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Grammarly: Review & How to use


In this article, I will discuss detailed info on how Grammarly works and what it has to offer us.

When it comes to writing, nobody is perfect that’s because we are all humans. That’s where a second-eye check can really help us. But we cannot always find somebody who can do that for us.

Let’s get started.

About Grammarly

More than one billion people are studying English worldwide and One quarter of the world’s population speaks at least some English. So it’s important that what we write makes sense to others.

With Grammarly, it’s going to be a cakewalk when it comes to writing with confidence as it suggests, spelling errors, grammar checks like magic.

It works on any website if you enable it.

It works on different platforms. It’s available on browser extensions, web application, Microsoft office add-in, a native windows desktop application and smartphone keyboard app.

Let me show you a demo. This is the web application screenshot below

grammarly web interface view

You can get that by going to

Grammarly Account

You can sign up using your email, or Google account or your Facebook account.

Grammarly offer their tool on premium & free plan.

Using the free plan, you’re limited to some features, especially the plagiarism checker.

Grammarly has varieties of the paid plan. You can purchase the premium plan if only you want it for individual purpose. But for enterprise uses, the plan is different too.

Using Grammarly

Web app

Whichever you use, it gives you this page where you can either write directly or upload a document to proofread and correct your writing.

So these are the options on the left hand side where I can just paste, upload, click here to upload a document – could be a text file.

This is a premium account, am just using a sample account to give a demo of how it looks in the premium version.

So, once we start typing here, this is how it works. Click on these would correct it like magic.

That’s it.

Once we start writing on the text area it’s going to give us correction options and grammar checks done within the document.

If you don’t use the paid plan, you can’t enjoy some advance features.

So that was the web application.

Microsoft add-in

Now let’s see how the MS office add-in for Grammarly works.

It is a great addition to your word document and outlook so it can help while writing emails to your colleagues and bosses and avoid embarrassing mistakes in the email.

The best part of Grammarly is not just checking grammar or spelling, among other services, but it also helps you learn and improve your writing on-the-go, as it suggests options that we can learn in real-time.

First, download the Grammarly for Microsoft add-in from here and install it.

After installing you can see a new button under the home tab and also a new tab created within the word document for Grammarly.

It has toggle buttons that you can choose and select the specific writing issues you want Grammarly to check.

There are 7 categories of checks you want to run on your document – but not all of these are available in the free version, to get, for example, a plagiarism check, as I mentioned before,

You can only enjoy the plagiarism checker with a premium account.

There is also a settings option where you can choose if Grammarly needs to startup as soon as you open a word document, and you can also view your account settings and, check for updates and so on.

Once you have chosen the required settings, all the correction suggestions will be neatly shown on the sidebar window.

This is the sidebar that can give you correction suggestions and here is where you can make the text corrections – just like the same way how we saw on the web application, with one simple click on the alert cards, these are all called cards, which can give you 4 options – like the one seen on the screen now.

You could accept the correction suggestion by clicking on the green text or click on

“learn more” to get a detailed explanation of the highlighted writing issue and learn and improve your future writing, or add to a dictionary or simply ignore the alert.

This way, you can get the most accurate and relevant corrections for your specific writing situation.

So that’s how it works on a word document and in a similar fashion within your outlook application as well.

Browser extension

What’s now left is the browser extension and the desktop application.

Both of these works more or less the same way as we just saw.

The browser extension, once installed, sits inside your browser and thus can help you write without errors on social media websites like when you comment on Facebook posts, blog posts, write an email within your Gmail account, or a Yahoo account and anywhere else on the internet.

By popular request, Grammarly has even a Grammarly keyboard for smartphones that can be used on Android and Apple phones.

Although they aren’t perfect yet, with some issues, they are nevertheless available and improving every single day.

I highly recommend using the mobile version as well.

Desktop application

And here is where you can get the Grammarly for Windows, which is a native desktop application.

Simply download, install and start using it and it works almost the same way how we saw on the web application.

All said, there are a couple of extra benefits Grammarly offers which is number one, their blog, and the other one is their handbook.

The handbook is available here.

I have found that both the blog and the handbook go hand in hand.

The handbook gives a lot of things to learn all on one page and the blog shows how and when to use certain punctuations, parts of speech appropriately.

Here is what’s given in the handbook, where we can learn the mechanism, and techniques of writing and some of the style options here – passive voice, singular they and so on…

And there are some related options here – advice vs advice what’s the difference,  American vs. British quotation marks – it gives a very detailed study of how and when to use punctuation, that we can learn from the handbook.

Similarly on blog posts as well, like this one for example, what PS means and how to use it correctly in your email.

Here’s how to know the difference between miss, mrs., and ms. and how to pronounce it.

I could be pronouncing it incorrectly but this article can help you with that and some more useful blog posts.


I hope you will use Grammarly as there is no reason not to use and above all most of the options are free!

So, there is nothing that we have to wait for.

To summarize, these are the services offered from Grammarly.

It gives us plagiarism checking, grammar check, spelling check, punctuation, and word choice and style mistakes.

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