How to Buy Cumrocket Crypto and Where to Buy it From (A step by Step guide)

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CumRocket tokens permit transactions between producers and buyers of adult content to be completely anonymous. CumRocket developers are looking to bring enormous amounts of money to the blockchain. CumRocket is a completely distinct proposition in cryptocurrency and is a promising cryptocurrency. Here are the details on How to Buy Cumrocket Crypto and also where to buy it from.

Is Cumrocket Crypto Real

CumRocket is a token with a real usage scenario and a team of public members that has been recognized by numerous adult content creators as well as being featured in prime-time live television and Twittered by Elon Musk

What is Cumrocket crypto?

CumRocket is a smart chain from the Binance initiative that’s experienced extreme price volatility since it was first introduced on April 20, 2021. It reached its peak May 5, 2021, at $0.2726, when it increased by 1200% in just five days.

Can I Buy Cumrocket on Crypto Com

Suppose you want to buy CumRocket using a different cryptocurrency. In that case, you’ll have to make a wallet for crypto that can support CumRocket and then purchase the first currency and utilize it to purchase CumRocket using the platform you select.

Where to Buy Cumrocket Crypto

CumRocket is a fairly new token part of the Binance Smart Chain. It’s available through PancakeSwap and CumRocket’s marketplace, CumSwap. On PancakeSwap and CumSwap, you can exchange BNB tokens for CUMMIES tokens.

How to Buy Cumrocket Crypto

How to Buy Cumrocket Crypto
  1. Create an online account.

Since CumRocket is an intelligent chain token issued by Binance, it is necessary to create an account with Binance account to purchase its native token, BNB. Visit or If your IP address is in the U.S and you want to open an account.
From here, Binance will need to confirm your identity by checking that you have a Social Security Number, driver’s license, and home address. Your details will remain secure during this process and will not be tied to your account

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After approval, you’ll have to be able to fund your account and buy BNB to exchange against CUMMIES through PancakeSwap. The best method to fund your account is to use cryptocurrency, and a U.S-based exchange is a way that many crypto investors transfer cash to cryptocurrency. The top exchanges for onboarding cryptocurrency to cash comprise, Coinbase, Gemini, and eToro.

  1. Download Trust Wallet or Metamask.

It is necessary to transfer your newly purchased BNB coins into a bank account that works with PancakeSwap, such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask. Both wallets require you to create an account; however, there is no need to provide personal information. When you establish a new wallet, please make certain to keep your private keys in a safe place because it’s the sole method to retrieve your money if you lose access to your wallet.MetaMask is among the most well-known method of making transactions using platforms such as PancakeSwap because their Google Chrome Extension facilitates the connection of your account with decentralized exchanges.

  1. Convert your BNB tokens

MetaMask will be configured up to Ethereum’s principal network automatically. You can see which your wallet’s network is connected by clicking the dropdown menu in the upper-right within the MetaMask Chrome extension. To connect your bank account with Binance Smart Chain, you must click on the dropdown menu. Binance Smart Chain, you must click on the dropdown and change it from “Ethereum Mainnet” to “Custom RPC.” This will prompt you to input the following information so that MetaMask can connect to the Binance Smart Chain

. After you’ve successfully joined Binance’s Binance smart chain network, then you will see BNB as the default currency. Then, you can go back to Binance and transfer BNB-related tokens into your MetaMask wallet with your MetaMask BNB cryptocurrency account -ensure that you select that Binance Smart Chain system whenever you transfer your BNB funds to MetaMask.

  1. Purchase your item.
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Now it’s time to exchange your BNB to PancakeSwap to CUMMMIES. Visit and click the button at the upper right-hand corner to link your account to your bank. After you’ve connected it, click trade, exchange, and enter the swap section. Then, you can search for CUMMIES by choosing the dropdown menu for a currency.
It’s listed on PancakeSwap’s Top 100 tokens list, so it’s likely to be listed. You can always search CumRocket’s contract address) in the same search bar if it doesn’t.

Within your MetaMask wallet, you’ll be asked to accept the transaction before the transaction can be completed. Once the transaction has been completed, the CUMMIES will be deposited in your account within a couple of minutes. If you experience an error in making your payment, increasing the slippage tolerance by 6% or greater is possible. Remember when purchasing CumRocket that it is at its beginnings and is susceptible to extreme price fluctuations, like the one that has occurred within the first month of its launch. Most of the cryptocurrency’s value is determined by its positive or negative publicity, not the actual project itself.


Cumrocket Crypto is a great investment opportunity for those who are eager to enter the cryptocurrency market. It has good performing metrics and good potential for growth.

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