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How to Buy Wifedoge coin and Where to buy it from (Step by Step Guide)

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Cryptocurrency has become one of the legal tenders that have been used as a form of exchange for people. Cryptocurrencies have come to stay, and also people’s currency. so In this article, you will get to know How to Buy Wifedoge coin. because I know that’s what brought you here hahaha!

Dogecoin is an open cryptocurrency that allows you to send money online without any bank delay or filling up any paperwork. Generally, the wife dogecoin has increased over 50 times in the value it holds, while the general cryptocurrency market has fallen for some time. The good thing is that wife dogecoin has become the best coin which has under all-time price increase. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency bull market would stay up to date with better prices. 

In about 24hours, the new cryptocurrency wife of dogecoin had grown so much that it valued more than 3000 percent when Elon Musk liked it. The wife of dogecoin is a clone of the main dogecoin cryptocurrency.  You might be contemplating whether you should buy or not, or well with the increase, the wife Dogecoin has undergone tremendous growth over time. The term of wife dogecoin has become a real deal in the cryptocurrency, and it has exceeded 2.32 million dollars in actual capitalization.  

A short detail details about Wife dogecoin

Since the inception of cryptocurrency, which the worldwide acceptance of Bitcoin have inspired. With this, several cryptocurrencies have sprung up, and most of them have found it very challenging to pick up. 

So, as of now, wife dogecoin is trying to become the strongest cryptocurrency over others. Presently the 1 WIFEDOGE is equivalent to 1 DOGECOIN.

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In addition, the Wifedoge also made it known that 5 percent of Wifedoge units for Elon Musk. Meanwhile, the developers of wife dogecoin are quite confident that Elon Musk’s endorsement would help the cryptocurrency continue growing and reach a higher demand. They also thanked him for his enormous contribution and recognition of the coin and believed that they would surprise the global investors in the coming days.

Wife dogecoin price

Presently Wife dogecoin is priced at $0.00000000007 based on the Coinmarketcap chart, which is a continuous increase in valuation. In the last 24 hours as of the time of this content, it’s up by 345.1 percent while it ranked as number 2867. The good thing is that this coin starts to make money for you as soon as you buy it, making it the only valuable coin upon purchase. You would continuously earn your reward by staying true to the coin.

For your information, there are over 11,000 cryptocurrencies in the market today, and it isn’t easy to predict what would become of each of these coins. Many cryptocurrencies ha fail, and many have risen to the limelight. With wife dogecoin been among the strong cryptocurrency and its long term vision, you can but have to buy the coin. 

How to Buy Wifedoge coin

Before buying Wifedoge, you need to know that it is a BEP-20 token. To buy Wifedoge You need to go through these steps as listed below; 

1. Get your desired wallet such as Trust wallet, Metamask wallet, etc. 

2. using your browser search for PancakeSwap ensure you’re on the  V2 and the switch button is on swap and not liquidity because you want to buy Wifedoge and not provide liquidity to the exchange.

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3. Connect your wallet to the exchange using the wallet connect button on the Pancakeswap exchange.

4. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to use for swapping to get Wifedoge on the cr drop-down arrow then select WIFEDOGE as the coin you wish to swap to.

If you do not find Wifedoge in the list of available coins then you would need to import Wifedoge using its smart contract, you can do this using the import button or manage button.

5.  Select and activate the PancakeSwap extended option then copy and paste the smart contract into the provided space, then add wifedoge as the token you wish to swap to.Smart contract Address 0x07b36f2549291d320132712a1e64d3826b1fb4d7

6. Type in the quantity of coin you want to swap to Wifedoge, you would find the cost of the transaction and

the amount that would be paid to the liquidity providers just under the trade breakdown. After that, you just click confirm to process your swap order. Once your order is executed you now own Wwifedoge in your wallet.

Note that if you wish to swap any other coin to Wifedoge aside from BNB, your swap would have to go through BNB then to swap to Wifedoge this Process usually in ure more swapping cost.

Where to Buy Wife dogecoin

Wife dogecoin is a good wife if we must say. The spontaneous increase and wide acceptance rate have made it become a fancied coin. Indeed you start to make money as soon as you hold the coin, and at the same time, you keep cashing out. However, being a rare coin that many people are just getting to know, you would easily believe that it could be challenging to lay your hands on where to buy the coin.

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Based on their welcome message on wife doge, “Doge needs Wife, If you like doge, please hold wife doge. Every Jack has his Jill”. You can buy wife dogecoin easily from the website or visit the platform and scroll down to the bottom to buy the coin.

Aside from the platform mentioned above, you can also buy from their partners, which are from CoinMarketCap CoinGecko, Coinbase, Pancakeswap, PooCoin, BscScan, CoinMarkerCal, Live Coin Watch, CryptoAtlas, and many more. 

Wife dogecoin contract address

Contacting the developers and the admins of any cryptocurrency always seems more impossible. This is because the entire concept of cryptocurrency is that it must be anonymous. However, this is different with Wifedogecoin, as you can easily contact them on various channels. Which include the user’s community, telegram group, Twitter, Reddit, medium, GitHub, and Instagram. The contact details of this channel include twitter, telegram: Reddit: Medium: discord: GitHub: Instagram:

More so, you can easily contact the support channel through email by sending off your complaints to [email protected]

So, that’s that on How to Buy Wifedoge coin. If in case you got any questions you can ask in the comment section as I try as quickly as possible to respond. Below is a video guide also that can help you out,

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