Thursday, January 21, 2021
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High In Demand Skills To Learn & Make Money

Hey guys, what’s up?

This is future me here.

I was getting this article ready for publication and I felt like I need to talk to you and acknowledge what’s going on in the world right now.

We’re going through some really crazy times, and my thoughts are with you and I truly hope that you and your families and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

I know it’s not easy and, in fact, it’s not easy for anyone, but we will come out on the other end stronger and closer together even though we have to stay separated in our own homes for a little while.

The content of this article is still relevant, probably even more relevant now, even though, initially, I made it thinking of digital nomads, and unfortunately, now, we can’t even travel so, let alone be digitally location independent.

But now is probably the best time to look into learning new skills and brushing up on some that you already have, so I’ll leave the content that I had prepared so you can watch it.

I try to get things to look a little bit like what you’re gonna see.

I know it’s not perfect. I apologize, I hope it’s not very disturbing.

But, yeah, with that being said, let’s get straight into the topic.

I’m sending you all my good wishes and all the positive energy that I can send to you through the content on my blog.


I want to talk to you about the five skills that I think will allow you to earn enough money in order to have a good living while you travel the world and enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle.

I’m not gonna talk about how much you can earn or specific jobs per se.

And if you want to know more about that, then check or the next update that I publish in some coming hours/day talking specifically about which jobs you should look into.

Today, we’re talking about skills. So what should you be able to do in order to earn a good living as a digital nomad?

So let’s get straight into it.


This should not come as a surprise whatsoever because as I say, “if you just look around yourself, everyone is on social media, many businesses are using this opportunity to market their brands, services/products”. With this, you can market your product/service or be a social media marketing agency.

And I’m not talking about you and your family having a Facebook group. I’m talking about every entrepreneur, every company, big or small, they have a social media presence.

And not only that, but they need guidance and advice in order to make sure they leverage those presences on those platforms so that they can drive more leads and have higher sales.

And if you have skills in terms of social media marketing, then you would be really valuable and you would bring a lot of added value to these companies.

So, what do I mean by social media marketing? Well, basically, you need to be able to understand and advise companies on how to use the algorithm of each of the different platforms.

So the Instagram algorithm is different from the Facebook algorithm is different from the Pinterest algorithm is different from the YouTube algorithm.

So you want to either specialize in one of those algorithms or understand how they work so you can advise companies on their presence across different platforms that they choose to use.

If you add to that, SEO expertise, so search engine optimization, then you will be a really valuable asset for any company to have or to work with.

So, look into SEO, look into understanding the algorithms of different social media platforms, and then you should be able to offer social media marketing services to different types of customers.

Now, niching down and choosing the type of customers that you will be advised, that is a totally different story, and if you’re curious and you want me to talk more about how to do that, then I’d be happy to write it in a different article, but this is not going to be the topic of today’s one.


Sometimes, it’s called copywriting, freelance writing & others.

Probably when you were young in school and your teacher was asking you to write essays, you didn’t think this would come in handy, but here we are a few years later, you realize it’s actually super helpful.

And if you want to brush up on this type of skill, then by all means, go ahead and do that.

I talked about where to find platforms that allow you to learn and develop new skills in one of my previous videos which I’ll link up here.

But coming back to writing, this is such a valuable skill, not only because it will allow you to be a copywriter, so you could write content for your customers for any of their social media platforms especially now on Instagram, long-form being the preferred type of content, more and more entrepreneurs or small companies will want and need support in writing those types of posts.

So if you’re a talented writer, then that’s definitely going to come in handy.

Not only that, but you can provide writing services for websites, you could write webpages, you could write blog posts, or you could be your own blogger and work with companies that want to support you in your journey and offer you affiliate opportunities.

Last but not least, writing would be an amazing skill to have if you want to publish books.

You can publish or self-publish your own book on Amazon quite easily nowadays.

So, with that being said, writing is definitely a super valuable skill to have nowadays.


If you master more than one language, then you are definitely up for a win because knowing and speaking and being able to write in multiple languages will allow you to have a number of different job opportunities or different options that you could choose from.

You could work as a translator and translate documents or different types of write-ups for companies that want to expand into different markets and need to have content, not only in English but also in local languages.

Another thing you could do if you master different languages is being a transcriptionist, so you could take content that is visual, audio, and you can transcribe that and then translate it into one of the other languages that you master, so then you can offer the already translated transcriptions to your customer.

Last but not least, if you are able to speak multiple languages and you really master them, you can be a tutor and teach kids or even adults, how to speak and how to be able to master those languages as well.

So I think that would be a super helpful skill to have.

And if you only speak one language or two, maybe you want to look into learning more of them.


Let’s talk about design, because if you have an eye for design and you’re able to bring in different patterns and use beautiful fonts and you can tell a story with your designs, then that would help you a lot, because not only can you do graphic design so you could help companies who are looking for a design for their social media platforms for their content, but you could do web design as well and you can tell a story with your designs for the customers that are going to visit those websites.

Design is such a great opportunity for you and you can really make a good living by being a web designer or a graphic designer.

And with that, you can definitely have the lifestyle that you want and visit the world and travel and make a good living at the same time.

I once purchase service from Yustack to design some graphics for me, it was ever amazing. I recommend Yustack to anyone who wants a first-class grade of graphic designs & some other.

Are you finding this helpful? I would love to hear more from you so please write a comment below show your love & interest you have with this topic you are reading. If you like it, have any question or suggestion comment down below and let me know.

What is it that you find most helpful about the content that I am bringing to you today?


Nowadays, with the development, the super-rapid development in the technology space, there is such a high need, such a high demand for technology-capable individuals, and it’s such a shortage in this space that you would definitely be able to earn a really good living and have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world really if you have this type of skills.

So, if you are interested in technology and you’re passionate about it to a certain extent, at least, please look into it.

There are so many languages that you could specialize in, pretty much anything that has to do with cloud computing or anything that has to do with mobile development that will still be in high demand for years to come.

So definitely look into it.

Technology skills are here to stay.

So if you want to have opportunities and not have to look for them, then this is definitely an area for you to look into because for sure, there’s a shortage of capable individuals that offer high-quality technology services nowadays, so I hope that helps you.


All right, so now you know what I think are the five skills that will definitely allow you to have a remote working lifestyle, travel the world, be a digital nomad if that is something that you are aiming for.

But if you want to know more or learn any of these skills & other skills which are most highly demanded now & in the nearest time, then go ahead and enrol for a course of your choice from dimmering.

And in there, we talk to you about everything you need to know, how much money you can make, really where to learn those skills, what do you need to do if you want that type of opportunity in your career, and where to apply to get such a gig.

If that is something you want to have attended today, then go ahead and download it.

Really right now, it’s one click away and it’s totally free.

I hope that helps you.

If you found this article & the topic helpful, then please go ahead and share with others, subscribe to my blog if you haven’t.

Don’t forget to share with your friends that you think might find it helpful as well.

With that being said, I hope you create everyday magic.

I hope you have a lovely day and a lovely week and I’ll see you next time, bye.

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