Is Major Pharmaceuticals a Good Career Path in 2023?

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Going into pharmaceuticals is a great career choice because, as long as you meet the educational qualification the field is full of incredible and mind-blowing chances. Many factors make the major pharmaceutical industry a strong career path, including high demand in the labor market, High salary payment, and job stability.

In the current world, the pharmaceutical sector is essential to human life. It creates medications and medical supplies that support the healthcare sector. This keeps hospitals operating efficiently.

Think of a time when there was no pharmacy sector. What would take place? Hospitals would probably run short of necessary medications and supplies. Thus, the risk to human life would be very high.

In this article, we are going to explain and review the answers to your pressing question. Is major pharmaceutical a good career path?

What are major pharmaceuticals?

Given that you are already thinking about it, you must have a general understanding of the major pharmaceuticals’ career paths. Here is a brief explanation of what major pharmaceuticals is all about.

Major pharmaceutical companies can be said to satisfy all requirements for medical care.  Drugs, therapies, etc. are researched, created, and distributed by them.  To solve medical issues for the benefit of people, they work with data and research.

As we all already know, the pharmaceutical sector creates the medications required to treat diseases. Because of this, research and development are crucial to its evolution. People in a variety of roles, such as researchers, data analysts, marketing staff, and sales representatives, work in the pharmaceutical industry for the health care of humans.

Is major pharmaceuticals a good career path in 2022?

Yes, major pharmaceuticals are thought to be a great decision for your career life path. After all, careers in the pharmaceutical industry are flexible, sought-after, and well-paid.

Due to the difficulty of the subject, it is also unlikely that you will have trouble finding a job in the area or finding alternatives if one career change doesn’t work for you.

Although a lot of the work done in these positions takes time, the new drugs and treatments developed by these pharmaceutical industries can greatly extend people’s lives and improve their quality of life.

How many jobs are available in major pharmaceuticals?

Today, pharmaceuticals and medicine are an important part of our daily life. We used them to control pain, treat illnesses, and boost workplace performance. Considering how many people use drugs, it is clear that this sector of employment and opportunity will expand.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the major pharmaceutical sector employs about 1 million people.

About 26% of the one million jobs in 2002 were for professionals in research and development, and another 23% were in sales or marketing. Within these businesses, 3% was devoted to financial and accounting tasks, while another 5% was concerned with general and administrative management.

Finally, 11% of these people were employed as technical staff who assisted in the production of drugs.

Pros and cons of choosing a career path in major pharmaceuticals


1. A good wage

We all need money, which is one of the reasons why many of us take our job so seriously. Thus, choosing a job for its financial benefits can be a wise decision.

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Major pharmaceutical companies have a lot of high-paying jobs available. You move up the job ladder as your understanding of key medications research and education increases. Additionally, you tend to make more money as you advance in your job.

2. Flexibility to work in different areas.

A worker who works in the pharmaceutical industry must be able to adapt to various situations. This necessitates a great deal of flexibility. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that the workplace culture in the pharmaceutical industry is rigid.

To minimize human error, there are protocols, methods, and procedures to follow. However, there have been some instances where the pharmaceutical industry has stepped up and accelerated medicine manufacture.


1. Academic requirements for employment

Due to certain professional pathways, major pharmaceuticals have highly specialized and skilled requirements, making it very difficult for people to get jobs. You will need to hold a few certain degrees, which may need more time to obtain than usual.

A high level of education is required even for entry-level positions. You must be prepared to pursue the proper level of education and to keep learning to advance in your chosen job route.

2. A lot of responsibility and obligations.

Working in a major pharmaceutical company indicates that you are willing to put the patients first.

You are motivated to work harder and longer hours by having patients’ health at heart. Before you begin this career path, you must be aware of the responsibility that comes with it.

Top 10 best-paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals in 2022 and salary

Here are the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals in 2022 if you are considering working there.

1. A drug safety scientist makes an average of $101,000 salary per year

Someone in a drug safety scientist position has to ensure that the substance in question is secure and is used securely. They are aware of several drugs that may interact negatively or in other ways with the drug.

2. Research Scientist – $84,000 on average salary per year

Research scientist design, development, and safety testing medicines need extensive study, yet this profession is not specific to the pharmaceutical business. A  research scientist does Higher-level research that operates exclusively in a research setting.

3. Professor of pharmacology: $94,000 on average salary per year

Depending on what institution or university you work for and how long you’ve been there, the income and responsibilities of this employment will change. It necessitates a Ph.D. degree, which is unusually high education. Teaching, conducting research, and publishing research articles will all be part of the job description.

4. Medical writers make an average of $104,000 per year

Medical writers must have a thorough knowledge of the field and medicine. So in this instance, you may write on drugs for a medical publication. People in this profession make good money since they need to have extensive knowledge of both their subject and standard writing procedures.

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5. Microbiologists make an average of $56,000 per year

Given that this position doesn’t require pharmacology or a medical degree, it has less of a direct connection to drugs. However, a lot of medications (antibiotics) were developed specifically to treat germs. And a microbiologist’s area of expertise is bacteria.

6. Clinical Research Manager: $90,000 on an average yearly salary

Clinical trials are managed by clinical research managers. They ensure that everything is done correctly and that the project is being carried out by the appropriate individuals.

A degree in pharmacology is frequently required for this position if pharmacology is the subject of the research.

7. Research Assistant – $41,000 on average per year

Compared to a clinical research assistant, this researcher is less specialized and does not only work with drugs. However, here is the place to begin if you want to pursue a career as a pharmacologist, researcher, or research coordinator.

8. Quality Assurance Technician – $37,000 on average per year

Quality assurance technicians check that the manufacturing process and the ingredients are up to work. Pharmaceutical industry standards are quite strict, but they are essential to the sector.

9. Staff Nurse – $66,000 on Average Per Year

The timetable in nursing is renowned for being hard and scheduled. A staff nurse, on the other hand, works a schedule that is considerably more sensible and more in line with the normal forty-hour work in a week.

10. Drug manufacturer

Supervising the production and distribution of diverse medical products and chemicals is one of a drug manufacturer’s main responsibilities. It is regarded as one of the highest-paying jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, and it calls on you to keep an eye on a variety of operations.

What is the highest-paying pharmaceutical job?

What is the highest-paying pharmaceutical job?

With an average yearly salary of $145,099, biostatisticians are in the pharmaceutical position with the highest income.

A biostatistician carries out research and gathers information on public health. They can analyze the data they gather to make projections about the course of biological events. Professionals in the medical field, such as doctors, surgeons, and geneticists, can work along with biostatisticians.

They mainly work at research institutes or government organizations to monitor new diseases, assess the efficacy of new medications, and study genetics. You can learn the analytical and mathematical abilities necessary for success as a biostatistician.

What degree is best for the pharmaceutical industry?

A pharmacy diploma, usually known as a D.Pharm, is required if you want to work in the pharmaceutical industry. You may be able to apply for a variety of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry with the help of this diploma.

You must complete your 10+2 examinations in science courses like biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics to be admitted to the D.Pharm program. You can begin your pharmacy diploma program as soon as you pass these tests administered by a great educational body.

What is the future of the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical industry generates 1.2 trillion dollars in revenue annually. The pharmaceutical sector will embrace new technologies in future patient design, and innovations and place a larger emphasis on prevention and digital health given the size of the stakes and the speed of technological evolution.

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The pharmaceutical sector is dealing with several difficulties, including moral and financial ones. Incorporating disruptive technologies like 3D printed pharmaceuticals, AI-guided therapy, and preventive medicine while collaborating with regulatory bodies to ensure that all of this is safe for patients who can benefit from the digital revolution.

Which is the best department to work in the pharmaceutical industry?

A pharmaceutical company’s manufacturing and quality managers might earn between $59,323 and $126,849, this can be the best position to work in any pharmaceutical company. While quality managers are crucial to ensuring the safety and caliber of goods utilized by the general public, manufacturing managers are involved in production.

In the pharmaceutical sector, quality managers conduct investigations, uphold standards, and address product-related issues. Reports must be delivered, testing safety protocols must be put into place, records must be managed, and products must meet the highest standards.


Is major pharmaceuticals a good career path in Nigeria?

Yes, a career in major pharmaceuticals is a great choice in Nigeria. Pharmaceutical careers are respectable, in demand, and well-paid. It’s doubtful that you will struggle to get employment in the field or to locate other options if one doesn’t work for you because of the subject’s complexity.

Is major pharmaceuticals a good career path in the UK?

The usual income range for those working in the pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom is between 1,644 GBP (minimum salary) to 4,367 GBP (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the monthly wage in its entirety, including bonuses. Different employment positions can pay significantly different amounts. Please select the job from the list if you are interested in learning more about the pay for that position.

Is major pharmaceuticals a good career path  IN the USA?

One of the most in-demand medical specialties in the USA is the pharmacy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that there will be about 11,300 opportunities for pharmacists between 2020 and 2030 in the USA.

According to, the average Pharm. D. salary in the USA for 2022 will be $143,147. The income varies according to geography, job description, and experience.

Is major pharmaceuticals a good career path IN Canada?

Since retail pharmacies have expanded and started offering round-the-clock services, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for pharmacists in Canada. This has a knock-on effect that drives pharmaceutical and biotech firms to hire more pharmacists than ever.


There will be more pharmaceutical companies coming shortly. Additionally, their impact on the economy will keep growing. Over the past few years, the major pharmaceutical industry has seen amazing growth, particularly in terms of spending on research and development (R&D) and the creation of jobs.

However, there are still a lot of opportunities for people asking whether this major pharmaceutical is a good career path to follow and those who wish to work in this area or who want to take control of their professional career.

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