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How to Buy EverGrow Coin EGC (Step by Step Guide)

If you want to know about and How to Buy EverGrow Coin, then this article is for you. The cryptocurrency space has seen exponential growth in the last few years, and many people are investing and earning fantastic rewards through smart investment opportunities. EverGrow aspires to be the next driver of this trend. It is a next-generation hyper-deflationary token that is designed to become more scarce over time.

Just before arriving at this post am sure you have done your own research or you already understand the potential of EverGrow coin from youtube or other search intent

What is EverGrow Coin $EGC

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How to Buy EverGrow Coin

One thing I have noticed that is attracting a lot of people to this coin is the fact that it’s one of a kind, I mean just by simply holding $EGC you earn passive income in USDT.

I recently joined the Telegram coo=mmunity channel and within the last 24hrs, about 2k users have joined the telegram community, this is to tell you that users are ready for this coin to launch.

so by simply holding $EGC Coin, All holders of EverGrow Coin will earn an 8% reward from each Buy/Sell Transaction in USDT which is automatically sent to the holder’s wallet every hour .impressive right?

Yeah. it is. so you shouldn’t miss out on this great project… Yes, it’s going to be one of a kind as am seeing already.

But just before then, you need to note: I am not a financial advisor and this is not a financial advise,

EverGrow constitutes contracts coded to collect fees from all types of transactions, i.e., buys, sells, and transfers, which are then diversified as:

– 8% rewards to holders in USDT.
-3% for strategic buyback funds.

-2% is used for Automatic liquidity on PancakeSwap

-1% contribution to project sustainability, ecosystem development, operations, and marketing.


  •  The 1st Yield Generation token which rewards its holders in USDT
  • Auto Paid Every 60 Minutes

Multiple BuyBacks

3% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically added to Buy-Back Reserve. The tokens collected from the fees are converted into BNB and securely locked and stored in the EverGrow contract. 

Liquidity Pool

2% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap.

Anti-Whale System

The contract counts with a simple, straightforward whale discouragement system: No sale amounts higher than 0.2% of the circulating supply are possible at once. An extra 1% fee is applied to all sales to discourage swing trading and lessen Whale manipulation. This discourages or at least reduces big selloffs since the amount will be lower in the end.

and lots more Here is the official website: https://evergrowcoin.com/

How to Buy EverGrow Coin $EGC

To buy Evergrow coin, follow this Step by Step Guide,

If you don t have a Trust wallet yet, you have to download and register to be able to use and buy the coin.

so all you have to do is :

  • Sign up to trustwallet
  • add BNB (binance smart chain) to your wallet
  • Purchase Binance smart chain coin from binane

and then, if you have done that above let’s get started. so follow the steps below to buy.

Step 1: Log in to your Trustwallet account as seen below

Select DAPPS, scroll as select Pancakeswap

Step 2: Now once you click PancakeSwap it will direct you to pancakeswap.fnance

Now look up and click connect wallet

Now click on connect wallet and choose Trustwallet. once you have chosen that it will be connected instantly.

Now the next thing is to go settings and set this below

Only change slippage to 16_17 percent

And finally, let’s swap some BNB to Evergrow coin.

BOOOM you have gotten some Evergrow to your wallet and should start making Profits.

That’s it, guys.

EverGrow Coin website

To stay updated on Evergrow Coin and as not to miss out on registration and also to know when the commencement t of the presale, you are required to join the official channels so as to also get in touch with the founders of EverCoin

Official website: https://evergrowcoin.com/

Telegram community: https://t.me/evergrowcoin


Join the community on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/evergrowcoin/

Evergrow coin launch date

Evergrow coin presale will start anytime this week from Monday 20th September 2021. as of now, we don’t know the actual date also as the Founders are yet to let us know. To stay updated kindly join the official telegram channel below.

that’s that on How to Buy EverGrow Coin, I will also keep you updated once the registration kick starts. as not to miss out on this, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and also notifications as to keep in touch once registration stats.

If you have questions you can drop them on the comment as I would get back as soon as possible.

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