How many Jobs are Available in Metal Fabrication in 2023?

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The metal fabrication industry is a broad industry that absorbs various skills and expertise. It is growing at an ever-increasing pace.

Metal Fabrication is an economic necessity and a great employer of labor all over the world. Because of its range of activities, there are great employment opportunities that anyone can tap into.

Metal Fabrication encompasses various jobs ranging from welding jobs, engineering jobs, tech jobs, programming, machine handling, ironmaking, selling, etc. The jobs available are too numerous to mention but we have decided to focus on the best on the list that you can focus on.



If you want to pursue a career in metal fabrication, you should be skilled in site jobs, healthy, energetic, team-spirited, and can work in the industry.

Workers are clothed with security wear and hard hats to avoid accidents and injuries on site because they are working with irons, metals, and hard equipment that can be harmful.



The jobs can be highly technical to jobs need less technic but human power. The time, energy, and skills required in the industry make it all lucrative.

This article will discuss the extensiveness of what you need to know about metal Fabrication.

What is Metal Fabrication Job all about?

Metal Fabrication jobs involve the melting and manufacturing of metal sheets to another shape. Metal Fabricators work in factories where thick or light metals are manufactured into various structures.

Metal Fabricators skillfully measure and form different shapes, sizes, and structures from metals.

The process involves melting, welding, and forming into specific forms according to a by-product expected through the use of machines, automated equipment, and Computer-aided design software to produce various designs such as 3D designs for metal Fabricators.

Is a Metal Fabrication Job a Good Career Choice?

Yes, Metal Fabrication Job is a good Career Choice as it is open to various opportunities. The industry is highly rewarding and broad to absorb a good number of skillful people.

Metal Fabricators earn high salaries as they are producing quality and essential products.

The metal Fabrication industry absorbs highly qualified fabricators and nontrained professionals. Engineers down to laborers are needed in the Metal Fabrication industry giving Opportunities to both educated and non-educated



The metal Fabrication industry gives room for practical training constantly for the growth and development of its workers. The industry gives room for the constant practice of skills.

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Another Reason you should take up a career in metal fabrication is that it allows workers to work in various teams as a metal fabrication job requires more than one person. It is a set of jobs that requires skillful individuals to carry out different tasks. It builds team spirit in all workers.

The metal fabrication industry requires creative skills usually done with hands. If you are fascinated with creativity, you should become a metal fabrication as this will bring out your creative side to life.

Metal fabrication products are needed in various facets of the nation’s economy. It is a well-respected profession because of its daily product usage in the economy. Working as a metal fabricator can be satisfying and rewarding.

If you are interested in taking up a career in metal fabrication, then you should go for it as it is a good Career path in 2022 and in years to come.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Metal Fabrication?

For someone that might be interested in working in the meta fabrication industry, they might want to know how many jobs are available in metal fabrication.

However, there are a variety of jobs available in the metal fabrication industry due to the vast expertises that are required to get work done successfully.

In the next topic, we’ll look into the top 15 best-paying jobs out of the jobs available in the metal fabrication industry.


Top 15 Best Paying Jobs In Metal Fabrication Industry and their Salary

How many Jobs are Available in Metal Fabrication in 2022?

The following are to 15 Best paying Jobs in metal fabrication and their salary estimates:

Industrial Engineering:

Industrial engineering is a career in metal fabrication that is top of the high-paying jobs in the metal fabrication industry with an estimated payment of $74,000 and above annually. Industrial engineers are the brain behind metal fabrication in terms of choice of materials, designs, and shapes, production management duties, and monitoring manufacturing processes to limit wastage of materials.

Metal Fabrication: 

Metal Fabricators are those who have direct contact with metals in the manufacturing process. They work in the industry to cut, shape, melt, and arrange metals according to project specifications. They know the right machines and tools needed for the fabrication processes. Their estimated salary is $58,000 and above annually.



CNC programmers

The CNC programming aspect of metal fabrication is a technical part. They are in charge of the creation of computer software used for the fabrication process. Their estimated salary is $65,000 and above annually.

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They study metals and understand the best metal extraction practices through research. Their salary is estimated to be 89,000 and above annually.


The ironworker works with the hard metal and irons in the production process. The ironworker must be physically fit and energetic because this iron is hard and heavy. The Ironworkers bend, melt, and form irons for the casting of bridges, roads, and buildings.  Their salaries are based on contract.

Mechanical Fabrication Engineer

They are professionals that handle the engineering aspect of fabrication. Their estimated salary is $71,000 and above annually.

Blueprint Drafters

They are involved in the drafting of metal materials, and forms in the beginning stage of production. Their salary is estimated to be $50,000 and above annually.

Metal Finishers

They are involved in the cleaning and neatness of the metal by taking note of imperfect edges and making sure it is free from impurities. Their salary estimate is $30,000 and above annually.

Metal Traders

The metal trader is the middleman between the manufacturing factories and the buyers. They deal in the sale of both valuable and less valuable metals for various uses. The metal Traders ensure that metals are available for factory and daily usage. Their estimated salary is $86,000 and above annually.

Productions managers and Estimators

In the production process, the product managers and estimators give an estimate of the funds needed to finance a project. They work in the preconstruction stage.

The production managers are useful to curtail expenses, debts, wastages, and fraud in a project. Their pay is dependent on the contract they get and the project available but they are highly paid.


The draftsperson is the creative behind the building and construction of bridges with the use of architectural design tools. They give a design of how metals can be used in the building process. Their estimated salary is 60,000 and above annually.

Machine operators

They are in charge of operating machines used in the manufacturing of processes in the factory, they are also known as millwrights. Their estimated salary is 56,000 and above annually.

Construction manager

They are In charge of supervising the entire process of constructing and rehabilitating a building project. Their salary estimates are not specified because the construction contracts they get vary and so their pay varies.

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Pipe Fitting Specialist

These are professionals who work with a pipe on construction site esp, especially on bridges. Their annual salaries depend on the contract they work on.

Electrical metal installers

They install electric equipment made of metals for companies and individuals. Their estimated salary is $40,000 and above annually.


Who is the Best Metal Fabricator?

In a review done by IQS Directory, they specified various metal fabrication industries owned by various metal Fabricators in the world as the best. They include the following

Talen products inc.

– Maysteel Industries Inc.

– CGI Automated Manufacturing, inc.

– M&W Shops

– Fox Manufacturing Inc

– Indian Creek Fabricators

– A-1 Babbit Company

– Accutrex Products, Inc 

– Allentown Steal Fabricating Company

 What is the Occupation of a Metalworker?

A metal worker works with produced metals in the construction, bridging, and production of other metals. The job of a metal worker is more secondary than that of a fabricator.

What is the Job of a Fabricator?

A fabricator works in a factory where metals are produced, melted, and developed into various shapes and sizes.

Fabricators majorly work on site and their task is primary In the metal fabrication Industry. They form metals into specified shapes, sizes, types, and qualities for a particular project or group of projects.

How much Does Metal Fabricators Earn in Ireland?

 Research has shown that the average salary of metal Fabricators in Ireland is €35,634 annually.


Metal Fabricators is a growing industry with a wide range of available jobs. It is a necessity in the economy and also an employer of labor. A career in the metal fabrication Industries is lucrative. 

In this article, we have highlighted various jobs and their salary estimates to give you a better idea of how lucrative and broad the metal fabrication industry is. We have discussed the various roles you can play in the metal fabrication Industries and how beneficial it is to the economy.

Metal Fabricators work with their hands and their skills are majorly practical.

If you have read this article meticulously, you will no doubt make a better decision in choosing a career in metal fabrication.

This article is solely our research and will be upgraded I’m a case of further information. 

We hope you had a good read.

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