Is Marine Transportation a good Career Path in 2023?

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When you hear the word marine, what comes to your mind is water. Therefore, marine transportation simply means transportation on water. If you have ever considered a career in marine transportation or you have ever wondered if marine transportation is a good career path, then we have an answer that will assist you in making a decision.

In this article, we will discuss what marine transportation is all about, is marine transportation a good career path? Is marine transportation a good career path in Nigeria? Is marine transportation a good career path in Canada? What is the salary in marine transportation?

All these questions and many more will be discussed to give you full detail on marine transportation and help you in making an informed decision in choosing a career in marine transportation.



Let us now understand what marine transportation is.

What is Marine Transportation all about?

Marine transportation is movement done on the water. The process of moving goods, commodities, and people from one location to another via water is known as marine transportation. 



Through ships and boats on rivers, seas, and oceans, goods and services are moved from one place to another. Marine transportation is essential in the importation, exportation, and shipping of goods from one country to another.

Is Marine Transportation a Good Career Path?

Marine transportation is a good career path and it is worth the trial. When mentioning career paths that can be very interesting and with massive benefits attached, marine transportation will always come to mind. 

Marine transport workers are paid well for the professional service they offer and their salaries can even be much higher than any transport workers they are paid according to rank and position which increases with the time of work.

Marine transport workers perform their duties as shifts which means they work for months in the sea and get time off to relax. During the relaxation period, the worker can engage in other activities and even do other part-time jobs that can earn them more money. There are always jobs available for mariners because it is less competitive and highly essential to every economy since the economic international trade is facilitated through marine transportation.

Is Marine Transportation a good Career Path in the World?

Is Marine Transportation a good Career Path in 2022?

Let us look at this from the worldwide perspective of marine transportation. When you hear mariners what comes to your mind? Movement of economic goods that any other means of transportation cannot convey, the world economic growth solely depends on its exportation power and because no nation in the world can survive with the produce of another part of the world, they must import goods they can not originally produce.

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For this interchange of goods to take place, there must exist marine transportation since this product can only be delivered via water transportation. For marine transit to be possible, there must be mariners to handle every duty involving the movement of goods and people from one place to another through the water. 

The job of a mariner is broad and highly needed worldwide, it is indeed a good career path in the world. The world is connected with water and for movement via water to be possible, we need mariners. It is a respected career globally and the salary is massive. You can choose to become a marine engineer in any part of the world.

Is Marine Transportation a Good Career in Canada?

Mariners in Canada enjoy great benefits and rewards for their services, research shows that you can find the best Mariners in Canada. The Mariners in Canada are well paid and their job is flexible and well structured.



Canada has the best professional schools to train Mariners and they are well absorbed for the job at the point of graduation. 

A mariner in Canada is said to earn above $60,000 annually.

If you want to become a mariner in Canada, you should be a Canadian citizen or obtained citizen or have a valid visa, you should also be a trained mariner with safety tools and handling skills and no criminal record.

Marine transportation is a good Career in Canada.

Is Marine Transportation a Good Career in Nigeria?

Nigeria Marine transportation is still in its developmental stage and there is an ongoing struggle to stabilize the industry.

One of the limitations of the Nigerian transportation industry is that major heads of operations and mariners are foreigners. To correct this, more Nigerians are to embrace the marine transportation career and dominate the industry. The industry is facing various challenges at the moment and this applies to all careers in Nigeria.

The challenge doesn’t excuse the actions that the Nigerian marine transportation career is good, in an interview, captain David Obiora the CEO of Express marine services noted that there are potentials and opportunities untapped in the marine transportation sector. Mariners in Nigeria are entitled to attractive salaries, vacations, shifts, hazard allowances, and bonuses. If you want to become a mariner in Nigeria, you should excuse the challenges and focus on your potential and how it can be fully utilized in the industry while enjoying the benefits.

Marine Transportation Salary in Nigeria

Sea workers in the world are paid massively for the job they do, according to the International Labour Organisation, mariners are to earn from the range of $1,078 to $6,633 monthly depending on the rank. Due to the economic situation in Nigeria, marine workers in Nigeria’s monthly pay is around $694 which is considered to be poor. Comparing this to the amount paid to marine transportation workers in another part of the world.

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If you are considering becoming a marine transporter, you can choose to do so as it is a profitable career and will earn you more rewards in the long term.

15 best Paying jobs in Marine Transportation And Salary

From research carried out by your future article, The following are 15 best-paying jobs in marine transportation that you can choose from when choosing a career in marine transportation with an estimated salary:

  1. Commercial Drivers: Annual salary is $148,00 annually
  1. Admiral: average salary is $110,000 annually
  1. Port engineer: average salary is 92,722 annually
  1. Marine pilots: Average salary is $89,740
  1. Maritime Lawyer: average salary is $86,514
  1. Marine Superintendent: average salary is $84,100 annually
  1. Chief Salor: average salary is $79,931 annually
  1. Marine Surveyor: Average salary is $74,488 annually
  1. Cargo staff: average salary is $70,609 annually
  1. Driving supervisor: average salary is $68,341 annually
  1. Commercial Drivers: $60,000 and above annually
  1. Marine mechanic: average salary is $52,000 annually
  1. Doc staff: average salary annually is $42,375 annually
  1. Vessel operators: average salary is $53,000 annually
  1. Marine security officer: average salary is $36,062 annually

Benefits of working in Marine Transportation

Working in the marine transportation industry is profitable with notable qualities:

  • High salary: marine transport workers earn high salaries and bonuses 
  • Travel opportunities and Adventure: marine workers get travel opportunities without cost and they also have the opportunity to travel to various destinations and enjoy nature.
  •  Vacation and off duties: Marine transport workers enjoy vacation privileges and off periods they can spend with their families. Mariners work months off and on, this allows them to have time for themselves and family.
  • Growth and Career Development opportunities: working as a mariner allows you to grow and advance in your career, the job allows you to grow in ranks and positions for better pay.
  • Opportunities to work with a team: working as a mariner means working with a team of talented people. This allows marine transport workers to work as a team and learn.
  • Opportunity to work towards Global impact: Marine transportation workers are part of global impact activities and it is an honorable career path.

What kind of Educational Qualification is Required for a profession in Marine Transportation?

To qualify for a marine transportation profession, you must be educated and trained because it requires technical skills. The kind of education you acquire is dependent on the career you want to pursue in marine transportation.



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According to a guide by College Factual, the following are degrees needed to pursue a career in marine transportation?

  • Bachelor’s degree with a 120 credit requirement in a marine transport-related course.
  • Associate degree with 60 to 70 credits required for 2 years
  • Master’s degree with 50 to 70 credits requirement and a duration of 1 to 3 years
  • Doctorate Degree with completed thesis and coursework for at least 4 years.

Basic Qualities and Skills for a successful career in Marine Transportation.

Pursuing a career in marine transportation does not only require technical skills that are learned in schools for degrees in the Marine transportation sector but also requires soft skills and qualities for successful marine transportation currently. The following are basic qualities and skills for a successful career in marine transportation. 

  • Ability to work in a challenging environment
  • You must be physically fit to pursue a successful career in marine transportation
  • You must possess leadership qualities
  • You must possess the ability to work with a team
  • You must be proactive and smart
  • You must possess problem-solving skills and strategies
  • Must be active and observant in your environment
  • You must possess time management skills
  • You must be safety conscious

 These are some basic skills and qualities that you must possess to pursue a successful career in marine transportation.


 To pursue a successful career in marine transportation the following are frequently asked questions and answers:

What is the best maritime job? 

 In this article, we have discussed the 15 best jobs in the Marine Transportation Industries with an estimate of their annual salary.

You can pick any of the 15 listed above and pursue a career in Marine transportation.

What is a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Degree?

Bachelor’s degree is the most common degree acquired to become a qualified Marine transportation worker. It is a degree obtained in a marine academy with a minimum of 4years.

What is the most important Element of complexity in Maritime Transportation?

 The Maritime Transportation Industry is very complex and a necessity globally.

The world is connected with water and Maritime Transportation makes it possible to trade and exchange global resources.

The most complex element of Maritime Transportation is the cargo and ships. This is also delicate and important to the transport system.


Marine transportation is indeed a global means of transportation that is essential for global growth and development. Embracing a career in the Marine Transportation Industry is a good choice.

We have discussed extensively everything you need to know about marine transportation and we hope that you can make an informed decision after reading this article. 

Note that this article contains facts and figures that you can trust and will regularly be updated. 

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