How to buy Nano DogeCoin and Where to Buy it from (Step by Step Guide)

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Nano DogeCoin is a new popular token through which investors can earn passive crypto income in USD Tether. If you are planning to buy this new type of token that is steadily increasing in buy volumes, then read on to know how to buy Nano Dogecoin and where to buy it.

Presently, the Nano Dogecoin token is creating new records and gaining widespread popularity in a short period of time. This is as a result of its highly supportive community.

In this easy-to-digest guide on how to buy Nano Dogecoin and where to buy it, you’ll get to know;



  • What is Nano Dogecoin? 
  • How to buy
  • Where to buy
  • Nano Dogecoin price
  • And lots more

What is Nano Dogecoin? 

Nano DogeCoin is a new token that involves the community and charity at the forefront of what they do. The coin has a simplified redesigned dashboard that allows staking. 

The Nano Dogecoin was created to keep investors involved in the decision-making process as long as the token exists. 



Investors will also make suggestions for future growth, brand ambassadorships, charity partnerships, and more of the Dogecoin token. The reward for each investor is passive crypto income through Dogecoin’s redistribution tokenomics. 

With the widespread reach and popularity of the token, the goal is to have fun while changing animal welfare around the globe and at the same time, allow Dogecoin’s investors to shape its future.

How to buy Nano Dogecoin? 

To buy cryptocurrencies, you will need access to a trading or exchange account. The exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade Nano Dogecoin  are; 

  • Bitmart; a secure cryptocurrency exchange for crypto traders to easily buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, KCS, e.t.c.

 Before you can buy Dogecoin from any cryptocurrency exchange, you must follow the steps below;

1. Sign up or Register on any cryptocurrency exchange.

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To register on any of the cryptocurrency exchanges mentioned above, follow the steps below   

On the homepage, click on ‘Get Started’ in the top right corner. 

Enter your first name, last name, and your email address. Then check the box that confirms you are 18 years old and then click ‘Create account’. It’s important you choose a strong password to avoid your account being hacked and provide your real name because the cryptocurrency exchange will need it for account verification.



2. Enable 2-factor authentication.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. When you receive it, open it and click on the link there. A valid mobile number will be required of you to set up two-factor authentication (2FA). 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer to the security of your account that protects it from being hacked.  It is quite important you complete the process and always keep this feature turned on.

3. Verify your account.

The next step to follow is a fully automated process known as the theKnow-Your-Customers (KYC). You will have to provide some details and the registration can be finished in less than 15 minutes.

4. Choose your preferred payment method.

When completing the KYC process, you will be asked to choose a payment method, or stick with the default option. It can either be a bank transfer or provide a credit/debit card. Purchases made with cards come with higher fees but are fast and instant. If bank deposit is slow, instant cash deposits with low fees are offered by some European countries. 

5. Buy Crypto

Some crypto exchanges don’t support the direct deposit of fiat currency, such as USD, so you can buy Nano Dogecoin from exchanges that allow users to trade the token. But you will first need to buy a major cryptocurrency, usually either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). If you currently don’t have any BTC or ETH, below is a guide on how to buy. 

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We highly recommend Coinbase because it is one of the largest and popular crypto exchanges that accept fiat deposits

After registering for an account on Coinbase, enable 2-factor authentication, and verify your account

 Now, on the top left, click the “Trade” button and select the coin(bitcoin or ethereum) you want to buy. 



Confirm your transaction to buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Where can I buy Nano Dogecoin?

Like we’ve already mentioned, to buy Dogecoin, you will need to transfer the crypto you bought from coinbase to an exchange where Nano can be traded. 

Bitmart is an exchange we recommend because it’s a secure cryptocurrency exchange for crypto traders to easily buy, sell, and store any cryptocurrency. If you don’t have an account on Kucoin, follow the steps below to register.

How to buy Nano DogeCoin

On the Bitmart Website, click on the “Sign Up” tab in the upper right corner and register an account with either your mobile phone number or email address.

To sign up with an email address, enter your E-mail address and click the “Send Code” button. An email verification code will be sent to your mailbox. Click on the link or enter the verification code you got. After that, enter a strong login password, read and agree to the “Terms of Use”, and click the “Sign Up” button to complete the registration.

To Sign up with the mobile phone, choose the country code, enter your phone number, and click the “Send Code” button. You will receive an SMS verification code on your phone in a few seconds. When you do, enter the verification code you received to continue. Set a strong login password, agree to the “Terms of Use”, and click “Sign Up”. 

That’s how to register or sign up on Bitmart. Now to buy a Nano Dogecoin, follow the steps below. 

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To buy Nano Dogecoin, navigate through the market’s section on bitmart exchange and place a buy order. In the section of the market, search for “NANO”, click on the ‘NANO/USDT’ pair, and enter the amount you want to buy in usdt.

Nano Dogecoin token price

The Nano Dogecoin token is currently at $0.000000086. The coin has achieved a 203% increase. If the current bull rally continues for a few more years, it could possibly be 2X or 3X the current price.

Should I buy Nano Dogecoin today? 

The Nano Dogecoin price is quite affordable and retail buyers can purchase it easily. It has gained huge popularity especially in various social media channels and supporters have managed to sustain its rise. This is mostly because it has a good marketing budget, supports charities, and provides easy staking. 

Therefore, early investors and holders of Nano Dogecoin could benefit a lot if the coin continues to rise in the future and the bulls retain interest. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Nano Dogecoin on Coinbase?

No. You can only buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) or other cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. You’ll need to open an account with popular exchanges like Kucoin, coin long trader, and that allow Nano to be traded. 

Is Nano a good investment?

NANO Dogecoin’s price prediction is currently bullish and is okay for short-term investment. In addition, NANO is predicted to reach $1. before 2021 ends.


Nano Dogecoin is a  new popular token through which investors can earn passive crypto income in USD Tether. It has become increasingly popular due to its very supportive community

If you have any questions on how to buy a Nano Dogecoin token, let us know in the comment section.

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