How to Send Bitcoin for Beginners

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Bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency created by the so-called Satoshi Nakamoto, has paved the way for the cryptocurrency market since it was first used to buy two boxes of pizzas in 2010. Its value has skyrocketed from then on—from $0 to its all-time high price of $65,000 in November 2021.

Bitcoin also remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the market, with Bitcoin owners constituting about 65% of users in the crypto market. In fact, some businesses, companies, and merchants have also started to use Bitcoin as a payment method for goods, services, and even salaries. And with the rise of crypto payment apps, it has also become easier for users to send and receive Bitcoin to and from other users.

If you’re new to Bitcoin and are looking for a way to send Bitcoin to another user, regardless if it’s a personal transaction, for shopping, a remittance, or for any other reason, this guide can help.

What Are Different Ways to Send Bitcoin?

There’s a wide range of crypto platforms that allow users to send Bitcoin to another user. You can use a crypto exchange, digital crypto wallet, Bitcoin ATM, or a crypto payment app to name a few.

However, these platforms usually vary in terms of how fast they facilitate transactions—some can deliver crypto instantly, while others may take a few hours to even a few days to deliver.

How to Send Bitcoin Instantly

If you’re looking for the fastest way possible, you can use a crypto payment app like Kasta, which facilitates crypto transactions for free and instantly or within just a few seconds. Here’s the detailed guide on sending Bitcoin instantly using the Kasta app:

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a.   If the recipient is a Kasta user

1.   Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2.   Sign up for a Kasta account.

3.   Once you’ve successfully signed up, add Bitcoin to your account.

a. Go to the home page and click the “Add Funds” button.

b. Then, go to “Deposit from a wallet.”

c. Click “Bitcoin.”

d. Copy your wallet address.

e. Go to the Bitcoin page on your external wallet, and click withdraw.

f.  Paste the wallet address from the Kasta app.

g. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to withdraw.

h. Confirm the transaction.

4.   Go back to the home page, and click the “Send” button.

5.   Enter the phone number they used on their Kasta account or get their QR code and upload it.

6.   Choose Bitcoin from the list.

7.   Enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to send.

8.   Confirm the transaction with your pin code.

b.  If the recipient is not a Kasta user

1.   Follow steps 1-3 above.

2.   Once you’ve deposited Bitcoin into your account, go back to the home page, and click “Bitcoin” from the list of assets.

3.   Then click “Withdraw.”

4.   Enter the Bitcoin wallet address of the recipient.

5.   Enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to send.

6.   Confirm the transaction with your pin code.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Bitcoin to Another User?

It depends on which platform you use. Some platforms charge transaction fees based on the amount you send, while others consider it free when sending and receiving the same currency, but charge a certain percentage when the recipient uses an easy swap crypto feature. This allows them to receive payments in a different currency.

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Final Thoughts

Using the right platform can make it easier for you to send Bitcoin instantly to another user. Just be sure to consider several factors when choosing which platform to use, including the platform’s security, send and receive features, reliability, ease of use, and the time it requires to complete transactions, to ensure a smooth experience.

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