How to make money with Trust wallet ( step by step guide)

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Due to its user-friendly UI and security features like PIN protection and biometric login, Trust Wallet is one of the most widely used mobile bitcoin wallets available today.

Since its release in 2017, Trust wallet has had over 10 million downloads globally, allowing you to safely store Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin (LTC).

We will mention 10 free airdrops on Trust Wallet, How to make money with Trust wallet and lots more about trust wallet in this article. Free airdrops have the potential to be extremely profitable and don’t require any capital.

Free airdrop on trust wallet 2022 without a fee

Trust Wallet has declared partnerships with several blockchain projects to offer its consumers free airdrops on trust wallets. This covers popular tokens, decentralized exchanges, and crypto-collectibles.

Only Android devices will be able to access the Airdrop. Download the Trust Wallet app from the Google Play Store to participate in the airdrop, then follow the instructions on the announcement page to get your free tokens.

They are also excellent for increasing brand visibility. To be eligible for the Free Airdrop, you should sign up with Trust Wallet first.

1) 0x (ZRX)

2)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

3) Basic Attention Token (BAT)

4) Dogecoin (DOGE)

5) EOS (EOS)

6) Ethereum Classic(ETC)

7) Loom Network(LOOM )

8) BNB (BNB)

9) ZIL (Zilliqa)

10) NEO (NEO)

How to stake on trust wallet

Similar to stalking on TrustWallet The requirement for confirmation of transactions exist across all blockchains. For instance, Bitcoin is created using the mining process, which is known to consume a lot of electricity (Proof-of-Work).

On the other side, other consensus approaches are used for validation. One consensus technique that comes in a variety of flavors and hybrid models is proof-of-stake (POS). They will all be referred to as staking to make things simple.

Coin holders can participate in network decisions by staking their coins. You can vote and make money by staking coins.

It functions like receiving interest on funds that are retained in a bank account or paid to a bank for investment.

How to withdraw from a trust wallet (step-by-step guide)

Depending on the kind of money you want to sell, there are several steps involved in withdrawing your crypto assets from Trust Wallet.

However, since it’s simple to buy a significant cryptocurrency asset, we’ll talk about the procedure of selling “SafeMoon,” one of the low-cap coins.

To sell the cryptocurrency asset, just adhere to the following instructions.

1) Select Pancakeswap to access the pancakeswap page, where you can convert your SafeMoon to BNB or another significant cryptocurrency asset.

2) Choose the coin you want to exchange and enter the amount you want to exchange on Pancakeswap in Dapps.

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3) Next, choose the specific currency you desire and enter the slippage percentage. Slippage, which is typically impacted by market volatility, is crucial to the success of your trade.

4) After selecting your preferred currency and your slippage percentage, click “Confirm SafeMoon” and wait for the confirmation of the pancake switch.

5) After your application has been accepted, select “Exchange” to convert your SafeMoon coins to BNB.

6) A notification message stating “Transaction Safe” will appear. Your purchase has been completed, as evidenced by this notification indicating the exchange of your SafeMoon.

7) As soon as you see this notification, the SafeMoon coin has been converted, and you can use Trust Wallet to send your BNB tokens to any Binance exchange address.

You should be aware that exchanging your cryptocurrency incurs a transaction fee.

Since you may easily move your cryptocurrency to Binance, sell it, and then withdraw the proceeds to your bank, doing so would need having a Binance account to sell your cryptocurrency on Trust Wallet.

Using the Trust Wallet and Binance platform to sell your crypto assets, we hope this post will serve as a successful tutorial.

How to use trust wallet

when the application has been downloaded and installed. You will reach the page listed below. Simply select Create a new wallet.

Then, you must record your recovery phrase on paper. Make careful you record it and retain it. Share it not. You won’t be able to use your wallet again if you forget your recovery phrase.

Then, make sure the words are in the right order when you verify your backup phrase. Your account is created and accessible after this verification.


You can buy and view the exchange rates for the many FIAT currencies available on Trust Wallet by selecting your preferred one. The US dollar ($USD) is the FIAT currency by default.

Go to Settings and select Currency to make changes. You will have the option of selecting the best currency for you, such as the euro (€) or the pound sterling (£).


You can receive notifications when transactions are received on one of your wallets if you activate notifications. Press Settings and then Push Notifications to turn on this feature. To turn on notifications, check the box that says Allow Push Notification.


You may control your transaction expenses more effectively by selecting the transaction speed. In actuality, if you conduct a quick transaction, your transaction fees will be significantly greater.

In contrast, choosing a slower transaction will result in lesser fees. Go to Settings and select Transactions & Transaction Cost to modify this setting. Currently, you have three options:

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Cheap – Low cost yet slow transaction speed.

Regular – The ideal combination of speed and.

Fast – High transaction speed but high cost.


You have the option of locking your account to further secure your access to your Trust Wallet wallet. To accomplish this, navigate to Settings and select App Lock.

A new page will display when you have checked it. The next step will require you to provide a 6-digit password. This password will be required each time you open the application.

Once you’ve selected your password, a new category ought to show up. It’s referred to as Advanced Settings. To confirm your password, click it.

You will have access to additional settings like Auto-Lock, which enables you to customize the length of the application lock, and Lock Method, which offers you the option of either using FaceID or a password alone to unlock your program (for iPhone owners).

The Transaction Signing option, which enables you to verify each time you make a transaction, can also be enabled.


You will automatically have a wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin when you sign up for an account on Trust Wallet. Press the Plus icon in the top right corner of your wallet to add extra coins to your account. The extensive list of currencies that are supported by Trust Wallet will then appear. The coins you want to add to your account should be checked.


You require the wallet address to receive cryptocurrency. Select the Wallet tab, then tap the coin that will be the recipient of the next transaction. You will be able to view your account’s status on this new page. To access your wallet address, click Receive.


You must select the Wallet tab and hit the corner that will serve as the topic of your transaction to send a cryptocurrency transaction. Select Send. On the first line, the amount and the recipient’s wallet address.

How to fund my trust wallet from my bank

Step 1: Go to your Trust Wallet and open it as the first step. It’s important to note that the wallet may be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android.

Step 2: Log into your Trust Wallet account, or if you don’t have one already, register for one.

Step 3: Following a successful login, a dashboard showing the total value of the currencies in your wallet will be shown to you.

Step 4: From the drop-down option, choose “Buy.”

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Step 5: Decide whether to buy BTC or BNB as your coin of choice.

Step 6: Enter the whole sum you want to spend on the coin. It’s important to keep in mind that some cryptocurrencies have minimum purchase requirements. For buying and selling cryptocurrencies, trust Wallet connects you to a third-party payment provider. Indicate the quantity.

In step 7, click “Next.”

Step 8: If you haven’t done so before, register for a payment solution account.

Step 9: Enter your credit card information. ‘Continue’ should be chosen from the drop-down menu.

10th step: That’s all! The deal has been completed.

How to make money with trust wallet

While some passive income sources need more investigation and work than others, some require more funding.

Additionally, keep in mind that large market corrections might affect cryptocurrencies.

The percentage of passive income generated may be reduced if the price of the specific asset you are hoarding declines. The five distinct methods you can use Trust Wallet to generate passive cryptocurrency revenue are listed below.


Staking is one of the most popular ways to get passive cryptocurrency income using Trust Wallet.

There are now six distinct cryptocurrencies that Trust Wallet supports for in-app staking. BNB, Kava, Cosmos, Algorand, Tezos, and Tron are a few examples. However, more staking choices will be accessible soon!

Defi Lending

One of the most well-liked use cases in the quickly expanding Defi business is Defi lending. You can lend your cryptocurrency to others through Defi lending and receive interest. Aave or Compound are two popular Defi lending protocols that you can use straight from Trust Wallet.

If you decide to use Defi lending as your method of generating cryptocurrency passive income, the Trust Wallet app enables you to easily access a variety of Defi protocols, such as Aave, Compound, and CREAM.

farming NFT

The practice of “NFT farming” entails either staking tokens in exchange for an NFT as payment or staking NFTs in exchange for rewards.

You may access NFT farming DApps with a few button clicks by utilizing the in-app DAppbrowser or WalletConnect when using Trust Wallet.


What can you do with the money in the trust wallet?

Binance purchased the multi-coin wallet Trust Wallet in 2018. You may use one account to store, transmit, receive, and exchange various cryptocurrencies. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, such as Ravencoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classics.

If you are looking for or have been looking for How to make money with Trust wallet I’m sure you are happy reaching out tp tbhis page today. Know any other way of making money with Trust wallet? Lets know In comment.

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