How to Get Entry level Cryptocurrency Jobs (The one that Works)

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This guide looked at several ways to prepare for finding entry level cryptocurrency jobs. It may be possible to start working in a crypto role or apply for blockchain jobs without a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant subject. Still, even though you’re starting at entry-level, if you want the best career in cryptocurrency, setting higher standards of education will reap the rewards in the future.

Above all, think about what stands out on your resume. For instance, are you highlighting irrelevant job roles or featuring your experience with cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain? In addition, try not to get stuck thinking you don’t have enough experience because some companies would take on an active crypto enthusiast interested in learning and improving their skills.

Consider committing to an on-chain resume and building proof of your cryptocurrency activities, and decide on your preferred niche. There are many Bitcoin jobs available for entry-level candidates. Still, if you are interested in different projects, it’s unlikely that you’ll display enough enthusiasm for a role applying for blockchain jobs with Bitcoin.

What do Employers Want when They’re Hiring For Entry level Cryptocurrency Jobs?

Above all, most jobs in cryptocurrency need to see you have crypto enthusiasm, some experience, and a broad scope of understanding of the crypto space.

You might expect an interviewer to ask questions about your crypto certifications and skills, but they are just as likely to enquire about what you have “done” with cryptocurrencies.

For instance, have you traded cryptocurrencies or started a crypto portfolio? If so, what happened? What did you learn? Have you explored yield farming, bought, created, and sold NFTs, or qualified for airdrops? Perhaps you have written and published cryptocurrency, blockchain, or NFT articles.

Interviewers may ask what Defi projects or NFT collections you like or enquire about your success with optimizing Defi yields.

Why do interviewers want to know these details? Because it shows your level of immersion in the Web3 space. Above all, wanting an entry-level cryptocurrency job only because you can earn a decent salary is not enough for a company to consider hiring you. Moreover, the crypto-passionate newbie may surpass a less enthusiastic candidate with more certifications and skills. Not always, but it’s worth considering your motives for wanting a crypto job.

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Not all crypto jobs require technical “know-how“, but it would help if you understand the fundamentals of NFTs, cryptos, and blockchain technology before applying for a cryptocurrency role. Subsequently, an enthusiastic and curious approach to continual professional development can be valuable for candidates seeking a cryptocurrency career.

Build an on-Chain Resume For Entry-Level Cryptocurrency (Entry Level Cryptocurrency Jobs )

How to Get Entry level Cryptocurrency Jobs

Building an on-chain resume is an excellent route for helping a recruiter learn about your experience in the crypto space. What is an on-chain resume? It’s a verifiable blockchain record of your crypto activities. Today, most candidates mainly submit a paper version of their CV in PDF or Word format. Recruiters or employers may check the candidate’s details, but many do not. Unfortunately, some candidates are not averse to bending the truth.

An on-chain resume removes the possibility of distorting data. Some platforms document your on-chain activities, such as RabbitHole, a company that curates your on-chain requests, such as swapping and lending on Avalanche.

If you aren’t already doing this, get started now on RabbitHole. You can learn how to use and contribute to decentralized apps and earn experience points and token rewards based on your on-chain activity.

In addition, get the Degenscore (Degen) app for reporting on your overall on-chain performance. Degen measures how much your wallet interacts with Defi smart contracts and protocols, giving you a score. Recently, some job requirements have made specific references to the Degan app.

Remember, building a verifiable on-chain resume might be something your competitors aren’t doing, which means you stand more chance of attracting positive attention from potential employers.

What are the Best Courses to Learn About Entry-Level Cryptocurrency Remote Jobs?

Companies hiring for crypto jobs expect candidates to have certification to prove the demonstrable skills and knowledge required for a position. Still, if you don’t have the time, funding, or inclination to study for a degree, there are other avenues for certificated training.

Finding relevant training for crypto careers is not difficult. Several Ivy League schools like Cambridge, Stanford, and Princeton now offer blockchain and cryptocurrency courses, and universities and colleges have added the subjects to their curriculum.

There are many free and paid online self-study courses to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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 Further, if you are a beginner, start with broad training that familiarizes you with cryptocurrency terminology and technology.

Entry Level Cryptocurrency Jobs Near Me

If you’re looking for a career in cryptocurrency, now may be the time to look for entry-level jobs near you. There are now numerous opportunities available in the industry, and with prices continuing to rise, it’s an ideal time to jump into the market. Here are some of the best places to find entry-level cryptocurrency jobs:

1. Online platforms: 

Many online platforms are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services. If you have experience working with computers and internet marketing, this could be a great place to start your career in cryptocurrency.

2. Cryptocurrency Exchanges: 

Exchanges are a key part of the cryptocurrency market, and there are now many options available across the globe. If you have experience trading stocks or currencies, this could be a great opportunity to apply those skills in the crypto world.

Entry-Level Blockchain Developer Jobs

If you want to get your foot in the door as a blockchain developer, you’ll likely need some experience. And if you don’t have any experience, it might be tough to find a job that will take you on. 

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t entry-level blockchain developer jobs out there. Many of the top companies in the space are looking for new developers with no prior experience. 

Here are two of the best entry-level blockchain developer jobs: 

1. Blockchain engineer – A company like JPMorgan Chase or Facebook might offer a position as a blockchain engineer. This is someone who will help design and build the backend of the blockchain system. They must know about cryptography and database systems, among other things. 

2. Software development engineer – A similar position at Google or Amazon could be a software development engineer.

Entry level cryptocurrency jobs

There are many opportunities for people who are interested in cryptocurrencies. This includes entry-level jobs as well as experienced professionals. Below is a list of some of the most common entry-level cryptocurrency jobs: 


This job requires someone with strong programming skills. They will need to create new applications or modify existing ones to work with cryptocurrency systems. 

Translator -People who work in this field must be able to understand and translate complex financial documents into other languages. This includes news articles to white papers on new cryptocurrency developments. 

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Marketing Manager

Those in this position must be able to identify and target potential customers for the cryptocurrency industry. They will also need to develop and maintain relationships with these individuals. 

Community Manager 

This person is responsible for managing and growing the community around a specific cryptocurrency project.

Web3 Developer Jobs

Web3 developer jobs are in high demand as the technology continues to develop and become more widely used. Here are some of the most in-demand Web3 developer jobs: 

1. Ethereum Developer: 

This is a highly sought-after position, as Ethereum is a popular platform for creating decentralized applications. It’s important to know Solidity, an Ethereum programming language, to be successful in this role.

2. Blockchain Developer: 

Another high-demand position is that of a Blockchain Developer. This person will be responsible for creating and maintaining networks of decentralized applications using blockchain technology. They will need to have a strong understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain concepts, as well as experience building decentralized applications.


How do I Get a Job in Cryptocurrency?

Getting a job in cryptocurrency can be difficult. However, there are many ways to get started. Start by researching different roles and companies. Next, build a portfolio of your best work. Finally, network with people in the industry.

What Skills do I Need to Work in Crypto?

If you want to work in the crypto industry, you will need some skills in programming, cryptography, and financial analysis.

What Degree do you Need to Work In Cryptocurrency?

You don’t need a degree to work in cryptocurrency. The level of experience and knowledge you have is more important than the level of education you have. There are many opportunities for people with little or no experience in cryptocurrency to get started in the industry.


If you want to get an entry level cryptocurrency job in the cryptocurrency industry, start by doing your research and finding reputable sources. Make sure to have a strong portfolio and excellent communication skills, and be proactive in seeking opportunities. Be persistent and keep up the good work, and eventually, you’ll reach your goals.

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