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Coinbase review 2022: how to use Coinbase and how it works

Coinbase is a safe online platform for selling, buying, transferring, and keeping electronic currency. Our goal is to build an open financial system accessible to all of the world and become the most trusted brand worldwide for helping users change the digital currency to and out of local currency. This article will provide you with instructions on using coinbase and how it works.


How to use coinbase

Create an account. Register for an account Here. it is necessary to connect your mobile numbers to the account. too; however the added level of protection you get is appreciated.

  • After you’ve signed in to your account, you’ll be presented with the Dashboard. You’ll be able to take a snapshot of the account you have, the balances for cryptocurrencies and foreign currency, as well as rates of currency which you can trade on an exchange. Buy/Sell will, as you would expect, permit you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. First, you’ll need to add an account to make a purchase and provide identity proof to sell them back to FIAT.
how to use Coinbase
  • Accounts will reveal the current value of your assets, including cryptocurrency and the FIAT.
  • Tools offer you various trading options that include periodic transactions, reports, as well as your history of trades.
  • Settings allow you to modify your account, such as your security preferences and security, among others.

To purchase a cryptocurrency, you’ll need to deposit some fiat money by depositing it into the website. Then, you’ll be able to buy or sell and then swap your money from fiat in exchange for cryptocurrency. After the transaction is concluded, it will be put into your wallet. It’s that simple.

Is coinbase safe from hackers?

Coinbase is remarkably safe , and those who utilize strong credentials should not have any concerns. Coinbase isn’t insured under the SIPC, and however, it does have a crime insurance policy that shields certain online assets against theft and cyber-security breaches.

How to send bitcoin on coinbase

You can make use of Coinbase wallets to use your Coinbase wallets to transfer and receive accepted cryptocurrencies. Sends and receives are accessible on both mobile and the web. Be aware that Coinbase is not a way to collect ETH as well as ETC Mining rewards.

If you’re sending money to an address in a cryptocurrency belonging to a different Coinbase user who’s opted to instant Sends, it is possible to use off-chain transfers. Off-chain transactions are instantaneous and require no transaction costs.

Sends on-chain will incur fees from the network. Find out how fast on-chain transactions are completed.


  1. On your Dashboard From the Dashboard, choose Pay on the left on the right.
How to send bitcoin on coinbase
  1. Select Send.
How to send bitcoin on coinbase
  1. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you’d like to transfer. You can switch between the dollar amount of crypto you’d like to transfer.
How to send bitcoin on coinbase
  1. You must enter the address of the crypto, telephone number and email of the person to whom you would like to transfer the crypto.
  1. Write an acknowledgment (optional).
How to send bitcoin on coinbase
  1. Choose Pay using and select the asset to transfer the money from.
  2. Choose to Proceed to go through the information.
  3. Select Send Now.

Note Sends via crypto accounts are unreversible.

Coinbase mobile app

  • Tap Send.
  • Choose the currency you wish to use and then enter the amount of cryptocurrency you’d like to transfer.
  • You can choose between cryptocurrency or fiat amount you’d like to transfer:
  • Tap Continue to confirm and verify the details of the transaction.
  • You can tap the person under Contacts, then input their email address, number of the phone, or crypto address, or scan your QR code.
  • Make a note (optional) and then tap Preview.
  •  Follow the rest of the steps. If you’re trying to transfer more crypto than you’ve got within your wallet, you’ll be asked to Top it up.

Important Sends for crypto-based addresses cannot be reversed.

Note Note: If the address is linked to a Coinbase customer and the recipient does not have opted out of instant Sends through the privacy preferences, These transactions will be processed on-chain and may incur network charges. Suppose you’re sending money to a crypto address that isn’t associated with any Coinbase customer. In that case, These transfers will be sent on-chain and sent through the respective currency’s networks and incur network charges.

Is coinbase safe?

Although it’s not always 100% secure to store your cash in any exchange online, Coinbase has one of the fastest web wallets you can choose to use as it keeps the majority of all its funds in cold storage that hackers are unable to access.

How to trade on coinbase

Utilizing the web browser

  1. Sign in to Coinbase.
  1. Choose Buy/Sell on the right-hand side of the upper.
How to trade on coinbase
  1. Click on the Buy button to choose the asset you’d like to buy.
  1. Select the quantity you’d like buy-in crypto or in your local currency.
  2. Choose your preferred payment method.
  3. Select to preview Buy to confirm the order (you can always select the back arrow to change your purchase).
  4. If you are sure that information is correct If the information is correct, Click to Buy and complete the purchase.

If you’d prefer to have this as a regular one, then click One-time purchase and choose the frequency you’d like your purchase to be repeated.


I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any questions about how to use coinbase and how it works, comment below.

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