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How to link NIN to MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo [The perfect way that works 2021]

how to link nin to mtn

 Been searching for the easiest way on how to link NIN to MTN, Airtel,  or your Glo line? Search no more as I am here with the solution.

linking it isn’t hard to do and even if you find it hard to, we are here for you. the whole stuff that brought this linking of our Nin to the various network we use was issued by the Federal Government. that citizens must link their nin to their various accredited personal numbers

this issue of linking our nin to our number arose when the crime rate in Nigeria came to the maximum, so the government has to order every one link their nin [National Identification Number] to their various phone numbers so citizens can be trackable. to help reduce the crime rate which is conducted via phone calls in the country.

so as government-mandated citizens to do this and failure to do so might get your line disconnected. if your line is important to you, make sure you link yours.

although it has been a long time  Government said they will block users who didn’t link theirs. some don’t want to, so many people have also done theirs in which I’m one of them because I can’t afford to lose my business line yunno… it is important to me… so I believe yours is also important for your business which is why you are searching on google – How to link your NIN to MTN

how to link  Nin to MTN number

follow this easy procedure to link your nin to MTN

You can do it in two ways, either by dialing USSD code in this format: send NIN + 11digit number as a text message to 785. i.e NIN-12234567849 and send to 785. if you have more than one number you also do it likewise

the second way is by using the MYMTN-APP to link it. it is also one of the easiest ways too, click here to download the MYMTNAPP on play store.

how to link NIN to Airtel number


To link  your nin to your active  airtel number, dial *121*1# and follow the prompt;

If it’s the airtel number you used fr nin registration and you are not sure of your nin number, simply dial *346# to retrieve it back.

If you have the airtel app, it can also be used for the nin linking. Once downloaded you can see your nin and also be able to link it on the app.

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How to check your NIN

If you are like others that have forgotten their nin number and you want to retrieve or know your nin simply follow these steps to get your nin


  •  For Airtel users dial *346# if that’s the number you used for the nin registration, the code will be sent to you
  • For MTN users, dial *785# or moreover download the MTN app to see if your NIN is linked to your MTN number

  If you have forgotten the number you used for Nin registration, please visit the network nearest office for retrieval.

How to Link NIN to Glo

 to be able to link your National Identification Number also known as NIN, Simply text NIN first name and last name to 109. that is in this format NIN Obed Okwosi to 109.

Code to link NIN to MTN

To link NIN to your MTN number via USSD code dial *785# and select 1 [Enter your 11- digit NIN] and proceed

you can as well view your NIN status by selecting 3.

if after following this guide to link NIN to MTN successfully and you keep getting the message from network providers kindly ignore the messages.


How to link NIN to 9mobile

If you are an Etisalat/9mobile user and you wish to link NIN to the number,  simply dial *785# and follow the prompt that will be listed out on your mobile screen.

how to link nin to MTN

Will your Sim get Blocked if you don’t link your Nin?

According to the Government and a series of messages, we have been getting from our network providers earlier as this year started, I will say yes. But according to searches higher percentage of users have refused to link theirs in which if the disconnection is to hold it will cause more harm to the network providers and also to users.


As a business owner, you can’t afford to lose most of your customers right?

Yeah, I guess your answer to that will be Yes of course.


So that’s it if the disconnection order as given by the government is to start both parties stand in the chance of losses. 


I, as well urge you to try linking your NIN to your various numbers just to stay out of trouble of getting disconnected if your mobile line is of importance to you.


so, after going through this article on how to link NIN to MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile network, you shouldn’t find it hard to link your nin to your various networks again. still, facing any issues? let me know in the comment section.

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