How to open a working paypal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria 2023

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If you are among the few that is finding it difficult on how to open a working Paypal account that can send and receive money here in Nigeria may be for your business online or for other reasons, search no more I’m here to show you the right way to get a working Paypal account here in Nigeria.


I know you might have searched and searched and you keep getting wrong information from google. I was once in your shoes and I know the feeling.




Before I was stumbling on every piece of information I come across online after all to no avail. I was desperate to get a working Paypal account, so I followed the information I saw online on using Vpn to create a Paypal account and gave it a trial. After doing that successfully I used it to receive money from one affiliate program



guess what?


Paypal logged me out, and for me to gain access again I must prove my identity,  ahh! That was how I lost that hard-earned money and you know it’s painful right.


As time goes on I finally discovered how to open a working Paypal account that can : 

  • Be accessible without putting on any Vpn
  •  be able to send out money
  • Receive money
  • And also withdraw to your Nigeria bank account

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Awesome right? 





Here is some proof via screenshot of me using the account I have been creating to receive, send, and withdraw to my Nigeria bank account so you don’t think I am lying to you hehe…

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how to open a working paypal account

Do you see?

And  I do as well create for other people for their various businesses. So finally here is the right info you need to create a working Paypal account that can be able to send out and receive money without getting banned from Paypal.


So, I have made a video guide that can walk you through how to open a PayPal account without facing any challenges. For as little as N3,000 you will get this video course.

To get it chat me up on WhatsApp here, once your payment is confirmed I give you access 

after making payment for the video guide on how to create a working PayPal account in Nigeria, I will not only give you the course but ;

  • You will also be given the right to resell the video course,
  • and you can as well create for others and get paid.
  •  I will also show you how to withdraw at 490/$  to your bank account. haha! awesome right? yeah.  Chat me up on WhatsApp now to get started

Talk soon, ObedFX.




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