How Many Jobs are Available in Fluid Controls in 2023?

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Fluid control provides services for integrated fluid transfer solutions for good integrity,  pipeline processing, and drilling sectors. You will get to know how many jobs are available in fluid controls right away in this post.

Fluid control is an area of engineering that sees to the waft of fluids. 

Specifically, it includes the use of pipes and valves to move oil or gasses from one vicinity to another.

The main aim of fluid control is to keep fluids moving smoothly, and are useful in mechanical, environmental, and chemical engineering.

It controls the pace at which water flows through pipes, thus, regulating the pressure in the production plant.

Types Of Fluid Control

They’re three different types of fluid control.





Hydraulics manipulate the motion of fluids through the use of pumps and valves.

This is being used in water plants, factories,  and different large-scale commercial settings. 


Using the idea of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, pumps are used to transport fluids and gases via pipes and different other funnels.

 They’re regularly utilized in houses and companies to pump water, and cleansing chemicals, and most have a tremendous function in air conditioning.


Valves are gadgets that permit or restrict the flow of fluids via a pipe or different opening. They’re regularly utilized in industries for construction, oil production,  beverage making, meal processing, and packaging purposes.

Is Fluid Control A Good Career Path?

Fluid controls may be a very worthwhile field, as long as you’re equal to the task.

Fluid control jobs may be the best option for people who are hardworking, especially in developed places where there are advancements in technologies.

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The fluid electricity engineers, technicians, and salespersons in this enterprise are thoroughly paid. 

This is partly due to the fact that it’s a specialized enterprise requiring extensive stages of training and experience to do well.

Fluid control professionals are always high in demand, and not so many people are pursuing the career, hence, the huge career gap incurred therein.

In the fluid control sector, there are always opportunities for career advancement, different jobs, and flexible working hours, and most importantly, the job is a lucrative one.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Fluid Controls?

The fluid control gives way to a vast majority of careers such as:

Electrical engineer, sales representatives, quality control inspector,  purchase manager, process engineer, reservoir engineer, fluid dynamics engineer, computational fluid dynamics engineer, client service advisor, and project manager.

Asides from the aforementioned, in fluid control, the following jobs are also available:

Healthcare assistant, test and packaging operator, senior care assistant, endoscopy technician, radiographer, biochemist, Nurse et al.

10 Best Paying Jobs In Fluid Control

Just as electrical and plumbing works are essential in building a house, fluid controls are essential to keep in standing.

1-Fluid Dynamics Engineer

They carry out fluid transfer and heat flow simulations and validate performance for external and internal fluid flows.

As of August 2022, the annual salary of a fluid dynamics engineer is $98,158.

2-Electrical Engineer

In the fluid control sector, the electrical engineer sees the proper and efficient functioning of equipment.

The electrical engineer in the field is someone with a vast knowledge of electrical pieces of equipment, and one who knows how to maintain working types of equipment, to avoid wearing out.

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This is very lucrative, as their annual salary ranges from $79,000-$87,000.

3-Sales Representative

The sales representative in the fluid control job ensures that products and services of the organization are well presented to the existing customers while contacting potential buyers.

The sales representative makes about  $53,000 yearly.

4-Quality Control Inspector

Their role is to monitor equipment in order to ascertain malfunctions, then suggest possible ways to get them fixed for the job.

5-Purchase Manager

The purchase manager Develops a buying strategy, builds and keeps relationships with vendors, and maintains data of products ordered and received.

The purchase manager further reviews and approaches buying orders negotiates fees and contracts with suppliers and manages different participants of the shopping team.

He/she applies knowledge of the company’s strategies, and constantly updates the sales records.

6-Process Engineer

This is a beneficial job in fluid control, with annual pay of about $93,000, depending on the employee’s experience.

They optimize, develop, and configure industrial processes from the onset to establishment, then through the processes involved in certification.

They either plan new process plants or revamp the existing ones.

7-Reservoir Engineer

They collaborate with different technical specialists in devising economically feasible improvement plans for oil and gas accumulations. 

They unveil new petroleum reservoirs and apply sophisticated methods to extract oil from the reservoirs underground.

8-Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer

They adopt mathematical models to solve engineering problems.

They use this formula to foretell heat transfers and fluid flows.

The annual salary of a computational fluid dynamics engineer in the US ranges from $62,600 to $93,400.

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9-Client Service Advisor

They assist clients in making various purchasing decisions, build a cordial relationship with clients, handle online and offline inquiries from clients, then answer questions they may present, accordingly.

10-Project Manager

A project manager is a professional with the necessary skills to organize, plan, execute projects and follow them up, till completion.

They work to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

Conclusion: Fluid control is a superb job to venture into if you’re seeking out a solid task with awesome pay. 

The fluid control enterprise has diverse jobs which an individual can choose from, depending on the area of interest.

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