My DeFi Pet review 2023: How to play, get started for Beginners [Easy guide]

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Hey, what’s up guys, I Am ObedFX from worldtecharena. and in this article, you will get to know about My DeFi pet Review 2021: How to play, get started for Beginners. here if you attack and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the craze of these play-to-earn type games such as Axie Infinity has been gaining a lot of traction recently.

now, these have their own in-game items characters, or currency that can be converted into online crypto or cryptocurrencies making it an opportunity for people who want to learn from the safety of their home but now we’re checking out another play-to-earn type game called my defi pet. we’ll show you how to play it talk about the DPET token yeah.


is the price of the rarity of the pets. Most importantly, if it’s even worth a shot at all, will it prove to be a strong competitor to the axie infinity community, or will it take over entirely stick around and find out as we discuss it.

what is my Defi pet

 My Defi pet was launched by the first decentralized interoperable blockchain platform in Vietnam and Southeast Asia called cardiac chain in May 2021. it was developed in coordination with top box a game developer in Vietnam whose previous releases like sky dancer and thief rivals had millions of global downloads.  

my Defi pet brings traditional game experiences and Defi features to nft collectibles, they also feature their own monsters to battles that can participate in events to claim prizes per season .my Defi pet is the company’s vision of a mass adoption blockchain game.

according to their website, the name features the three characteristics of the game which are 

  • My – Personalization 
  • DeFi – Decentralized Finance
  • Pet – Type of Game

DeFi for features integrated or just a shorter word for decentralized finance and pet since it is a pet raising game. the game revolves around engaging activities such as collecting, breeding, evolving, battling, and trading.

 in addition, my DeFi pet uses the concept of the season to break down the game progress into smaller parts. this mechanism complements the human tendency for short-term rewards. 

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 My DeFi pet review 2021: how does my DeFi pet work?

the ‘’DPET’’ token is the main in-game currency of my DeFi pet which is a non-refundable functional utility token used for exchange between players of my Defi pet. the tokens are used for summoning new eggs, breeding, and evolving monsters.

as of writing this article here’s how much 1DPET  costs and to put that into perspective on may 8 2021 one DPET was priced at 30 pesos and 79 cents.s all DPET and nft tokens will be available and tradable by a binance smart chain and cardiac chain furthermore due to the non-invasive and connectivity of cardiac chain it can offer the game to other blockchains communities such as ethereum and Polkadot.

how to get started

my defi pet review

alright, now that we know how it works, the next thing we need to tackle is how to get started well, you can find the game on its official my defi pet website. note that the game does not need to be installed as it’s just a browser game.

to begin here is a step-by-step guide just like axie, you have to download the digital wallet called metamask, next create a binance account if you don’t already, have one for the purchase of BnB coin.s once bnb coins have been purchased it can then be transferred to your metamask and from there, your BnB coins should be swapped to DPETt tokens using pancakeswap.

note that your metamask must be connected to pancakeswap in order to proceed finally head over to the my DeFi pet website and click on bsc chain then connect your metamask hit refresh and you should be good to go.

how to play  My DeFi pet and earn

how to play my defi pet

now once that’s done and done the next question here is how to play and earn in my defi pet. are you still familiar with facebook’s old FarmVille browser game?  well, my DeFi pet gives off that vibe as it greets players with an overview of their pets on their farm.  now to begin you need monsters to start off with and monster eggs can be bought with dpet tokens.

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once you have your monster you can start to increase its stats and level by feeding them to get food for your monster you must grow fruits and vegetables on the farm field which can then be harvested to make your little monster grow big and strong once you attain more monsters from either more egg purchases or breeding you can then repeat the process until you have an unstoppable armada of strong monsters.

as of now, players can earn in two ways:

  1. the first one is selling DPET tokens from in-game quests or fights from other monsters or pet masters which can then be converted via pancake swap note that the battle feature is still not available but it may go live soon so stay tuned for that.
  2. the second method according to the white paper of my defi pet is auctioning monsters that you’ve been feeding if you have a high level or rare monster you can sell it to bidders who may potentially want it.

now we did say that there are two ways to earn but there is a third one that leans towards the difficult side which is trying out the season rewards for example the first season reward is priced at 100 000 us dollars which are locked for dpet teams in a smart contract and the tentative requirement for that team is to have 10 legendary pets with maxed out levels. so players really have to gun it to meet their requirements just to have a chance in winning the prize pool now ain’t that exciting? 

alright so now that you guys have figured out how to play and earn the final question that we have reached is probably the most important one

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should you jump in on the craze?

the white paper provided by my defi pet states it risks competitors’ loss of talent and security weakness. apart from dpet users that can potentially be stolen the development of my defi pet depends on the continuous cooperation of technical teams and consultants. the possible loss of these talents may affect the game’s development which stunts features that can further improve the game.

and last but not least there will always be the involvement of hackers or other malicious groups that attempt to interfere with dpet tokens or the game itself with a variety of malware or service denial attacks to name a few.

but the reason why people are jumping in this boat is because of the price since the game only launched in may of 2021 the prices of dpet tokens to attain monster eggs and have them breed are currently low compared to other games like axie infinity like any cryptocurrency endeavor you should do your research about it before spending and just as we advised before with axie, it may still be a game but since you will be throwing in real money it would be best to use funds you’re ready to lose.

and there you have it a brief overview of what my defi pet is. do you think it can gain massive popularity just like axie infinity or possibly even taking the title of the best play-to-earn nft game? well we just have to wait and see but what do you think about this feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section down below and if you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share on our blog

to get updated for more content info, subscribe to our blog push notifications so you guys don’t miss any future uploads, and be sure to visit for the latest tech news and reviews. once again this has been ObedFX stay safe and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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