How to Buy Rose Crypto (Oasis) Step by Step Guide

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In this post today you’re going to learn how to buy rose crypto also known as Oasis step by step.

So if that’s what you’re looking for then you’re definitely in the right place, all you need to do now is go through the guide carefully and ask questions where you don’t understand

I’ll make sure to answer your questions as soon as possible

Here on the blog what I do is make a really good research and find out coins that are brand new and I write about them so you can invest and get some profits.

Apart from this I also noticed a lot of beginners get to know about some of the coins from places like YouTube, Reddit, Telegram groups, etc.

and then if they are interested and would like to purchase the coin, they come to google and look for how to buy that particular coin.

That could be how you landed here, right?

Anyway, you’re welcome.

Am going to show you how to buy and also where, so, in summary, I’ll be covering in this article

  • What Rose Crypto Oasis is all about
  • The current price right now
  • How and where to buy rose crypto easily and fast
  • Etc..

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started right away.

What is Rose Crypto?

Having been launched and added to Coinmarketcap, Rose Crypto is a coin project that’s designed for the next generation of blockchain and they’ve got what is called the Oasis network which is the first ever privacy enabled blockchain platform for open finance and responsible data economy.

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The network’s got some really cool features such as tokenizing data that allows users earn rewards by staking their data with apps and more.

If you want to learn more and get really involved in this project below are resources:

How Much is Rose Coin Worth?

As of the time of writing this post, the coin is $0.2849 and I’ll show you how to buy it shortly.

Also, If you’re a beginner you should learn yourself how to check the price of coins;

Want me to tell you how?

Well, it’s simple, just google search “Coin name + coinmarketcap” or “Coin name + price” and booom you’ll be shown information/websites pages about the coin which would also have the price stated.

e.g. if you go to google right now and type Rose Coin Coinmarketcap, you’ll see the coinmarketcap’s page of rose crypto and there you’ll be shown everything about this cryptocurrency including what it’s all about, the current price, chart, its website, and stuff like that.

I want you to be able to learn this as a beginner.


so it’s time to show you how you can purchase this coin step by step.

How to Buy Rose Crypto and Where

This is the real deal right now.

You’ve probably heard about the coin, you know the potential already, so how do you actually buy and from where?

Where to buy it?

I will show you in a bit but just in the case of next time when am not here to teach you, if you want to know where to buy any coin below is what you should do:

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First, you have to know what exchange is currently trading rose coin and how do you get to know?

  • You go to
  • Type the coin name + coinmarketcap because the coin is already listed on coinmarketcap (Rose crypto coinmarketcap)
  • Now click the coinmarketcap result and it will take you to rose coin coinmarketcap page.
  • Scroll to where you have “Markets” and that’s where you’ll see all of the exchanges where you can buy rose token as seen below;
how to buy rose crypto

So just chose the top market, register there and buy the coin

In the case above, Binance is the top market where you can buy rose coin

As simple as that.

You garrit?

That’s how to buy almost any coin that has been listed on the coinmarketcap website

Now that you know how to do this, I will now go ahead and show you how to actually buy rose coins using binance

Buying Rose Coin or Crypto on the Binance Exchange

Buying is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy bitcoin and lots of other altcoins and they’ve been in business for years, the only downside is they don’t offer service to the United States.

So if you’re outside the united states you can buy coins on Binance and if you’re in the US then you need other exchanges to buy rose crypto, you can buy on kukoin exchange instead (US residents only)

As you already saw in the image above from coinmarketcap, there are many exchanges trading rose; binance, kukoin, etc..

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On Binance, you can buy Rose using USDT, BUSD, and BTC

on Kukoin you can buy Rose using USDT too

So here’s what to do right now.

For those outside US, using Binance.

  • Register on binance, you can click here to binance website (Feel free to download the app to your android to make things easier
  • Buy USDT on binance
  • Click on Market, and look for Rose
  • Buy Rose Coin using your USDT.
  • That’s how to do it

For those in the US, using Kukoin Exchange

  • Register on Kukoin, you can click here to kukoin website (they have an App too, so feel free to download to make things easier and faster for you)
  • Buy USDT on kukoin there
  • Go to market, look for ROSE
  • Buy Rose crypto using your USDT
  • Boooooooom!

That’s how you do this stuff.

You can watch this youtube video for more details (using binance)

This is exactly how to buy rose crypto

You can see it’s really easy and if you need some help and assistance I’ll always be here for you in the comment section.

Ask your questions and if this post helps you make sure to share with others who may need it too.

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