How to Buy Bitci coin and where to Buy it from

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What is Bitci ?

How to Buy Bitci coin is what i will be showing you on this article today. BITCI coin, which is the primary coin used in the Bitcichain blockchain. Blockchain is a private proof Authority (PoA) Blockchain Network. Blockchain is designed to provide businesses with blockchain-based solutions. Every token project is supported by real-world companies. sports club, construction companies, energy companies, etc. Each new company that joins the Bitcichain network receives a private node in order to keep the blockchain’s decentralization.

The majority of blockchain projects cover fintech and online solutions. Businesses that want to join Bitcichain must have physical assets that are real. The energy company that has energy plants, a construction firm with construction estates Sports clubs which have players as well as teams, etc.

BITCI is a native utility token used to;

  • Processing fees for transactions
  • Rapid transfer within the Bitcoin ecosystem, allowing for fast transfer between Bitcipay as well as other Bitci platforms

Blockchain Ecosystem

Bitcoin Exchange >Turkiye’s Fan Token Platform

Bitcoin Wallet > Bitcichain Official Wallet

Bitcoin Explorer > Bitcoin Official Explorer

Bitcichain > Turkiye’s First Blockchain and Fan Token Platform

Bitci APP: Play Store – App Store

Fan APP: Fan Token Platform (Soon)

Bitcoin Pay: Crypto Payment Platform (Soon)

Who are the founding members?

Blockchain is a product developed through Bitci Technology which is established in the year 2018 under the Holdings Company Cagdas Holding in Bodrum/Turkey. Bitcoin Technology is an innovation and research company. The company has 21 engineers as well as 9 digital marketing professionals and five executive officers within the company.

Solutions Offered By Bitcichain

Brand tokens Bitci Teknoloji may create private brand tokens for companies as well as institutions on the Bitcichain blockchain network. They are an investment device that may be bought by customers of the company. They are offered for auction on the stock exchange according to the terms and conditions set by the firm. According to the agreement reached by the company and the development of the project, or other cryptocurrency asset trading platforms on which it’s listed could give back to the owners of these assets as a result of a change in the value at acquisition. Brand tokens are the company’s digital asset that is stored on a blockchain. It is not an investment in stock. Dividend coupons aren’t capital market instruments or securities.

Fan Tokens Bitci Technology may create fans’ tokens for sports clubs on the Bitcichain blockchain network. The main thing that distinguishes Bitci Technology fan tokens from similar ones is that they’re real tokens that have been created on the Bitcichain blockchain. In contrast to similar projects, they are traded according to the agreements regarding hot-cold wallets and trading platforms but without being bound by an open ecosystem.

Here are the most important areas of usage of tokens for fans designed to be used by teams and fans of sports;

  1. In general, fans don’t receive an email when they offer the team material support. Blockchain fan tokens are designed to change the way fans are treated. Fans will be able to receive the fan token of their teams in exchange for any material support the fan provides.
  2. * With the help of the Fan Token App, developed by the Bitci Teknoloji software team and exclusively for the sports club The fan tokens enhance communication between the team as well as the fan. Fans can view special events as well as content produced by their team. You can purchase your team’s merchandise through Fan Token. Fan Token App.
  3. The Fan Tokens can be used as investment instruments. following pre-sales, they’re accessible via the cryptocurrency platform for asset acquisition and exchange and then become an asset in digital form which can be exchanged to supporters who are their team. The value of the token could increase or decrease depending on various factors, including the performance of the team.
  4. They are assets that can be used for recording transactions. They also have the benefit that they can be exchanged, with the exception of payments, at any agreed-upon points on the BitciPay cryptocurrency platform for asset acquisition and exchange once they have been able to be traded on cryptocurrency asset trading platform.

Supply Chain Monitoring Bitci Technology has developed a system to monitor supply chain processes for businesses that are stored in the Blockchain blockchain. It is an open secure recorder and monitoring system due to the capabilities provided by the blockchain infrastructure in all applications that require supply chain tracking, in areas like electricity supply chain as well as supermarket supply chain which involve several companies.

loyalty tokens Bitci Technology can create loyalty tokens that are stored on the blockchain of Bitcichain for businesses. Companies can offer these tokens to their customers for a reward, discount, or as prepaid. With the help of an application for digital wallets that can be made custom-made to the company by Bitci Technology, users can utilize their discount, reward, or prepaid tokens at cash registers, or online.

Additionally, companies can track the preferences for shopping and information of customers using the application for digital wallets and then use them to customize the promotions and discounts.

smart Contracts One of the most effective examples of smart contracts is the machine that sells drinks. When a certain amount of money is transferred it will verify the authenticity of the transaction and offer you a drink. Smart contracts are able to be developed that will create efficient rapid and secure solutions to every relevant sector on the Bitcichain blockchain network. The transaction described in this article is not intended to make use of the crypto asset nor perform transactions using the crypto asset.

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Likewise, the limitations on not allowing transactions using crypto assets in countries that prohibit such transactions to be done using cryptocurrency assets must be observed.

Export and import transactions are conducted through banks that are informants in the present. The informant institution verifies the accuracy of products shipped for export and import and ensures that they get to the correct address as well as the delivery and inspection verifications through the blockchain-based infrastructure assets systems according. When the verification of the product’s quality and delivery is through the form of a smart contract created on the blockchain, the transactions that are related to it are automatically initiated and no supervision by an informant is needed. This can speed up the entire export and import processes accordingly.

Blockchain-based smart contract infrastructure could be created via Bitci Technology on the Bitcichain blockchain network to speed up the approval process for informants particularly in procurement and logistics, and also to enhance its security and trackable.


The Proof of Authority is an algorithm that is utilized by blockchain technology that creates a consensus mechanism built on the identity of the share to perform relatively quick transactions. The security mechanism is constantly strengthening its own capabilities with the growth of the number of shares included in the approval process. Every project owner who is registered on Bitcichain has the right to become an agreed-upon partner and help to ensure the security of networks.

Where Can you Buy Bitcoin (BITCI)?

BITCI is accessible via Bitci Exchange,, Bygone, Probit, and several other exchanges.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, make use of CoinMarketCap’s educational website called Alexandria for instance, to find out how to begin buying Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies.

To see the Bitcoin price in real-time in the currency you wish to use You can utilize CoinMarketCap’s conversion feature right to the Bitcoin currency page.

BITCI was made tradable for the first time on the 29th of January 2021. Its entire supply of 100,000,000,000. At the present, BITCI currently has an estimated market cap in the amount of USD $2,383,752,012.63. The current value in BITCI has been set at $0.0238 and it is placed as 2878 in Coinmarketcap and has recently increased to 56.32 per cent as of the moment of writing.

BITCI is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, however, unlike other major cryptocurrencies that are available for purchase, BITCI cannot be bought with fiat currency. But, you can purchase this cryptocurrency by purchasing Bitcoin on any exchange that deals in fiat-to-crypto and then transfer it to an exchange that allows trading of the coin. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps needed to purchase BITCI.

How to Buy Bitci coin

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

It is necessary to purchase one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin (BTC). In this post, we’ll go over in detail two frequently-used cryptocurrency exchanges that convert fiat into crypto,, and Coinbase. Each exchange has its own fees policies, as well as additional features we’ll discuss in depth. It is suggested that you test both and then choose which one you like best.

Coinbase is also among the biggest crypto exchanges that allow fiat payments. Follow the link below to sign up at Coinbase and you’ll receive the amount of $1000 worth BTC after you have purchased the equivalent of $100 in cryptocurrencies.

Step 2: Purchase BTC using fiat money

Once you’ve completed the KYC procedure. You are to provide a payment option. You can choose to use a credit or debit card or transfer to a bank. There will be higher charges when you use cards, however, you can also be able to make a purchase in a flash. Although a bank transfer can be less expensive, it will take longer according to the country of your home, certain countries offer an instant cash deposit that has low costs.


You’re now ready You just need to click the “Trade” button on the top left. Choose Bitcoin and then confirm your transaction…and congratulations! Congratulations on your first purchase with cryptocurrency.

Step 3: Transfer BTC to an Altcoin Exchange

Select altcoin exchanges:

However, we’re not finished yet, as BITCI can be considered an alternative coin, we must change BTC BTC onto an exchange where BITCI can be traded, in this case, we’ll use ProBit for our trading platform. ProBit is a well-known exchange for trading altcoins, and it offers a wide range of tradeable altcoins. sign up for a new account here.

ProBit is an exchange that operates in Seychelles (ProBit Global) and South Korea (ProBit Korea) and accepts traders from across the globe. The exchange provides a vast range of altcoins, Defi tokens as well as staking events, free trading, and other well-known crypto services accessible through simple and quick registration via email. Korean customers can also take part in trading using fiat currency too but the platform allows South Korean Won (KRW) trading only. Additionally, all fiat traders are required to verify their identity. but that’s not an obligation for international crypto-to-crypto tr

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aders. Overall, the exchange has an excellent design, admirable protection measures as well as a seasoned team that makes it among the top altcoin exchanges worldwide. We were unable to discover any evidence that US customers should not be trading with this trading platform. If you’re a US investor, you must be sure to check if your home state has a problem with your crypto trading with foreign countries. Sometimes, an exchange is open even though your state has prohibited traders from trading.

After completing the same procedure as we’ve done previously with Coinbase You will be urged to set up 2FA authentication, too. complete it since it will add additional assurance to your accounts.

Step 4: Make a deposit of BTC to convert

Depending on the policies of the exchange you could have to undergo another KYC procedure. This is usually between 30 minutes up to several days max. The process is simple and straightforward to follow. After you’ve completed the process, you’ll be able to gain access to your account.

If you’re first making a cryptocurrency deposit this screen might appear a little scary. But don’t be concerned, it’s much easier than an online bank transfer. In a box on the right-hand side, you will see random numbers that show ‘BTC Address”, which is the unique public address for your BTC wallet on ProBit and you can get BTC by presenting that address to the individual who is going to transfer the money to you. As we’re now transferring our previously purchased BTC through Coinbase in this bank account simply click “Copy Address and then right-click the entire address and then click copy to copy this address onto your clipboard.

Go back to Coinbase Go to the Portfolio and click BTC on your list of assets Click on “Send” to the right.

In the field for Recipient where you can paste the wallet’s address that you saved to your clipboard. to ensure security, be sure that the addresses match. There is a good chance that there exists certain computer malware that can alter the contents of your clipboard and then transfer it to another wallet address, and you’ll basically be sending money to a different person.

Click “Send” to continue to receive an instant confirmation email and click the confirmation link inside the email, and your bitcoins will be on their route to ProBit!

Then go return to ProBit and then head to your wallets for exchange and don’t fret that you don’t have your funds there. It’s likely that it’s currently being verified by the blockchain network. It will take just a few minutes for the coins to be received. Based on the conditions for traffic on the Bitcoin network, during peak times, it could take longer.

You will get a confirmation message from ProBit when your BTC is received. Now you’re all set to buy BITCI!

Step 5: Trade BITCI

Return to ProBit Go to Exchange. Boom! What a stunning view! The constant flashing figures could be a little frightening however, let’s look at this.

In the column to the right is a search bar. ensure that “BTC” is selected as you are trading BTC to the altcoin pair. If you click on it and enter “BITCI”, you should be able to see BITCI/BTC. Select the appropriate pair and be able to see a price chart for BTC/BITCI on the left side of the screen.

Below is an area with an orange button that reads “Buy BITCI”, inside of the box, select”Market” as the “Market” tab here as it is the easiest type of buying order. You can enter your total amount, or choose the part of your deposit wants to invest in buying by using those buttons that indicate percentages. Once you’ve confirmed all of the details you have done, you can click “Buy BITCI”. Voila! You’ve bought BITCI!

Other than the exchange(s) mentioned above and below, there are several prominent crypto exchanges that have good daily trading volume and a large number of users. You will be capable of selling your coins anytime and the costs will typically be less. It is recommended to be a member of these exchanges because when BITCI is listed, it will draw a significant quantity of trading volume from their users which means that you’ll have plenty of trading opportunities! is an American cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in the exchange. Since it is American investors from the US are able to trade on the exchange and we suggest US traders join for this exchange. The exchange is accessible in English as well as Chinese (the latter is particularly beneficial to Chinese traders).’s most prominent selling point is its broad selection of trade fairs. There are a lot of the latest altcoins on this page. also shows the biggest amount of transactions. It is nearly every day among twenty exchanges that have the most trading volume.

The volume of trading is around. USD 100 million daily. The most popular trading pairs on with respect to the volume of trade typically include USDT (Tether) for an element of the combination. To summarise the above,’s vast number of trading pairs and its incredibly high liquidity are both amazing features of the exchange.

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Binance is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, which began in China and then relocated its headquarters onto the cryptocurrency-friendly Island of Malta in the EU. It is famous for its crypto-to-crypto exchange services. The company was a major player in the excitement of 2017 and has since grown to become the most popular cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. However, Binance is not able to accept US investors, so we suggest that you sign up with other exchanges that we have recommended in this article.

The Final Step: Keep BITCI safely in hardware wallets

Ledger Nano S

  • Simple to set up and user-friendly interface
  • It can work on computers as well as laptops.
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Support for most blockchains and a broad selection of (ERC-20/BEP-20) tokens
  • Multiple languages available
  • The company is well-known and that was discovered in 2014 and boasts excellent chip security
  • Affordable price

Ledger Nano X

  • A more robust secure element chip (ST33) than Ledger Nano S
  • Useful on desktops or laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth integration
  • Lightweight and Portable, with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Larger screen
  • Storage space is larger over Ledger Nano S
  • Support for most blockchains and a broad selection of (ERC-20/BEP-20) tokens
  • Multiple languages available
  • The company is well-established and that was discovered in 2014 and boasts excellent chip security
  • Affordable price

If you’re planning to keep(“hold” as some might refer to it, is essentially misspelling “hold” which get popularised in the course of) the BITCI for a significant amount of period of time, you might consider ways to secure it Although Binance is among of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges. there were hacking attacks and money was lost.

Due to the characteristic of wallets on exchanges, they’ll be constantly online(“Hot Wallets” as we refer to them) which means they are exposed to certain vulnerabilities. The most secure method of keeping your money to date is to put them into the form that is known as “Cold Wallets”, where the wallet is only able to have a connection to the blockchain(or just “go online”) when you make a transfer and reduce the risk of hacking attacks. Paper wallets are one type of cold wallet. It’s an offline version of private and public addresses. You will also keep it in a safe place, and you can keep it secure. But, it’s fragile and vulnerable to many dangers.

A hardware wallet is an alternative to cold wallets. They’re typically USB-enabled devices that are able to store the essential information in your wallet in a more robust manner. They’re designed with military-grade security and their software is continuously updated by their makers and is therefore extremely secure. They are Ledger Nano S as well as Ledger Nano X is the most sought-after models in this category. the wallets range from $50 to $100 based on the features they’re providing. If you’re looking to hold your money in these wallets, they are worth the option in our view.

Can I purchase BITCI using cash?

There isn’t a direct method to purchase BITCI using cash. You can however use marketplaces like local bitcoins to buy BTC and then complete the remainder of the process by making the transfer of your BTC into the respective AltCoin exchanges.

Local bitcoins can be described as a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. It’s a marketplace where users can purchase as well as trade Bitcoins in and out of one another. Traders, or users, make advertisements based on the price and payment method they would like to provide. You can purchase sellers from a specific close area through the site. It is a great option to purchase Bitcoins in the event that you are unable to find the payment methods you are looking for in any other place. The prices are generally more expensive on this platform, and you need to perform the necessary research to ensure you don’t get scammed.

Are there quick methods How to Buy Bitci coin within Europe?

Indeed, Europe is one of the easiest locations to buy cryptocurrency in general. There are banks online where you can just open an account and then transfer funds to exchanges like coin base and uphold.

Are there alternative platforms for buying BITCI or Bitcioin using credit cards?

Yes. It’s also simple to use the platform to buy Bitcoin using credit cards. It’s an instant cryptocurrency exchange that permits you to convert crypto quickly and also purchase it using the use of a credit card. Its interface for users is user-friendly and the purchasing process is quite simple to follow.

BITCI Price Prediction and Price Movement

BITCI has fallen 48.25 per cent over the past three months. Given its tiny market capitalization, it’s very likely that the downward trend will persist. But three months are considered to be early in the world of crypto and it is possible that BITCI’s prices will rebound back if it is backed by a strong team and been able to deliver on the promises made in their white documents. So, traders must be cautious and conduct thorough research to determine whether BITCI is supported by an established development team and whether its technology is in any way able to develop.

This analysis is based solely on the historical price movements of BITCI and is in no way financial advice. Investors must always conduct their own investigation and are cautious when investing in cryptocurrency.

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