Flitaa review 2023: how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Nigeria [The easiest way]

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Buying Cryptocurrency in Nigeria at this moment is one of the hardest things for some of us in this present crypto ban by the federal government. But I have got a solution for you right now – on this flitaa review article, I will show you the easiest way to buy Cryptocurrency despite the CBN ban 2021.

With this ban, millions of Nigerians have been left stranded as they can’t do anything about crypto again.

Even using Binance is no longer safe as scammers have made their way of scamming people. Imagine a situation where you will pay for a coin and still wouldn’t get it. That means your money is gone, which is bad yunno.

Well, I got a solution; I know you are happy right now, haha! In this flitaa review article, I will walk you about the easiest way on how to buy Cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

CBN can’t stop most of us, yuuno. We are way smarter hehe…

In any problem, there must be a solution. That’s why flitaa came to our rescue from the CBN policy.

With flitaa, you can buy any Cryptocurrency without any stress. Yeah, you heard me right. You can even buy crypto for as low as N500. That’s $1.

I have done my check on this platform and found out they are what they say they are, yeah.

After this article, after getting a flitaa account, you won’t be scammed of your money in all these scam websites and won’t be kept waiting to look for a peer to trade with either on Binance or even Roqqu.

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so, without wasting your time, let’s get started on how to be a  flitaa member and then be able to buy cryptocurrency anywhere you are in Nigeria

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How to buy cryptocurrency with flitaa in Nigeria

So yeah, this is what you have been waiting for so long and glad at last we found a solution.

So follow this step to sign up and start buying crypto straight up!

So  first of all;

  • First of all, go to Flitaa, sign up and sign up. after filling in your details correctly, click continue

flitaa review

  • A code will be sent to your email for verification once you click continue. Minimize the screen, go to your email app, get the code from flitaa now, go back to flitaa and input the code. Once done, your email will be verified.


  • After this is to link a valid bank account, you will be used for transactions.


  • After  this, make sure you confirm your phone number to be able to transact

And the last, which is not the least, is to upload a valid Identity. I used my National Identity card, but it’s still pending verification at the moment

So that’s it. Even without linking a valid national identity, you can begin a transaction, but please make sure you verify your email and phone number.


So why should I choose  Flitta?

I know you might be asking why I should use flitaa to buy cryptocurrency. Are they not the same as other cryptocurrency trading platforms? Well, my answer is that there are cool features to be enjoyed on flitaa such as;

  1. No need to be kept waiting for a peer to trade with as merchants are available for deals 24/7
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  1. You can buy crypto for as low as $1. That’s N500 
  2. No scam
  3. You can send, receive, buy and swap between crypto and cash.
  4. Buy, sell and trade multiple cryptocurrencies.
  5. Swap between cryptos, for example, Bitcoin, to ripple
  6. Earn free commission for life by referring your friends to the platform when you sign up using
  7. Easy to navigate
  8. Smooth for beginners, as the platform is user friendly

It  was built with the latest technologies and best practices to deliver a swift user experience

Yoo.. and lots more!

Go ahead and sign up Here and begin buying crypto without stress.


Conclusion:    Your awesome journey in cryptocurrency trading has just begun. Welcome on board…

I hope this article on how to buy cryptocurrency with flitaa despite CBN policy in 2021  helped solve some of the problems you have been encountering trading cryptocurrency recently.

Drop your questions in the comment section below if you encounter any issues while signing up. I am always available to help.


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