How And Where To Buy Satoshi Coin (SATS) (Step by Step Guide)

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Satoshi coin has begun to gain momentum in the cryptocurrency space as a smaller unit of Bitcoin.

The coin has great potential because it gives small Investors who already fancy Bitcoin an opportunity to also invest in the cryptocurrency.

You might want to buy the Satoshi coin and will need more information on how and where to buy it, this article is for you.



In this article, we are going to discuss how and where to buy Satoshi coin, its worth and its prediction.

What Is A Satoshi Coin?

Satoshi is a smaller version of Bitcoin. When Bitcoin is broken down into smaller units for smaller transactions, it is known as Satoshi. A hundred million Satoshi is equivalent to one Bitcoin. 



To elaborate, 1satoshi coin is equal to 0.00000001 $BTC.

Just like every other Fiat currency accepted can be broken down to smaller accepted dominations according to a country policy, BTC can also be broken down to an acceptable unit for smaller transactions. Bitcoin is expensive and costs thousands of dollars, to enable the use of Bitcoin in units, it is divisible to smaller domination and one of them that is most common is the Satoshi coin.

Satoshi itself can also be broken down further into smaller units known as millisatoshi.

Is Satoshi A Real Coin?

Yes, the Satoshi coin is real and can be traded in common exchanges such as Binance,, OKX, Houbi, etc.

Is Satoshi Worth Buying?

Considering the value of Bitcoin, a coin associated with it or rather a smaller unit of it is worth buying. As an average investor who does not have the funds to invest in a large amount of Bitcoin, buying Satoshi is a wise decision.

Bitcoin halving is also a boost for Satoshi, Bitcoin has passed three halvings and this is good news for Satoshi holders as the value experiences an increase in this halving period because the value received by Bitcoin miners then is reduced by 50% which will make Satoshi a better option for miners and investors.

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Since more average investors are embracing cryptocurrency investment, and Satoshi is a better option for them, it has been predicted that the Satoshi coin will be listed instead of BTC and if this happens, the price and value of Satoshi will skyrocket. 

One feature that makes any project or currency sustained is when it is accessible and widely used by both the average and top investors, BTC into smaller units such as Satoshi will make it sustainable which will enable more adoption. This will have a positive value on Satoshi. 



We can say Yes, Satoshi is worth buying.

How Much Is 1 Satoshi Worth?

According to, 1 Satoshi is worth $0.0002081, with $397 trading volume in the last 24 hours. Below is a better statistics for the past 7 days.: 

1 $Sat – $0.0002081

24 hours High – $0.0002146

24 hours Low – $0.0001868

7 days high – $0.0004103

7 days low – 0.0001868.

The above price is equal to $0.00000001032 BTC.

Satoshi coin contract address

Satoshi’s ERC-20 contract address is – 


Satoshi BEP-20 contact address is – 




Where To Buy Satoshi Coin

As an average investor, you may be eager to know how you can buy a Satoshi coin. You can easily buy a smaller unit of BTC on any cryptocurrency exchange. 

BTC is available in numerous exchanges, for emphasis sake, let us list out 10 exchanges where you can buy Satoshi coin:

  1. Binance exchange
  1. OKX exchange
  1. Kraken Exchange
  1. S6 global exchange
  1. FTX exchange
  1. Gate. oi exchange
  1. Coinbase pro Exchange
  1. Bitmex exchange
  1. Bitbank

How To Buy Satoshi Coin (step by step Guide)

There is no specific exchange where you can buy Satoshi because it is available in almost all common exchanges in the world. 

To buy Satoshi, you will need to buy and transfer BTC or any other required before your transaction can be successful. Below are steps on how to buy a Satoshi coin:

  1. Visit Coinmarketcap
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The coin market cap is a common marketplace where you can find information on coins and tokens. When you visit Coinmarketcap, you will find Satoshi and see which exchanges can be purchased.

  1. Choose A Trading Pair

Choose any trading pair such as BTC/USDT and deposit fiat currency to crypto exchange platform exchange where you can buy Satoshi.

These pairs can be used to buy Satoshi from any listed exchange.

  1. Buy The Satoshi coin

You can proceed to buy the Satoshi coin with the pairs mentioned. Watch out that you chose the right pair and are buying the Satoshi coin, not another identical one.

Satoshi Coin Price Prediction 2022-2030

2022 has been a downtrend movement for crypto and satoshi is not an exception. 

So far in 2022, the Satoshi coin has shown strength and a possible pump in the next bull run. Currently, the price of satoshi is sitting at 0.0002080, before the end of 2022, depending on the adoption, collaboration, buy volume, and investment, the price of satoshi might pump up to 0.00041474. However, the market might take another dump which might bring the year to a close with 0.00034804. The prediction of satoshi in 2022 will be in the range of 0.0002080 to 0.00041474.

Satoshi Coin Price Prediction in 2023

In 2023, the Satoshi coin will gain more recognition and adoption which will result in a possible increase in price, the chart is showing a promising uptrend in 2022. The price of the Satoshi coin in 2023 will likely range from 0.00049867 to 0.00060907.

Satoshi Coin Price Prediction In 2024

The token utility of satoshi will include a storage and logistics system in its network, this will boost usability and price. In 2024, the price of $SAT will be from the range of 0.00075086 to 0.00088207.

Satoshi coin price prediction in 2025

2025 might present a bullish trend in the crypto market which will also affect the price of the Satoshi coin. AnAnalysts’orecast shows that the price of satoshi in 2025 will be sitting at 0.001.

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Satoshi coin price prediction in 2026

2026 is still going to experience the bull and will have a positive effect on the price of the Satoshi coin. The price might touch 0.002 in 2026, it will go at a gradual pace.

Satoshi coin price prediction In 2027

If the bull runs continue till 2027 and the Satoshi team enters into more collaboration and adoption the price of the token might touch 0.003.

Satoshi coin price prediction In 2028

In 2028, the market condition might still be the same as in 2027, in that case, the price range will be retained from 0.003 to 0.0035.

Satoshi coin price prediction In 2029

The bull run may retrace in 2029 because the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and cannot be fully predicted. If there is a bearish trend, the price of Satoshi coins may experience a retrace down to 0.001.

Satoshi coin price prediction In 2030

The price of Satoshi coins in 2030 cannot be fully predicted as it will be determined by the market condition. There is a possibility that it will witness a new all-time High and the price might touch 0.007. the price might increase from 0.001 to 0.007 in 2030 if the market condition is bullish.


Satoshi coin is worth buying and its prediction is promising for any investor. You can buy the coin from any of the exchanges in Coinmarketcap listed above and follow the steps in this article.

Satoshi coin will prove to be a valuable digital asset in the next bull run. Now is the time to accumulate. Before buying any coin, endeavour to do your research because this article is not for financial advice.

Note that the prediction in this article is entirely a prediction from analysts and it might not flow accordingly depending on market conditions.

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