How to Buy Gala Crypto (Step by Step guide)

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You want to learn how to buy gala crypto the latest trending coin in the crypto space right now?

Well, if you answer is yes then you’re in the right place and or post as I’ll be sharing with you step by step where to buy this coin and exactly how to buy it.

Don’t worry even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll be able to do this because I’m gonna show you step by step.

The keyword here is “step-by-step” so you’ll definitely be able to do it.

and as a bonus for reading this on my blog, I’ll not only show you how to do it, I’ll also provide the comment section where you can get in touch with me if you face issues with any of the steps.


This way you won’t be lost anywhere.

So let’s get started right away.

But just before I go ahead and show you how, you may want to know what gala coin is all about, the price prediction, current price and other stuff like their social media or groups where you can keep in touch with other Holders.

It’s gonna help you in the long run.

What is Gala Crypto?

Just recently the leading crypto exchange platform Binance announced that it would be listing gala coin on its exchange, this is one really big news

Gala cryptocurrency has been up for a while now, so what exactly is it?

All cryptocurrencies have their use case i.e. what they stand to bring to the crypto space and Gala is not an exception.

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Gala Crypto is a gaming/NFT platform and their sole aim for this coin is to actually build an ecosystem of blockchain games.

  • With gala token you’ll be able to buy items and nft from the Gala store
  • You earn rewards for playing gala games
  • Etc…

Gala Crypto Price Prediction and Current Price

If I say gala coin will hit $5 next week would you believe me?

Lol haha

Well, the thing is it’s only a prediction and no expert will give you the correct prediction but from the developments, promotion of the coin, etc.. this should really do well

The team is doing a lot of work on their part and one other thing you need to know and I’ve noticed is that gaming related coins tend to do really well.

The gaming industry is super huge.

Am sure you’ve watched some youtube videos about gala crypto recently, so you know the coin’s got some potential for good profits.

I mean, the stuff even exploded 200% in the last few hours.

Below is a video below from a crypto guy on youtube on Gala crypto rise and other stuff

Below are details to help you stay in touch with the gala community.

Now that you know a few stuff about what gala crypto is all about, how about we move to the main purpose of this post?

To show you how to buy step by step.

So go through carefully, follow the steps and apply and make sure you let me know in the comment section if you have questions or face difficulties.

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How to Buy Gala Crypto (Step by Step Guide)

It’s really easy to do.

Below are a few things to keep in mind

1. Find Market Trading Gala

The first thing you need to know is the market currently trading gala.

In other words, what exchange can we buy gala?

and how do you find out what exchange?

Go to google type “Gala Crypto Coinmarketcap”

The results will come up, then you have to click on the coinmarketcap website

This will take you to gala coin coinmarketcap page where you’ll be able to get 100% details of this coin.

So let’s assume you’ve done that.

Once on the page, scroll down and click where you have markets

As seen below, we now know that you can buy gala coin on binance, kukoin using USDT, uniswap etc.

how to buy gala crypto

But I want you to use Kukoin exchange.


Because binance is not open to all countries, for example; if you happen to be in the US, you can’t use binance.

But you can use Kukoin Exchange.

So we are gonna use kukoin.

I’m a darling for sharing this information with you right?


Well, you’re going to use kukoin.

Step 2: Signup on Kukoin and Buy USDT

You can signup on kukoin exchange by going to their website

It’ll be good to download their app too, that will make things easier and faster for you.

Now purchase USDT

When done registering, buy USDT on kukoin you’re going to need it to purchase gala coin

It’s easy, just click BUY Crypto.

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I’m assuming you’ve bought some USDT.

Step 3: Buy Gala Coin with USDT

This is the final step

Now that you have some USDT in your kukoin, it’s time to use it to buy gala

  1. on Kukoin, go to where you have “Markets” and hit the search button
  2. Type Gala
  3. Click on the USDT/Gala pair
  4. Buy Gala with your available USDT
  5. Done!

and that’s it.

This is exactly how to buy gala crypto using kukoin exchange.

Let me know if you have any questions and or difficulties, I’ll be here to assist you.

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