How to Add Solana to Metamask Wallet ( A step by step guide)

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To exchange currencies or other assets, many people are familiar with Metamask, a component of the Ethereum blockchain. Solana cannot be added to MetaMask because it runs on the Ethereum network.

The only way to explain Solana (SOL) is as a blockchain-based coin for Solana. Solana coin is supported by several wallets on the Solana blockchain, including Phantom, which has an interface resembling that of MetaMask.

5 Best Solana wallets that you can add Solana coin.

A “decentralized blockchain” called Solana was developed to provide universal access to user-friendly applications. One of the “fastest blockchains in the world” and the “fastest-growing crypto-based ecosystem” that is unconstrained is Solana.

Additionally, applications will still be accepted and transactions won’t cease. It is a “utility token” that is a native cryptocurrency called Solana (also known as SOL token).

1) Phantom Wallet

The Google Chrome toolbar’s extension function of the Phantom wallet makes it simple to use.

Phantom has quickly become one of the most popular options for a Solana Wallet due to the app’s functionality and simplicity.

It not only makes accessing your SOL a simple process, but it also includes tools for viewing your NFT collection and full support for SPL tokens, meaning you will have full visibility of the tokens you hold if you wish to exchange tokens like USDC for SOL or take part in Solana’s exciting world of Defi and Dapps.

Additionally, the Phantom wallet has native support for staking, making it simple to assign your SOL to a validator and begin receiving rewards. Here, we think Phantom might be a little too straightforward. It won’t prevent you from taking 100% of your SOL, for instance, so you cannot undo your stake without adding more money to your wallet.

This is a frequent mishap and a primary reason why wallet holders experience support problems. Additionally, they always display the most well-liked validators first, promoting the growth of powerful validators and impeding decentralization attempts.

This is made worse by the fact that they do not indicate in their list the commission that validator charges, which many users mistake for the APY return they will receive. As a result, users are pushed toward more expensive validators rather than ones that offer greater rewards.

With your Ledger Nano X wallet, it’s one of the best and safest browser addons to use. One of the market’s most secure solutions for digital wallets is provided by the combination of these items.

The Phantom Wallet is a great addition to the Ledger Nano X since it gives you complete security over your SOL, allowing you to use all of the features and DApps without worry. You can take full advantage of all the features Ledger offers in the Ledger Live app store if you have both wallets loaded.

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2. Solflare Wallet.

In comparison to the Ledger wallet, Solflare is a relatively simple web-based wallet to set up and provides excellent security. One of the best wallets for desktop and mobile use is SolFlare, which also has a fantastic browser extension.

This wallet, which is highly compatible with Solana and regarded as an “all-in-one” option for cryptocurrency investing, is perfect for swapping, staking, storing, and sending SOL. It’s also a great choice for those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies or seeking a different, simpler, non-custodial, and NFT-friendly access.

SolFlare is yet another fantastic option for using the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, much like the Phantom wallet. Having complete control over your money at all times and the option to invest in both audio-based and visual NFTs are two of the best features of the SolFlare wallet.

3.) Sollet

The Ledger Nano X hardware wallet can be connected to this web-based wallet for managing SOL. Some users find it appealing because it’s web-based and accessible from anywhere, even though there is a chance of less security as a result.

While Sollet can be used independently to exchange SPL tokens and SQL, direct access to Solana DApps without a Ledger hardware wallet connection is not advised. This is because there might be bugs in the Sollet browser extension.

However, integrating Sollet with Ledger is ideal and makes Solana an excellent choice for a variety of transactions.

4 . Solong Wallet

Solong is a great choice for beginners if you prefer a wallet that is easy to install and are new to cryptocurrencies. The Google Chrome and Edge browsers both make it simple to install the Solong extension.

It provides access to various DApps from Solana while being a straightforward way to store Solana tokens and currencies. You might not find all the features you need in the Solong wallet.

However, if you want a straightforward way to access Solana cash and the advantages of a quick, effective blockchain once you’re more familiar with SOL and cryptocurrency trading, it’s a nice place to start.

5. Ledger Nano X

One of the best hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrency is the Ledger Nano X, which is also well-liked since it’s simple to use. Holding your Solana cryptocurrency assets safely allows you to use DApps created on this blockchain and gain incentives.

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One of the simplest wallets to set up, the Ledger Live app is a useful tool for facilitating communication between the Ledger Nano X through the Manager table. Additionally, this makes it simpler to download and install the Solana app, which can be found on the app store.

In just a few easy steps, you can set up the SolFlare wallet on the Ledger Nano X, which includes security measures and enables you to send, receive, and store SOL cash. You can investigate stake totals, skipped blocks, the number of delegators, and the websites of validators by accessing a list of validators using the wallet’s staking tab.

While the Ledger Nano X costs a little more than other Solana-compatible crypto wallets, the high security and protection of your SOL make the price difference worthwhile. For staking, NFTs, and Defi as well as accessing many features not offered by other wallets, it’s one of the safest hardware wallets.

6) Trust Wallet

To receive and distribute SOL coins and tokens, use the Trust wallet app, which is compatible with Android and iOS gadgets. It’s well-known for its use as a mobile wallet, and downloading it and connecting to the Solana network are both simple.

You may easily search the Solana blockchain and swiftly study measurements and data on the network. This wallet is simple to access through Google Play or iOS, and downloading the app makes it quick and simple to use to conduct transactions.

How to do Solana network works

The majority of users are familiar with using Metamask to exchange coins or other assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Because Solana (SOL) is a Solana blockchain-based currency and MetaMask operates on the Ethereum blockchain, adding Solana to MetaMask is not possible.

The Solana blockchain supports a variety of wallets, including Phantom, whose user experience is similar to that of MetaMask and which supports Solana currency. Solana is a “decentralized blockchain” created to support user-friendly, accessible apps on a global scale.

Solana is an unrestricted “fastest blockchain in the world” and “fastest-growing crypto ecosystem.” In other words, the system will continue to allow apps to operate normally and payments won’t be stopped. It has a native cryptocurrency called Solana, sometimes known as the SOL token, which serves as a “utility token.”

Users must pay processing costs in SOL while starting transactions or interacting with “smart contracts.” The blockchain burns SOL in line with its “deflationary plan.” SOL owners will also function as “network validators.” Like Ethereum, Solana enables programmers to create “smart contracts” and blockchain-based initiatives.

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How to add Solana to metamask?

Because the Solana token (SOL) is a Solana blockchain-based token and MetaMask operates on the Ethereum blockchain, you cannot add Solana to the “MetaMask wallet.”

Metamask might eventually include more blockchains, though. Phantom, on the other hand, is unquestionably the best substitute if users wish to use a wallet that resembles Metamask in terms of both style and feel.


Can you buy Solana NFTs with MetaMask?

To purchase NFTs on the Solana blockchain, customers must first have a cryptocurrency wallet. Wallets like MetaMask won’t function, but you can choose one of the special wallets from the list above.

Which wallet supports Solana?

The most utilized wallet for keeping Solana-based tokens and NFTs is phantom wallet. The most user-friendly software wallet on this list is The Phantom Wallet. It formerly only offered an Android App but now provides a variety of staking alternatives with remarkably quick swaps.

Along with your Ledger Nano X, you may utilize the browser extension, which is available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Vivaldi, and Edge.

How do you send Solana from Binance to MetaMask?

You can use the BEP20 network to send SOL from Binance to Metamask.

You might wish to be aware that since Metamask does not support the native Solana network, you cannot send SOL over this network.


The world’s fastest decentralized blockchain, Solana, is also home to the fastest-expanding crypto ecosystem. Because the blockchain is immune to limits, the system will continue to run, allowing applications to operate without interference and payments to continue as usual.

The native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain, called SOL token, is employed as a utility token. Owners of SOL tokens are qualified to serve as network validators. Because MetaMask is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet and does not support other blockchain-based crypto tokens like SOL, it is not possible to add SOL coins to it.

Other wallets, including Phantom Wallets and other Solana blockchain-based cryptocurrency wallets, can add SOL tokens to them. Since the Ethereum network uses the ERC20 token standard, the SOL token is unquestionably not an ERC20. SPL, which is the token standard for the Solana blockchain, is the token standard for SOL tokens.

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