn market cap)
  1. Tether USD– ( over $79bn market cap)
  1. BNB– (over $60b market cap)
  1. ADA – ( over $33bn market cap)
  1. DOT – (over 22bn market cap)
  1. XRP– ( over 33bn market cap)

Best crypto Under 1cent to explode in 2022

The following are the best crypto Under 1 cent to explode in 2022.

  1. Battle infinity
  1. Defi coin
  1. Lucky block
  1. Chillz ($CHZ)
  1. CROP
  1. SHIP


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the world’s biggest and most recognized digital currency that is backed by blockchain technology. It is a decentralized transactional currency and system with cryptography.

Why is cryptocurrency important?

Cryptocurrency is an important currency that is decentralized, supports fast, reliable, and easy payment, and is entirely done digitally. It is another source of payment that makes transactions easy and possible without physical contact. It provides numerous benefits such as investment opportunities, a decentralized system, digital literacy, and an alternative to money.

Which cryptocurrency is best for long-term investment?

Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies for long-term investment. It is the first cryptocurrency in the crypto Industry that is decentralized and has a high tendency to pump the next bull run.

Which cryptocurrency is best for long-term hold?

The aforementioned gives a detailed list of cryptocurrencies for long-term HODL. You can buy HODL Bitcoin. 

Is Penny Cryptocurrency worth it?

Yes, they are worth it. It has less value and great potential to pump in the bull run when there is a sharp increase in its value. You can check the list above.

Which Penny Crypto Will Explode in 2022?

Any of the aforementioned are Penny Crypto that will explode in 2022. 


We have given a detailed list of the best Crypto to Buy Today for Long Term in this article. Note that cryptocurrency Investing is risky and cannot be predicted accurately due to its volatility.

You can invest in the coins and tokens highlighted above with the risk factors. Visit their websites for further research before investing.

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