Forsage BUSD 2023: legit or scam? Top things to know and how to register [ Quickly ]

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Before you join Forsage BUSD because I know you are about to join which is the reason you are sourcing the internet to know if it’s legit or not. Make sure you check this article out before clicking the registration button.


Before then, I’m  ObedFX. A network marketer, forex and crypto trader and also a Digiprenuer. I  make money online and also own this blog – ObedForex where I teach users how to be successful trading forex and crypto.




So what’s Forsage BUSD all about?




Yeah I know that’s what made you visit here as you are afraid it might be another scam pyramid haha. Absolutely not BUT…  I must tell you this before I even set out to explain what Forsage BUSD is all about, I want to ask just one question. Should I? 

The question is Hope you are badass in affiliate marketing, that’s hope you will be able to bring people to either register under you or your team? 

If your answer to this question above is NO, then I advise you back off as you won’t earn a dime. Yeah, I mean it.


Forsage is a Decentralized Networking platform that is built on smart contracts that gets people connected from all over the whole wide world. With the help of DEXes


DEXes simply means Decentralized Exchanges. Here peer-to-peer transactions are being carried out without any form of intermediary or middleman . it happens enough because there are always people waiting around to swap their tokens. And since there is no form of centralization the only fee for swapping your tokens is a network fee; this depends on the network that is being used. Examples Of DEXes are  Julswap, Uniswap [v2] and Pancakeswap all from TRUSTWALLET.

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Forsage is a basic matrix program that is best suited for those who are self-reliant and prefer to develop on their own Blockchain.

 You can equally as well sell BUSD for instant cash and withdraw directly to your bank account or also swap it to any coin of your choice at any time without waiting for anybody’s permission as your earnings are automatically added to your trust wallet.


Why use BUSD instead of BNB?

As once a member of Forsage ETH, the major reason which caused low patronage for both Forsage ETH and also that of Forsage TRX is since the registration fee increases every day as a result of the volatility of ETH and TRX.


Once a smart contract is launched using unstable coins  like BNB, the registration fee will always increase which is the reason why most users stopped promoting the previous Forsage programs [ETH and TRX] 


To avoid an ever-increasing registration fee problem and to induce sustainability in this recent program,  forsage decided to opt-in for a stable coin [BUSD] for the first time and we strongly believe that it will solve the high volatility of price and also help the program not to collapse as others did.


Things to know about BUSD

  • BUSD is a cryptocurrency with a stable exchange rate of 1USD, with a fully audited code and the token itself is approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services


  • To send BUSD, you must have a certain amount of BNB (BEP20) in your wallet because it is a token under Binance Smart Chain. I recommend Trust Wallet if you wish to opt-in for the program.
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  • You can buy BUSD from exchangers or click here to buy using Roqqu.


  • The abbreviation BUSD means Binance USD and it is available on various blockchains. but the one you need for this program is the BUSD on the BEP20 network


How  does Forsage BUSD work

Forsage is a long chain matrix program with X3 and X4 with 12 levels on each program. That is ;

  •  At the  X3  levels: here earnings are gotten from those who registered with your affiliate link. This earning is termed referral bonuses. Each level will need at least 3 people to complete. Then after completing one, you can upgrade to a higher package.


  • At the X4 levels: these are earnings gotten from your up lines and down lines also. This is where you earn spillovers and overflows [ that is earning given to those who didn’t refer and also those who didn’t expect it ]. But for this to happen, make sure you join a strong team if not you won’t earn any money.


How to earn:

Here are the ways you earn on Forsage.

  1. By overflows: overflows are unexpected money that comes from your up lines activities[ that is when they refer more people you earn] when all the slots are filled you also earn. After this, the remaining profit comes down to users under you.


  1. By spillover: when your down lines or up lines have gotten more than enough profit for any particular level and refuse to upgrade to the next level, spillover happens.
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  1. By referring: I believe you are familiar with this. It’s a  process whereby you register people with your accredited affiliate link. Once the users use your link to join the platform, you earn a commission. Here lies the main work. If you are lazy don’t join.


How to register on Forsage BUSD

So I believe you have made up your mind on whether to join or back off. You can actually make cool money with this if you put it to work, yeah I have promoted this and I made cool money too, you too can as well. Chat with me here to put you through on your Forsage BUSD registration or click here to join our team. Congrats and  Welcome to the team.

so that is it, this little guide can get you started with Forsage, congrats so far it’s not easy hehe.  before you proceed with the registration make sure you have funded your trust wallet account with both  10 dollars BUSD  required for registration with at least $1 BNB for the network fee. these are paid directly without a single admin controlling the system, hence it’s decentralized and can not be manipulated or edited by anyone. welcome to forsage BUSD.

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