How to Buy BNBPay coin and Where to Buy it from (Step by Step Guide)

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If you are looking for How to Buy BNBPay coin and Where to Buy it from, then you are at the right place. Recently, there has been an influx of digital currencies being launched by their different wallets. One of these digital currencies has stood out and is already popular. It’s the BNB pay launched by BNB.

The Bnb Pay Coin is a new wallet currency that has gained popularity all over the cryptocurrency market. Investors and Crypto traders are already highly interested in buying and holding this coin. 

In this article,  we have provided every detailed information you need to know about this coin. You will also get to know;



  • What is BPAY? 
  • Founders
  • BnBPay visions, proposed solution and ecosystem
  • Where to buy BNBpay coin
  • BnBPay token price 
  • And lots more

What is BPAY?

BNBPay is a decentralized scalable crypto payment gateway launched on 6 July 2021. It was mainly designed for merchant transactions. 

The BNBPay project was created by a group of payment pioneers and specialists who have decades of combined experience in the payment and retail POS as well as commerce industries. The ERC-1363 is a protocol incorporated by BNBPay to enable users to pay expenses using $BPAY tokens and other related crypto tokens.  As Users spend their crypto tokens, they are also rewarded with $BPAY tokens as they.



BNB Pay’s objective is straightforward;  To become a crypto payment for commerce that is widely used by both eCommerce and physical shops. Each payment transaction confirmation will be available in less than 5 seconds thereby making BNBPay a well-suitable crypto payment platform for any in-store purchase.

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The BNBPay ecosystem consist of 4 essential components:

• BNBPay Wallet for Android and IOS

• BNBPay eCommerce payment plugins for popular eCommerce platforms

• BNBPay POS (Point of Sales) system

• BNBPay reward system that will allow users to stake and earn $BPAY

BPAY is ranked 580 on Coinmarketcap and the current price is $0.01. Recently, it surged 39.49 percent.




The founder of BNBPay wallet is Season Phang. The other three team members behind it are James, Francis, and Sarah.

BNBPay Token Price 

The current BNBPay price today is $0.00594353. In the last 24 hours, BPAY price increased to 3.6% and there is a 24-hour trading volume of $2,916,163.

6 Billion BPAY coins are the circulating supply and there’s a total supply of 10 Billion. The most active exchange to currently buy or sell BNBPay is PancakeSwap (v2).

Where to buy BNBPay Coin

First, you have to know what cryptocurrency exchange is currently trading BNBPay token and you can always google that but since you’re already here I’ll just make things easy for you.

You can buyBNBPay through Trustwallet on pancakeswap by swapping BNB to BNBPay

don’t worry, I know you may be a complete beginner who probably hasn’t bought crypto before so am going to show you step by step how to do this.

How to Buy BNBPay coin (STep by Step Guide)

Before you buy any coin you need to know what exchange is currently trading it and in order to get this, you have to go to the particular coin’s page of one of these crypto listing websites like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko

So you need to visit the BNBPay page on the coin market cap.

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You can get the page easily by simply going to google and typing “BNBPay coinmarketcap”

When you do that, results will come up on google, all you need do is click through to coinmarketcap.

To ease all the stress, here is the link to BNBPay coinmarketcap’s page:

You’ll be taken to the page and on that page are all the details about BNBPay coin including their website, what the coin is all about, current price, etc…



But what we are looking for here is the markets.

Scroll down to where you have markets and click on it.

There you get to see the markets we can buy BNBPay as seen below;

How to Buy BNBPay coin

You see the image above! Yup!

That’s the market where you can buy BNBPay at the moment and its Pancakeswap

and boom!

We now know where to buy BNBPay crypto

Step 2. Get the Contact Address

We need the contract address of Bnbpay, and you can also see that on the page, simply copy it and paste somewhere maybe in your notepad or stuff.

Below is how it looks like:

How to Buy BNBPay coin

As said earlier, copy and paste that somewhere because you’re going to need it for the next step.

Step 3: Download Trust Wallet and Access Pancakeswap exchange

We are using Mobile for this

In order to access pancakeswap, you need trust wallet.

So if you don’t have it yet, then you’ve got to go ahead and download the app.

You can download from playstore or from the official website for your preferred device

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When done.

  • Open and Signup, go to your dashboard
  • Then click on “DApps browser”
  • Scroll to where you have POPULAR and you’ll see pancakeswap exchange there

Let’s assume you’re on the pancakeswap exchange now, simply click on select a currency, and pasteBNBPay contract address (the one you copied from coinmarketcap page earlier) or here 0xebc76079da0c245fae7225b58a57a54809b40618

Add it.

bnbpay token contract address

Once done, then you’re halfway to buying this coin

Follow the last step below

Step 4: Swap BNB for BNBPay

It’s time

Obviously, you will need smart chain bnb to buy BNBPay So buy BNB on trust wallet, and convert it to smart chain bnb.

It’s simple.

You can watch this video below to see how to convert your bnb to smart chain bnb




Now go back to pancakeswap and now you should have some smart chain bnb

Enter the amount of smart chain bnb you want to use to buy BNBPay, you can select MAX to use all of your bnb

When done, swap.

and that’s it.

Do you see how easy this is?

Actually, if you’re a complete beginner to buying altcoin this may seem a bit complicated but don’t worry all you need to do is just take it to step by step.

I’ll be here for you to assist and make sure you don’t face difficulties.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions.

This is How to Buy BNBPay coin step by step using pancakeswap it would have been easier if we used binance for this tutorial unfortunately it hasn’t been listed yet.

Hope this one helps.

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