How To Buy UFO Gaming Coin on Trustwallet (Step-by-Step Guide)

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The invention of blockchain technology presents numerous innovations in the crypto space. Gaming is a common way to earn in cryptocurrency, generally known as play to earn. The play-to-earn innovation has made it possible for crypto enthusiasts who enjoy gaming to earn tokens while playing.

Developers have taken advantage of this opportunity to create tokens for gamers in the crypto space. One of these tokens is the trending Ufo gaming coin.

You might wonder, what is the Ufo gaming coin all about? Is Ufo coin a good investment? How to buy Ufo gaming coins? Where to buy the Ufo gaming coin.

In this article, we will discuss the aforementioned.

What is Ufo Gaming Coin All About?

Ufo gaming coin is a coin in the P2E category that users can use to buy digital gaming assets, services, and devices. The Ufo developers created the coin to provide a secure transactional token backed by blockchain for gamers. Ufo coin provides a reward to individuals who play games or perform specific gaming tasks.

It was developed in the former Ethereum proof of stake network and integrated into the polygon scaling solution. 

Ufo is a community-supported project that is built on DAO. In the Ufo community, holders can enjoy decision-making rights votes and can as well stake the token before they can play the Ufo Galactic game.

Members of the Ufo community can earn NFTs and the Ufo gaming coin which can be transferred into fiat.

Is Ufo Token a Good Investment?

Examining the move of the Ufo token and the market sentiment, it can be said to be a good investment. Since 2021, even in the crypto bear, the ufo token has experienced a great move in price. It experienced its first ATH in November 2021 and since then although experiencing a drawback has been moving on a bullish trend. 

Some gaming tokens under the same category such as $APE, $SAND, etc have been a good investment decision and investors have made profits from them. Comparing the move of these tokens, the Ufo token is expected to move in the same direction. If it gains much acceptance and investment power, it will be the next big P2E token in the crypto space. Both in the short term and long term, the Ufo token might prove to be a good investment decision but this is not accurate since the volatility of the market can affect it.

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Where to Buy Ufo Coin

Ufo coin can be bought directly from the Ufo exchange and other cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. World commonly used exchanges such as Binance, and Coinbase has listed the coin. You can also buy the coin from  Trustwallet. Before opting for an exchange to buy Ufo coin, the following are important points to take note of:

  • Ensure the exchange is safe and secure for transaction
  • Ensure the exchange supports play to earn tokens such as Ufo
  • Follow the exchange steps by step procedure for buying Ufo coins.
  • Use the most commonly used exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kucoin to buy Ufo coins.

How to Buy Ufo Gaming Coin On Trustwallet

Trust wallet is a wallet from which you can buy and sell Ufo coin. The following points are steps to follow to buy Ufo coin.

  • Open a Trustwallet account
  • Link Uniswap with Trustwallet and click the ERC command at the top
  • Paste the contact Address from on Uniswap as directed
  • Swap your available Ethereum on Trustwallet for Ufo coin in Uniswap.
  • Click proceed and the transaction will be successful.

Here is a step by step Video guide on How Ufo gaming Coin on Trustwallet

Ufo Gaming Coin Price Prediction in 2022-2025-2030

Before investing in any crypto project, it is important to know if it will be a good investment decision both short term and long term. As investors begin to pick interest in Ufo coin, they would want to know its price prediction for some years. Let’s discuss the price prediction from 2022 to 2030.

Let’s start with 2022.

Ufo Coin prediction in 2022

As of the time of writing this article, the price of Ufo is $0.00002001 and a 2.1% decrease in price in the last 24hrs according to The price of Ufo gaming is predicted to reach $0.00000380 by the end of 2022. That is a significant increase but can still be affected by volatility.

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Ufo Coin Prediction In 2023

The move of the Ufo coin in 2022 according to predictions will attract more investors which will further lead to a bullish trend. According to prediction, it might experience a new ATH up to $0.00000551.

Ufo Prediction in 2024

In 2024, the Ufo coin is predicted to follow the bullish trend of 2023 and at the price range of $0.00000690 to $0.00000840. This is a significant move.

Ufo Prediction in 2025

The market condition will determine the price of Ufo coins in 2025. According to analysis, one zero might be canceled in the Ufo price and it will be in the range of $0.00001011 to $0.00001181.

Ufo prediction in 2026

In 2026, there might be a decrease in price and UFOs will experience a static movement. The price will range from $0.00001480 to $0.0000170.

Ufo Prediction in 2027

According to analysts, there is a likelihood of a bull run in 2027 and this will make the Ufo coin price may be in the range of a top trend of $0.00002580 to a low of $0.00002210.

Ufo Coin Prediction In 2028

The Ufo coin is predicted by analysts to be $0.00003175 to a maximum of $0.00003690. 

Ufo Coin Prediction In 2029

Analysis shows that the price of a Ufo coin will range from $0.00004720 to $0.0000551. 

Ufo coin Prediction In 2030

From the above prediction, we can see that Ufo coin seems to be in a good price range from now till the next 10 years. In 2030, the coin will experience more adoption and investment due to its Bullish movement in the past. The price of a Ufo coin will likely be $0.00006801 to $0.00007010.

The price of a Ufo in the next 10 years may not be up to $1. This prediction doesn’t suggest surety as market conditions and Community activities might have an effect.

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Is Ufo Gaming Supported by Coinbase?

Ufo gaming coin is supported by coinbase, it is one of the best exchanges where you can buy Ufo gaming coins safely.

When was Ufo Coin Launched?

Ufo coin was launched in early 2018 to integrate gaming and blockchain technology.

Is Ufo Coin On Binance?

Ufo coin is on Binance and it is one of the safest exchanges to buy the coin.

Can You Buy Ufo Crypto On Coinbase?

Yes, You can buy Ufo crypto on coinbase.

How Do You Get The Ufo Gaming Token On Coinbase?

According to the Coinbase guide, the following are steps to buy Ufo Gaming on Coinbase:

  • Open a coinbase account and open a Coinbase wallet.
  • Select a username for your coinbase wallet to allow easy transactions with other coinbase users.
  • Carefully keep your recovery phrase containing 12 randomly picked words safe from access as it is a private key to your wallet.
  • Buy Ethereum and transfer to your coinbase wallet for your transactions, keep in mind Ethereum fees.
  • To Buy a Ufo gaming coin, tap on the buy assets, swap Eth for ERC-20 tokens, select Ufo Gaming, select the amount and buy.

What Exchange Can I Buy Ufo?

You can buy UFOs on numerous exchanges, here is a list of a few:

  • Binance exchange
  • Coinbase Exchange
  • Kucoin
  • Budget
  • mTrust Wallet
  • Bitrue 

What Gaming Tokens Are On Coinbase?

The following are some gaming coins on coinbase:

  • Ufo gaming coin
  • Darknight
  • Apecoin
  • Basketcoin
  • Alphacoin
  • Axion.


This article has comprehensively discussed the Ufo gaming coin, How to buy Ufo Gaming coin on Trustwallet, and so on. If you are looking to buy a coin, this article is a guide that you need.

You can visit the Ufo gaming website to get more details on the Ufo gaming platform and Community.

We hope this article can help you with Valuable information on Ufo gaming coin.

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