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Best working method on how to clear cache on chrome 2021

how to clear cache on chrome

Hello, welcome to Worldtecharena, Your number one tech hub. Today in this article I will be showing you how to clear cache on chrome browser.


Sometimes we opt into some websites unknowingly, and boom they start spamming your phone or computer with lots of messages,  we wish to make our web browser restart afresh without spending data or without trying to delete the old being installed. Instead of downloading a new one just simply clear your cache or all data. It will automatically restore to the previous version.


I know clearing cache on chrome may be hard for you to do, you have zero knowledge about it. You don’t need to worry I will show you how to do it in this post. It is easy and doable just follow this simple guide to get it done.


When you clear cache on your browser it deletes some junk files from your browser and also wipes some recent histories off your browser.


How to clear cookies on chrome

to clear cookies on chrome login to your chrome application

  • locate the left 3dot and right-click to open
  • scroll down and click on settings
  • Search for site settings
  • then select all sites

from here you will see most of the sites you have accidentally subscribed to and are disturbing/spamming your phone in such a way you don’t like it. one of my friend’s phones was also infected by these spammy messages from these sites, it was even a new phone and he planned to take It back to where he bought it because the messages are a disturbance to him

he showed me I laughed haha.. you don’t need to return it as I fixed the issues- I cleared the site cookies off his phone.

so to clear the cookies once you have located all sites, click on those bad sites and click on clear and reset after you are done doing this, those messages will never return to your phone again.


How to clear cache on Firefox

To clear cache on your firefox browser follow the procedures below

How to clear cache on firefox android

To clear cache on firefox, android follow these steps

  1. Go to your home screen or locate the firefox browser on your android
  2. Click on the app info
  3. Then click on the storage
  4. You then see clear data
  5. Click on it and select cache.


How to clear cache on Firefox computer’

  1. Open the Firefox browser on your personal computer
  2. Click on the left menu
  3. Now you will see many options, locate history
  4. Then select clear recent history

Screenshot procedure below

how to clear cache on firefox computer  right-click on the left menu icon

Click the History button and clear the cookies and cache history on your web browser,


How to clear cache on chrome android

To clear the cache on chrome Andriod, follow these procedures

  1. Locate the Chrome browser on your android phone
  2. Once you have located the app, long press it
  3. Click app info
  4. Then click on the storage
  5. Locate cache and clear it.

And boom you are done.

How to clear cache on computer

To clear your computer history, simply on your Pc locate the browser

  • Log in to your browser
  • Look for menu once seen;
  • Search for settings 
  • Select history and then select the ones you wish to delete or simply reset everything if you want to get rid of everything.

How to clear browser cache

To clear browser cache is easy. just  long-press on the browser you are using 

Then select app info after that go to storage you will see cache click on it and clear/reset. And you are done.


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