How to read crypto charts for beginners (Step by Step Guide)

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The ability to read crypto charts is crucial to traders in identifying the best opportunities on the market. This article will cover the process of showing you how to read crypto charts. How do you analyze crypto? How to read the crypto charts on Binance.


How do you read a crypto chart?

The Crypto charts represent visual representations of historical price volumes and intervals. They create patterns based on the past price fluctuations of digital currencies. They can be employed to locate investment opportunities. For a better understanding of what to look for on charts of cryptocurrency, we will look at this chart. Japanese Candlestick chart.

The Japanese Candlestick is among the popular charts utilized for crypto traders. To understand the picture above, it is essential to know that a candle will be red when its closing price is less than the beginning price within the specified period. It means that the value of the asset decreased. However, the green candle indicates an amount that was more than the price at which it was initially set. This suggests that the asset’s price increased. Candlestick charts can be seen in a variety of designs. Based upon the design, color, or size, traders can take positions or alter their strategies to trade.

Patterns that are Bullish and Bearish

Patterns that are drawn on charts are classified into two categories as Bullish Reversal patterns and the Bearish Reversal pattern, for example, the Hammer Candle Pattern is a bullish reversal pattern that indicates that a specific stock is near at the top of an upward trend. The candle’s body is small, called”hammer’s head” “hammer’s head.” The longer wick could signify that sellers are causing prices to fall during a trading session, which is followed by a strong buying impulse to close the session on more of a high note. The upward trend should be verified by watching it closely over some time, and the reversal will be confirmed by an increase in the volume of trading.

Shooting Star Candle Pattern
The shooting star pattern of candles is known as a bearish reversal design seen at the peak of a rally before reversing downwards. The pattern comprises a candle that has an extended upper wick and an elongated body, which is evident in the above image. The shooting star candle design signifies drive-by customers who meet resistance.

Widespread patterns of technical analysis
Head and Shoulders

How to read crypto charts for beginners

The head and shoulder patterns are reversed patterns that can appear at the top or bottom of a trend that is ongoing. If a pattern like this shows in the middle of an ongoing trend, it’s known as the inverted head and shoulder pattern. These patterns depict the tug-of-war between sellers and buyers and one side eventually coming at the top, leading to more pushback or pullback.


How to read crypto charts for beginners

The pattern formed in the image above is an equilateral wedge. They are created as a trend begins to slow down and then causes the formation of a breakout. Markets tend to move sideways, the wedge moving back and forth until they eventually move upward.

Support and Resistance
Understanding resistance and support are among the most important aspects of analyzing a crypto chart. The levels of support in charts correspond to a specific price that the asset doesn’t drop below for a particular time. The opposite is that the resistance levels refer to the level at which the asset isn’t likely to increase any further. It is where sellers are more than buyers on the market for the particular digital asset. Experts often recommend support and resistance levels to help traders take a position in cryptocurrency.

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How do you analyze crypto

1. Review the whitepaper for the token.

A whitepaper for tokens will contain the team’s goals for the project, as well as its usage cases. This will assist you in determining whether realistic objectives have been laid out

If you’ve come across reasonable goals, you must ensure that they weren’t taken from another whitepaper. Since let’s face it, that’s occurred repeatedly.

2. Review the team that is behind the project

Once you have a thorough understanding of the project’s offerings, the next step is to evaluate the people who are backing the project. Have they worked on notable projects before? Are they considered to be reputable participants in the blockchain community? What are their credentials?

The purpose of this analysis is to ensure that the investment you make is security supported by people who are aware of the things they’re doing. Think of this as an essential analysis to avoid investing in a company solely focused on stealing profits. Remember, images are easily retrieved from the web.

3. Explore the social media project

The best way to make a bet on the ICO is by keeping a watch on the community of the token through social media. You’ll be aware of whether the project has a significant community that supports the cause. Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit could be good starting points.

In the same way, you’ll be able to see what other people are saying about the project, and consequently, make informed choices. There are bounties available that reward people for making positive comments regarding the project. Thus, reviews can be biased.

4. Legality issues to be addressed

You’ve discovered a fantastic cryptocurrency’s ICO that you can invest however, you’re not able to participate because of the jurisdiction you reside in. It would be a ruin of the law if you determined to make an investment.

In any case it is important to make sure that your regulators in your area have not made it difficult to participate in these types of offerings. However, ICOs remain not regulated in a lot of countries and some regulators are working to create more friendly regulations.

5. Check if the token’s mission is solving a problem of a serious nature.

It is an additional aspect to consider when looking at a token you’re about to invest in as it will determine the value of the token’s market value. As a wise investor, a question to ask before making a decision to invest in a token is: What specific problem does this token solve?

For instance, let’s look at Atayen Inc. It is revolutionizing the industry of advertising and particularly the influencer market through its SaTT solution that allows any person to be compensated for posts made on social networks. It’s an app that was developed at the forefront of technology. Another example is Vinchain, a global digital database on used car data that is 100 percent reliable, secure, and transparent to all users.

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Practically speaking, blockchain projects that can solve a significant issue will see a tremendous increase in demand, thus increasing the value of the tradeable token.

6. Find trustworthy individuals

You may have plenty of work to complete, but you may not have the time to examine every project. If this is the case, it shouldn’t be in the way of your budget.

It is beneficial to follow reputable people within the cryptocurrency world. They should be knowledgeable individuals with a solid understanding of the cryptocurrency market and offer the best guidance. It will save you from sitting for hours at the monitor analyzing projects.

7. Stay informed of announcements about the token’s projects

You don’t want to make a bet and fall asleep, particularly when your cash is at stake. It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on the project’s different social media platforms. The latest announcements will be posted on these channels, so you can keep you informed.

Additionally, there’s a Bitcoin Talk Forum and more forums where the majority of projects make announcements. Since everyone is welcome to post comments on the forums, you’ll get user feedback about these announcements. It’s also a great time to post any questions you might be having via the Forum.

8. Timing

Timing is crucial to everything. It might be last on the list but it’s equally important as picking the right moment to invest can have a significant effect on the return you get from your investment. In this regard, you must determine if this is the ideal time to invest in crypto because there are bull and bear markets.

In the present, we can say that the overall market is on the rise. This is also true the ICO industry is experiencing a growth curve.

To evaluate any cryptocurrency isn’t a walk in a park. The following tips in mind will aid the selection of coins that will last over time and bring you huge profits in the long and short term.

How to read crypto charts binance

Registration is simple and doesn’t need any additional information other than the email address. Remember that Binance is a central exchange, so you won’t have the keys to your own private accounts here. My suggestion is to keep the information you’re currently trading through the platform. After you have registered you can log in. Here’s what your default page appears like.


It is the Binance trading interface comes with an array of powerful options and tools to assist you with your analysis of trading. They include:

  • Charts of candles
  • Charts of depth
  • Time intervals
  • Drawing tools
  • Technical indicators

TradingView lets users create an individual toolset to perform the analysis of technical data. Let’s see how to use it on Binance.

Opening Trading View

It is possible to use the Trading View and trading features to be accessible through both Classic or Advanced versions of the UI. The two views have distinct, customizable UI layouts that can be switched at any point.

1. Log into your Binance account, and be sure to hover above the [Trade button. Click the [Trade button before clicking [Advanced or Classic]

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How to read crypto charts for beginners

2. Click [TradingViewabove the chart to access trading tools. Click [TradingViewabove this chart to access all trading tools and candlestick charts.

You’ll notice the Moving mean values are already visible within the charts. You can change their settings by clicking on the Settings icon. Icon on the red square below. Every Moving average gets adjusted in accordance with the time frame you specify. For instance, MA(7) is the moving average for seven candles within the time period you are using (e..g 7 hours when you’re using a 1H chart , or 7 days in the case of one-dimensional chart).

  • MA(7) – Purple
  • MA(25) – Red
  • MA(99) – Cyan


[Depth [Depth provides an image representation of buy/sell orders that have not been filled on the book of orders.

Candlestick Charts

Candlestick charts provide a graphic representation of the price fluctuations of an investment. The timeframe for each Candlestick can be customized to represent a specific period. Each Candlestick includes the open price, close price, high price, low cost, and the highest and lowest price during the period.

To alter the candlestick chart, double-click on any candle in [TradingViewto customize the chart to open the setting.

  • [Style [Style allows you to alter the appearance of your candlesticks.
  • [Scales [Scales gives many options for the scale and margin of your candlesticks. These include Auto Scale, Log Scale as well as Percentage Scale.
  • The background provides options to alter the appearance of the background for candlestick charts.
  • [Timezone/Sessions [Timezone/Sessions] allows you to select your timezone.

Candlestick Intervals

The time frame represented by each Candlestick can be changed by choosing one of the options that default below the graph. If you need more intervals, click the downward-facing arrow located on the right side.

Here you can choose the new interval you want to add or click the [Edit button]button to add additional intervals to the default selections.


Drawing tools

The left-hand portion of the chart has a range of drawing tools and tools to assist you with your charting analysis. You can also right-click on each tool to see alternatives to the tool’s primary job.

The default choice includes some of the tools listed below:

Technical Indicators

Technical indicators, for instance, Moving Average or Bollinger Bands, can be included in the trade view.

Click [Technical IndicatorClick the [Technical Indicator] icon to view an exhaustive list of possible alternatives.

After you’ve selected an indicator of a technical nature, it will be visible on the candlesticks chart.

How can I reset the chart?

To get rid of any technical indicator, you need to click it to display the toolbox floating on the screen, after which you hit the trash icon.

If you wish to reset your entire chart, right-click on any part of the chart, and then click [Reset Chart[Reset Chart], then hit the keys [Alt+R[Alt + R]on the keyboard.

Here below is a video tutorial on How to read crypto charts.


Suppose you are interested in finding out more about how to read crypto charts for beginners (Step by Step Guide). I suggest reading this blog article. If you have any questions, comment below.


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