Mist crypto review 2023: Best guide for beginners and how to play

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Hey, guys, it’s  ObedFX again on this one.  In this article, you are going to learn about Mist crypto review – How to play. If it’s legit and so much more will be covered in this article. So to grab, read to the end. Alright, let’s go.

Mist crypto review

mist crypto review
Mist game.

What is Mist?

Mist is an open-world, Action Role Playing Game with a dynamic combat style that is unique in the world of MMOs. Collect NFTs, battle epic monsters, and explore infinite immersive environments in this blockchain-based NFT Action RPG.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor I’m just a blogger who likes to upload educational content related to crypto. yeah, let’s go to the moon guys. I want to talk to you about mist crypto and why I think this crypto game is the next big thing on the Binance smart chain.

the most first thing I want to show you in this article is the video gameplay because that’s the most important thing in a new crypto game.

When you see this level of quality this kind of music which I don’t know if it’s going to be integrated into the game. the music and the general artwork, the fluidity, and the dynamic way the characters move. these things are not easy to do in a blockchain game so that’s why I’m super bullish on this project. okay, I think it’s going to be really fun to play.

the second thing I want to show you is their fresh announcement today about the immersive 3d marketplace extended trailer.  so let’s watch it together or at least some part of it. it’s really cool interesting like is that like the marketplace that’s the time. 

so if you are an artist and watching this and you want to submit some NFTs related to this game feel free to contact them on discord they might buy your stuff.

Mist crypto review
Mist game New character

 and this is the announcement related to their NFT okay Mist is introducing the world’s first-ever immersive 3d NFT marketplace with the use of the revolutionary and immersive storefront system. players will be able to purchase pets weapons armor mounts and much more. I am so excited about this.

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Mist Crypto Price prediction


So currently the price of this thing is about 0.1+ and in my opinion, any price point below 0.2 in this project is just a snap go in okay. so the project was launched on April 20 2021 and the number of holders is increasing in a crazy way given that you know the project is brand new look how many holders they’re also audited by hacking a new auditing team.

 that seems to be good and comparable to certic if you go through their white paper it looks really nice and neat like it’s not your average shit coin white paper. no, there’s a lot of details here and it’s just, you can immediately feel that this project is really good and it’s gonna go to the moon. basically okay that’s the summary of the white paper.

who is Mist Crypto CEO and Mist Twitter page (Is Mist crypto legit? )

 Basically in terms of their twitter also the growth is insane and they’re very active I mean if you look at their stuff they keep publishing stuff and they also put some trailers that you can watch. and they’re just incredible absolutely incredible their Twitter account everything their social media presence is very strong. okay,

In terms of who is the CEO of the company, well it’s ERIC SU.  he is the CEO of Exnetwork.

 If you read about him he’s a well-known investment community builder in the cryptocurrency industry. he’s the founder of the Ex network capsule: which is a hybrid crypto fund and incubator that focuses on harnessing the power of communities. a serial entrepreneur.

his first startup was a casual games company that won awards for serious games competitions all over the world. and his next one was a gamification layer for live products that were sold at a crypto company in the Philippines.

 you can see all of this on his LinkedIn. so this is not just you know talk on the media okay. there’s all the information you can find it right here and he’s been a founder of this company for two years almost three years and also an advisor for so many companies and this is the Mist  NFT contract he’s currently with, and yeah He’s just an incredible guy and I have no doubt that this guy will go to the moon with the mist.

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How to Buy Mist NFT game (How to get started)

 In terms of how to buy this game, you just go to the pancakeswap, and connect your wallet. in order to do that you need to:

  • Download metamask . set up your metamask and automatically you will be in the ERC 20 network or the ethereum network. so you will need to add the Binance smart chain network in case you still haven’t done that.

you don’t need Eh for this because this game is a binary smart chain. so you need to add custom RPC and then insert the information that you can find in my description below okay then when you do that your BSC maintenance will be available so you click on it and once you are in the BSC maintenance now you can use Pancakeswap and you need some BNB to buy and invest in this mist crypto game.

  • Create a binance aaccount for the purchase of BNB coins. the best way to get BNB is through Binance. and also I buy and sell too. If you are in Nigeria and you need it you can message me Here.

there are other ways you can get it from Coinbase and you can get BNB through a lot of different ways if you are in a restricted area in the united states or any other part of the world,  and you cannot access or use a VPN once you download the VPN you can access the Binance website quickly deposit your fiat or your bank account funds or whatever into the website and buy BNB and get it out quickly.

  • Once your BNB is ready, you can transfer the BNB from Binance to meta mask wallet is to go to your wallet and look at your assets and click on the BNB withdrawal which shows up at the top if you just bought BNB you click withdraw and you withdraw to the metamask address that you copied. once you have BNB ready you connect your wallet.
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  • Once you have BNB ready and you want to purchase this mist token you go to this website here and you just copy. you click on explorer it will open this BSC scan and you just copy this contract 0x68E374F856bF25468D365E539b700b648Bf94B67 and then you go to pancake swap, click on currency and paste it and then adjust your slippage to 12.

and that’s it just. buy for how much you want to buy and there’s gonna be some transaction fees that you have to pay for BNB because for the service and it’s fine that’s it just click yes and then once you want to track the price of mist this token that you just bought,

you go to your meta mask and you scroll all the way down and you click add token and in there just paste the address again that you just copied and inserted here and just click ok and then it will show up there in your wallet so you can track how many mist tokens that you have.

that’s it, guys, I just wanted to cover mist because this is a project definitely worth covering and I’m I cannot skip it okay it has to be in this blog and I’m super bullish on this project I have in this project and I’ll probably keep adding on if the price drops again I hope you found this useful

How to play and Earn

Since Mist is yet to be released, I can’t give you a clue yet on how to play the game. but here is what we should be expecting.

Mist is going to be an open-world, Action Role Playing Game with a dynamic combat style where players need to move during combat.

Actions like rapid spacebar mashing, WASD spamming will be required in order to avoid incoming spells.

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