How to save social media videos using Xender

How to save social media videos using Xender in 2020

Ever wanted to save social media videos but got stuck because  save option isn’t there?

Most times you come across an  interesting, important videos on your  social media timeline,  watch it and tried to have it downloaded to your phone storage maybe on Facebook, WhatsApp status, instagram feeds and lots more but that couldn’t be possible because no save it option is in listed on your dashboard and I know it sucks most of the time.

But I brought a solution for that right now.
After going through this  article on How to save social media videos using xender, I will teach you how to save facebook videos,  WhatsApp video status,  instagram video,  twitter video,  tiktok and lots more.

You know we have some crazy friends a times or let’s say important persons on our contacts list especially on WhatsApp who uploads meaningful and important videos on their status on daily basis but wouldn’t like to share with anyone because of one reason or the other.  or some of them that only wants themselves to be in possession of the playlet.

You will plead for them to share the file they will refuse.  But worry no more you will  beg anyone to share videos with you no more .

I will teach you the easiest way on how to save social media videos using Xender right away and you could be able to download any video online be it on facebook, instagram YouTube and what have you.  Leggo..

How to save social media videos using Xender in 2020

How to save social media videos using Xender

So we will be using Xender to do all this.  except for Youtube which I will be telling you the website we will be using to save the videos to our phone storage.  So if you don’t have Xender now, head up to play store for Android users and App Store for iPhone users to download that to your phone.

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How to save WhatsApp status using Xender

I have told you never to beg anyone to share their WhatsApp status with you again.

Some of our contact lists uploads  inspirational videos, memes and lots more which some beg to share with them but the uploaders won’t agree to that because maybe it’s data consuming or who knows..

There was a time WhatsApp added the option of saving WhatsApp status but on later updates it got removed.

So there are other ways to save WhatsApp status. as I said we will be using Xender to do that.

Head in now to download Xender on App Store or play store.

  •  once you have installed Xender on your phone successfully,  now open it.
  •  Check the down buttons you will see Social as shown in the screenshot below.

How to save WhatsApp status

  •  Now before doing this you should have viewed the  video status or the image you loved and want to get it to your own storage.  If you haven’t viewed it go and do that now.
  • After viewing , now come back to Xender and click on social as I said above.
  • The first option there is for WhatsApp status.  now click Connect.
  •  After connecting all the status and imaged you viewed will show up.
  • Now scroll and check out for any of it you want to download to your phone and click on the download button.
    wait for the download to finish up and boom you are done.
  •  Now go to your phone storage you will see the video there.
    Lovely right?

 How to save Facebook videos using Xender

Hope you know how to save picture on facebook but can’t save facebook videos?  You should.  So I will be showing you how to save any video you want to save on Facebook on this paragraph , Still with the same Xender app we use in saving  WhatsApp status .
Follow this steps.

  • Head to facebook
  • Click on the video you want to watch.
  • Now click on this 3 dots as shown on below screenshot.

How to save facebook videos

  • 4. Click on copy link as shown on above screenshot .
  • Open your Xender,  under social.
  • Facebook is the second option on the list.
  • You will see paste link here,  now paste the link you copied.
  •  Finally click on download,  allow it to download and once down check your phone storage you will see the recently downloaded video.

 How to save instagram videos using Xender

  • Here you will learn how to download instagram videos and pictures to your phone storage using Xender.
    Let’s go..
  •  open your instagram app
  • Click on the video you want to watch, above it you will see a 3 dot.  Click on the dot and copy the video link.
  • Head in to Xender ,under social click  instagram, And click the find video button . Once done it will lead you to instagram find the video and click on download.

 How to save Tik Tok video using Xender

How to save tiktok video
Saving video on Tik tok now made easy.

Follow this steps to download videos on Tiktok to your phone storage.

  •  Go to your Tiktok feed,  now copy the video link you wish to download.
  • Once you have copied it,  now open your Xender app then under social click TikTok
  • now paste the video link on the space provided paste Tiktok link here and click the download button.
  • Allow the download to finish then once done check your video gallery you will see the video you just downloaded.

How to save twitter video using Xender

If you are a twitter user and some of the contact you are following are those that post interesting videos and you like getting it downloaded to your phone storage,  follow this easy steps below to achieve that.

  • Go to your twitter need  feed.
  • Once you have come across the  twitter video you  want to download  click on this dot below it.
  • Click on copy link to tweet
  • Once done come over to your Xender app and locate socials.  Under it you will see twitter click on it.
  •  Paste the video link to the space,  now click download. Wait for the download to finish up then check your gallery.

 How to download Youtube videos to your phone using ensavefromnet

How to download YouTube videos

Here I will be showing you how you can save any video online via this website ensavefromnet.

Be it facebook videos , twitter,  instagram,  TikTok etc videos. But here I will be focusing on how to use the website to download only Youtube videos because I have explained how to save the rest above using our Xender application.

We all know YouTube is one of the best site where users stream videos online.

On YouTube we come across important, meaningful videos on daily basis in which some we might fall in love with and wish to get it down to our phone.  But when you remember YouTube had no video download option your mood quickly changes.

Though YouTube has a save  video option in which you can only download for offline view, which can be accessible on your downloaded video tab on your YouTube dashboard.

But not all users like it,  there are some they do wish to share with friends and families so would have been pretty better if the download to device option is there.

Like I told you earlier,  I will be showing how to do that on this very post.
Let’s go!
Now to save YouTube videos to your smartphone follow this steps.

  •  Go to your Youtube app,  now search for the video you want to download.
  •  Now play the video while doing so you will see this beneath the video share
    Click on it
    3. Now click copy link as shown in screenshot below.

How to save youtube videos

  • Now head to this website ensavefromnet
  • Paste the video link on the space provided written as Enter Url
  • Now allow it to load and it will bring out the quality you want the file to be downloaded.  Click on any quality best suitable to you and download.
    Allow the download to finish. Once done go to your video gallery you will do see the video right there.

So that’s how you can download any video you want to on YouTube to your phone any time without spending data all the time watching videos online .

How to change  your  Facebook post font using your smartphone

‌Ever seen some facebook posts written on bold, italics or other special fonts and you liked it  and wish to do so to some of your post but don’t know how ?

To do that isn’t hard and it doesn’t even require  a personal computer .  You can do this easily with your smartphone.
Follow through the rest of the article to find out how to do it.

To change your facebook posts font we will be using a special site called

Fsymbols  is a website where you can get all kinds of fonts,  emoticons, fancy letter fonts and lots more for your typing work and it’s for free.

Now, to change your facebook posts font  follow this easy steps below to achieve that.

  • Get ready the article you want to publish, and map out the area you would like to be in a special font.  Be it the heading, closure, body, any part of the content.
  • Now after getting the Area you want to be in a special writing head in to fsymbols Come and paste the text on this provided space (screenshot below)


  • once you started writing, you will see  different fonts  showing up below.
  • Now scroll down to choose the desired font and click on the copy button.
  • Go to your facebook and paste that you copied on the article space  where you want the font to show and once done the font will be like as of that in which you copied it.

Now finish up the writing if not yet done and publish . That’s all..


I must appreciate for reading this article on how to save social media videos using Xender to the finish line.

That shows you really value the informat. Have other ways we can save videos on social media not listed here?  Let’s know in comment.

Please share to friends.. Have questions?  Drop them.

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