Must have Android apps 2020: List of best apps to have on your smartphone

Being In position of a smartphone is awesome,  but have you ever thought about being safe with your smartphone device?

Hope you know that it’s not every app you come across  be it on play store or some websites that you must install to your smartphone because some of this apps  are malicious and dangerous.

I will be showing you the must have Android apps on your smartphone on this article,  I will also show you how an amazing app I have in my phone saved me from Job scam and also saved me from bank scam.  Keep reading..

When I said an app  in my phone saved me , I ain’t joking. I will be showing you the screenshot sooner, because had it been I didn’t install that very app when I got my smartphone  who knows if I would have been alive typing this for you to read as you are doing now.

Here are the must have Android apps


this one of the app I recommend you should download to your mobile smartphone device in order to be save from all sort of scammers and also  know your caller identity.

Here is how this app works: it’s an app designed to help smartphone owners know who is calling,  and the best thing about it is that it has the name of the caller shown up on your screen.  I. E if Eze Anthony,  or let’s say a job scammer is calling you  it will show on your screen when the user calls you.

So, you having this app on your phone will let you know the name of the caller before deciding if you should pick the call or ignore.

Yeah, I told you I will show you the app that saved me one time earlier this post,  could you still remember?

If yes,  then that’s nice.  True caller app is the app am talking about.

A bank and job scammer, that’s those fraudsters that do pretend to bank customers that they are bank support, called me trying to get my ATM card details, but with the help of this app I saw it on time and didn’t fall prey.  Here is the screenshot attached below.

Must have android apps

I know there would have been some people who would have fallen prey to this because this app isn’t in their phone.

So this app helps keep you save and tells you about who is calling if the user has a bad review/report from people the app will let you know on time and at the end you will be saved without disclosing your privacy  to anyone…

Please be it who ever calls you, saying its your bank customer care that your ATM card has gotten expired,  or albeit requesting for your BVN, please hang up the call your bank can never ever call you for your BVN or card details. Let’s wise up!
Head in here to download the app.  Install it register and you are good to go.

 Piggyvest investment app

If you are a type that sources for where to invest your money but seen none, or a type that spends unnecessarily  without saving a dine,  it’s not good.

A saying says “save money today so that money will save you tomorrow” and that’s correct. you can’t just eat all your eggs at a go.  You might be in need of one tomorrow…

Piggyvest is powered by Providus bank,  an identified bank in Nigeria  which makes our savings to be legit and save..

In Piggyvest, you can lock up money you don’t want to touch for a duration of time, and still yet earn some interests for doing that.  That means your money grows when it is in Piggyvest investment app

There are many cool features that comes with Piggyvest that will make you to save money on it such as:

  • Your money grows when you save with Piggyvest unlike our local banks in which nothing happens to it, rather we are even debited monthly for cash we aren’t making use of.
  • You can invest with businesses and earn huge interest.  You just sit at home and watch your money grow.
  • If you refer your friends and family you earn N1,000 commission to your savings which is withdrawable any time, Any day.
  • For any savings, you earn huge interests.
  • You can lock up your money for a duration of time before withdrawing.

And lots more,  you can see my screenshot below I do uses the app for real and it had helped me made some savings. It also earned interests and that’s  why am recommending it  to you today  that you should also have it installed in your app.

Must have Android apps 2020

Click here to register now. Once you are done registering on the web, you can download the app and login with the details used for your sign up.  Remember to keep it save .

We still have other nice apps like chipper cash: you can use this for receiving money any where around the globe.  Get it here..

We still have other investment apps like  but I still do prefer piggvest.

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Being a graphic designer doesn’t necessarily mean you  must have the prior knowledge of designing before delivering a pro work on graphic design.

With your Canva app you can design like a pro and make money designing for people.

I was once spending money paying graphics designers to do some works for me before I came across this wonderful app. And since then I never spent money paying a graphic designer again.

Canva helps you create  graphic designs and videos for  advertising your brands and lots more.
Head in to playstore download the ap and register. You  can open a free  premium account for 30 days before getting charged.  If you need the free account you can simply go for it and bypass the  30 days trial .

I will teach you how to get a free virtual account for online payment later. Once  you are done registering, navigate around the app interface and see things yourself. You can go to YouTube and watch how to make a very good design with this app.

I will be teaching you how to make designs,  how to get free canva account without paying for it with your money, how to make videos too with this app on later posts..
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Technology has made it easier for us to get connected with people who aren’t within us using our gadget devices.  You can now go live with someone out side your country just at a click,  that’s how easier things has become in this modern days and it’s really helping.

Zoom allows you to have a face to face video encounter with anyone,  be it around the globe or outside .

You can use this zoom to teach/train  people online face to face without going to meet the person where ever he or she is.

Workers can use it to have a meeting too without moving to the office. It’s of a great value and importance to everyone who involves his or her self in  online activities.

It’s available for both android,  iPhone and laptop users.  Click here to download.


ever wondered what animators uses to make 3D animation videos /images ? They use the plotagon app.

With plotagon app,  you can make a high quality 3D animation videos or imaged like a pro.

Me personally,  have used this very app to make  advertising videos for businesses online and got paid for doing that. Also lectured people on how to use the plotagon app to make quality 3D vidoes by themselves and still got paid. It’s simple , easy and doable..

All you need to do is to download the app on play store,  navigate around on how to use it. You can watch  the follow come video too  that walks you about on how to get started with the app, also source out to YouTube for more guide.

Color note

it does not necessarily means that you must go out all the time with your note books, or let’s say  for an instance you forgot the note at home and you need to jot down some important things you are being taught . You don’t need to worry,  you can use the color note  to take notes of the events .

That’s what me personally do use most of the time. I use the color note to write down things,  be it my password,  lessons and so on and it’s saved on my device to be Accesed any time. And it’s  good to have that too on your phone.. Click here to download it now.Click here to download it now.

That above are the must have  Android apps I can recommend for you to get installed in your phone for a better and swift online journey.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you must have All, no.  But one or two might be important to you.

Still know of other apps that can be useful to us?  Let’s us know in comment.

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