How to Buy Mini Cardano Coin (MADA) and Where to (Step by Step Guide )

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In this blog post, I will be writing on How to Buy Mini Cardano Coin (MADA) and Where to. so I am pretty sure you have been searching for this for a long time now on how to how to go about it. Don’t worry you will learn that here just continue reading.

So, while I was doing some research a few hours ago I came across this Coin MADA. so I decided to check it out and was wowed at the amazing result I found. I have as well been getting some requests from users like How can I Buy Mini Cardano coin and so much more. which was what actually made me write this article. and If you are among of them reading this now, just count yourself lucky.

so, In conclusion, you are going to learn:

  • How to Buy mini cardano coin
  • where to buy it from
  • If you should invest in it
  • amd lots more

But before in forge ahead with this step by step guide, you may want to know what this new Coin is all about, how to buy the token, coin prediction, if it’s good to invest in right?

I believe your answer to this question is YES!

So let’s go then!

What is Mini Cardano Coin (MADA) ?

Mini Cardano is the latest ” baby token” of Cardano. it is following the footsteps of coins like Baby ETH , Baby BNB, and so on. it is the first token that rewards its users with Cardano. so users tend to earn, more Cardano.

according to what I have seen so far this coin has potential as it did +1000 within the last two days. who knows if it may go in an upsurge as Cardano within a short period of time.

It has :

  • Anti Whale
  • Anti Sniping
  • and Anit Bot smary contract deesig which was built for Secure Asset Fund for its users.
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this project is really growing too fast as I can see and it could give a good profit for the short term.

You can get more information from the official website;

you can join the official telegram channel too if you are holding this MADA coin

Where to Buy Mini Cardano Coin (MADA Token)

First of all, before you proceed in Buying this token if you have an interest. you need to know the cryptocurrency exchange platform it is trading on. You can decide to check out that on google but you don’t need to. I will tell you all about it here. I love making things easier for my readers,

Currently, you can buy Mini Cardano coin using PancakeSwap V2 on Trustwallet using Binance smart chain coin BNB.

you may be a complete beginner in crypto and I know you might not have used that before, don’t worry here’s the step-by-step guide on how to buy the MADA Token.

Mini Cardano Contract address


Mini Cardano Website :

Telegram support channel :

How to Buy Mini Cardano Coin (MADA Coin)

  • Purchase smarchain BNB from binance
  • Send it to your trustwallet
  • Buy MADA using pancakeSwap

Step 1: Buy BNB from Binance

Head over to Binance, create an account if you don’t have one yet. go to market and buy some BNB. once you have successfully bought some BNB on finance, log in to your Trustwallet copy the address, and send the coin to the address.

Step 2: Buy mini Cardano coin Using PancakeSwap

After you have bought some BNB and deposited it to your Trustwallet , let’s go ahead to buy some MADA. now follow this Step by Step guide to do that.

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Step 1: Log in to Trustwallet and click on DApps, scroll and select PancakeSwap as seen in the screenshot below.

How to Buy Mini Cardano Coin

it will take you to Now look up and click connect wallet

How to Buy Mini Cardano Coin

Now click on connect wallet and choose Trustwallet. once you have chosen that it will be connected instantly.

Now the next thing is to go settings and set this below

How to Buy Mini Cardano Coin
Slippage Tolerance should be set to at least from 16% Up.

so swap from BNB to MADA. if you search for MADA and didn’t see it, copy the contract address here and paste then import. and then click swap.


BOOOM you have gotten some MADA to your wallet and should start making Profits.

NOTE: this is a crypto market and anything can happen. try to put the amount you are willing to risk in case of any issues. kindly know that am not a financial advisor this is only a Step by step guide on how to buy Mini Cardano coin and where to buy it.

I have as well, made a video guide explaining all this explained above, which you can watch below.

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