EToro Copy Trading Review 2023 | Best Traders to Copy on EToro 

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Copy trading is copying trades from successful traders. Copy trading is a method of copying trades made by a successful trader. This is based on past trading success in forex, crypto or stock markets. For beginners, copy trading is a great way to make money on eToro and become successful without any trading experience.

It is not easy to become successful in the stock exchange. You may lose a lot of your initial capital if you don’t find the right trading strategy. You may already have lost a lot of money by the time you’re profitable and are confident in your trading strategy. Copy trading is appealing because it’s so easy.

EToro Copy Trading Review 2022:  What Is eToro CopyTrader?  

eToro CopyTrader, a service offered by eToro, is for people who wish to copy trade with eToro. eToro claims that copy traders make an average of 83% in yearly profits. eToro CopyTrader lets you choose a top trader and copy their trades.

You can find successful traders using the eToro CopyTrader platform. This allows you to look at factors such as risk score, performance, and assets. You can take all these factors into consideration and see how much they have made each year. After you’ve decided on the trader you want, decide how much you want to invest.

The trades made by the trader you choose will be automatically copied to your computer. Instead, the eToro CopyTrader will automatically copy these trades for your benefit. You will also be able to sell a currency pair if the trader has sold it. The eToro CopyTrader doesn’t cost any management fees. However, traders who allow others to copy their trades are paid through the eToro Popular Investor Program. If you are a successful trader, you can also get paid.

Does eToro Copy Trading Work?

eToro is a popular platform for copy trading. However, not all traders who copy another trader will be successful. Copy trading is only possible if you have a solid understanding of the market and the ability to quickly react to changes.

Is Copy Trading In eToro Profitable?

If you select the right trader, copy trading in eToro can be profitable. A minimum investment of $200 is required. Copy trades can be placed in seconds from the time that the trader copied places their trades. There is no lag so you won’t lose out on any market changes.

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   Is It Better to Copy Open Trades on eToro?    

Copying open trades means that the amount you copy a trader’s trades with will immediately be used to buy positions that are open at the moment by the trader. You can choose not to select this option. Only trades that the trader has opened from that time forwards will be copied. The trader will usually tell you in his biography whether he recommends copying open trades. Short-term traders are more likely to not recommend copying open trades than long-term investors.

Is eToro Copy Trade Safe?

eToro allows you to copy trade safely and offers excellent returns.

  • eToro has its own regulation: Not all platforms have the same regulations. To protect investors, regulations are in place. You should only trade on regulated platforms. eToro is compliant with the FCA and CySEC.
  • eToro offers safe and secure: Client funds are stored in tier 1 banks and all their personal information is protected under SSL encryption.

How Much Can You Make with eToro CopyTrader.

Copy-trading on eToro can make you a lot of cash. It all depends on how much money you invest in the program. Let’s suppose that you choose a trader who consistently earns 10% every year, year after year. Although there’s no guarantee that he will make 10% this year (or even if he does), it is likely that he will.

You will only make $20 if you invest $200. 20% of $200 equals $20. If you invest $5,000 and the trader makes a profit of 10% you will get $500. That is 10% of $5,000. The bottom line is that your ability to earn as much or less depends on how you invest. You can earn more if you put in more.

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 Who Is The Best Trader to Copy on EToro?   

This article is about EToro Copy Trading Review 2022 and  we also listed  the  best traders to copy their trade on eToro

Our methodology shows that is the best eToro Trader.

1. Jeppe Kirk 

Jeppe Kirk is a Strategy Consultant with a background in finance. He has advised many of the largest banks and technology companies around the globe. He is not a fan of leveraged or shorting positions, preferring accurate market analysis and diversification.

A trader recommends investing at least: $600

Risk Score: 5

2. Heloise Greeff

Heloise Greff is a specialist in US Tech and Pharma. Her trading strategy is based on an advanced machine-learning IA that continuously analyzes patterns. Her long-term trading goals are between two and five years.

A trader recommends investing at least: $1000

Risk Score: 5

3. Christian Kongsted

Christian is a skilled Danish trader, with seven years experience and fifteen years overall in investing. He focuses on Tech and Growth stocks and tries to keep his risk scores low. He is a former Scrabble Danish champion four times and an ELO 2280 chess gamer.

A trader recommends investing at least: $600

Risk Score: 5

4. Vicente Rodriguez

Vicente is a self-taught investment specialist with a background in Finance & Banking. He is a Value investor and seeks out fundamentally undervalued stocks to maintain them for the long term. He also invests a small portion of his equity in Cryptocurrencies as a side strategy.

A trader recommends investing at least: $750

Risk Score: 5

5. Patryk Peltonen

Patryk’s eToro username is “slow and steady”, so don’t expect a lot of volatility while copying him. The trader mainly invests in ETFs over the long-term, and hedges the low risk by investing in bonds or other assets.

A trader recommends investing at least: 500

Risk Score: 3

6. Boon Yoon Tan

This Malaysian trader, also an insurance agent, targets high-potential companies and holds shares for at most one to two years. He does not short or leverage any position, just like other traders who prefer to keep their risk scores low.

A trader recommends investing at least: 500

Risk Score: 6

7. Zheng Bin

Zheng Bin has three years of experience in investment banking and ten years of trading. He doesn’t have a set strategy. He does however manage his investments and money as if they were his life savings. Mensa is his membership.

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The trader doesn’t suggest investing a significant amount

Risk Score: 5

8.Constantin Helmut Olk

Constantin is a short- to the mid-term trader and prefers to invest both in high-volume stocks and indices. This trader is well-versed in the market sentiment thanks to his more than 20 years of trading experience.

The trader doesn’t suggest investing a significant amount

Risk Score: 1

9.Wesley Warren Nolte

Wesley Warren Nolte is the official eToro Value Investor. He sold his tech consulting firm to a Fortune 500 company back in 2015. In the last five years, he has been able to use his extraordinary knowledge and insights to generate an average annual profit of +40%.

The trader doesn’t suggest investing a significant amount

Risk Score: 6

10. Simone Rizzetto

Simone Rizzetto is a multi-disciplinary expert in immuno-oncology and biotechnology. He also holds an MSc in Computer Science. He is therefore a specialist in Tech and Healthcare stocks and uses data analysis tools to reduce risks.

A trader recommends investing at least: $600

Risk Score: 6

eToro Copy Trading Fees

Copy trading is free. eToro allows you to follow other traders on a social trading platform. All trades they open will be automatically opened in your account with a percentage of your allocated funds.

eToro Copy Trading Minimum Deposit.

  • $200 This is the minimum amount you need to invest in a trader.
  • 100 The maximum number of traders you can simultaneously copy
  • You can only invest 2,000,000
  • Minimum trade size If the account of the copier is less than $1, the trade will be refused.


You will get to know after going through this EToro Copy Trading Review 2022 that copy trading on eToro is profitable and worth it. However, it is important to choose the right trader to copy, or you may end up losing money. Also, only put money that you are comfortable risking in trading.  

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