Is Auto Parts OEM A Good Career Path in 2023?

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Do you have an interest in the automotive manufacturing sector/industries, and you are looking for a job in auto parts OEM? Look no further. this blog post on how many jobs are available in auto parts OEM for you. In this blog post, we will tell you what auto parts OEM is all about, the requirements for getting auto parts OEM jobs, and the jobs available in auto parts OEM as well as If you are among those asking;- Is auto parts OEM a good career path. 

On the other hand,  OEM actually means original equipment manufacturer, this means that it is the company that made the item. So, whenever an item is being sold as an OEM, then that means that it is the company that really made those items. And the term OEM is often used in the parts business.

Many people prefer to buy their automobile parts as OEM because of the quality of the product, they also give a warranty for their product, and they as well last longer. 



You can purchase your OEMs at the dealerships, on Amazon, or on eBay as well. These are the lists of some auto parts that come from OEM. 

Part fenders



Shoe brakes

Side panels

Engine parts

Grills and 


Is Auto Parts OEM A Good Career Path?

The answer to this question is yes, auto parts OEM is a good career path this is because the automobile sector is a broad one and it also gives money to those that make this sector their profession.

But this all depends on whether you are interested in cars before you will be drawn to the auto parts profession. The thing with this profession is that you can rise and get money in it even if you don’t have a college degree. Some people start small in this profession and letter ends up owing a store of their own. Some just start as delivery drivers, and they will become a counter man, you can also rise to work as a warehouse distributor. From there, your rank can rise to that of assistant manager and afterward to a manager.

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You can manage this small post and get paid very well in the united states and most other countries while you gather your money and before you know it you are already an owner of your own store.



But I will advise you to get a degree or diploma for you to get a high-paying job in this sector. Jobs in this sector are highly competitive and the pay is very attractive. This is because most of the big companies are looking for experts in this sector to work in their company. Countries like Europe, Canada, the UK, the US as well as Nigeria always have needs for this profession in several companies. All you need to do is to check on the internet to know which place to find the job of OEM that is those that are currently recruiting.

Requirements To Getting Auto Parts OEM Job

Is Auto Parts OEM A Good Career Path?

 this requirement depends on different companies that are employing you or that wish to work with you as some employers would prefer you have at least a college degree in either marketing or business that is only when you are applying for management positions like the managers and so on and some a diploma in auto mechanic or certificate of apprenticeship showing that you have knowledge of cars and can give customers what they want correctly without making mistakes. A certificate in automotive engineering is an added advantage to getting jobs in most of the well know companies in most countries.

Auto Parts OEM Job Description

  • The duties of auto parts entail replacing or repairing damaged components in the car.
  •  helping in the installation of new equipment in the vehicle.
  •  checking vehicle problems.
  •  help in maintaining a detailed inventory record.
  •  It is also their duty to assist customers with every part they want to buy.
  •  They are also responsible for performing emissions.
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How Many Jobs  Are Available In Auto Parts OEM?

  Below are the available auto parts OEM jobs. To mention but a few includes:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Emergency vehicle installer
  • Auto Painter
  • Premier OEM Assembler worker
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • New car inspector
  • Automotive parts counter
  • Marketing Associate
  • Auto damage auction inspector
  • An auto parts sales consultant
  • Automotive parts driver
  • Warehouse/delivery driver
  • Program Manager
  • Alignment technician
  • Diesel auto mechanic/ fleet mechanic
  • Body shop estimator
  • Service writer. Etc

Best High Paying Jobs in Auto Parts OEM

1. Auto Painter

Their day-to-day job is to remove scratches from vehicles by painting them. He must make sure to prepare all the vehicles before painting them. An auto painter’s salary ranges from $39.1k-$49.5k per year.

2. Emergency Vehicle Installer

An emergency vehicle installer’s sole responsibility is known to be installing, testing as well as repairing vehicle equipment. They are responsible for assembling and also dis-assembling different ranges of vehicle models and also in the installations of electrical wirings in the vehicle. Their salary ranges from $20,000-$70,000.

3. Automotive Mechanic

An auto mechanic is known for fixing customers’ vehicles, checking the vehicle’s engines as well as replacing their worn-out parts. They help in knowing the problem of the customers’ vehicles and they also proffer solutions to the problems. They receive an average salary of #27.48 per hour.

4. Manufacturing Engineer

  A manufacturing engineer is responsible for the installation, designing, and maintenance of manufacturing equipment. it also extends to the management of budgets, supervision of engineering staff as well as ability to respond to equipment breakdowns. Their salary is reported to be around $81.946 per year.

5. Premier OEM Assembler Worker

They are known for making use of their tools alongside machines in the assembling of different OEM  auto parts. They are also good at maintenance and also in repairing some basic components. Their salary ranges from $28.1k -$35.5k per year.

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6. Auto Damage Auction Inspector

Their day-to-day duty is to inspect damaged vehicles, vehicle parts that are missing out, as well as other mechanical problems that a vehicle has when it is been taken to them. They are to make sure that the vehicle is in a good condition before it is been taking out. Salary ranges from $37.8k-$47.8k per year.

7. OEM Auto Parts Sales Consultant

These people are known to be the intermediaries between their company and their customers. They help in the recommendation of products to customers, receive feedback from customers, and are also, responsible for taking orders from customers and also seeing that customers’ needs are been provided. Salary is between $68k-$120k per year.

8. Auto parts OEM Alignment Technician

They are responsible for mounting and dis- mounting tires from vehicles as well as aligning tires and wheels for their customers’ vehicles. They are also careful to know that the alignment is properly done before the customer drives out of their vehicle. Their yearly salary is estimated to be  $40.67 per year.

9. Automotive parts driver

Their duty is to load items from the company auto parts warehouse and take them to the repair shops where they are needed as well as other retail shops. The salary per hour is $15.78.




Auto parts OEM is broad with many jobs offered for people that are interested in the automotive manufacturing sector and wants to take these jobs as a profession. Browse through to see some companies that are looking for qualifiers In this field to employ. Also, note that the salary ranges are subject to change based on your employer. 

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