Oreo Tv Apk Download for Android (Latest Version)

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Do you have an android smartphone and want the best application for streaming entertaining content and live TV channels? If yes, the Oreo Tv app is definitely what you need. 

With the Oreo Tv apk, android users can stream any channel and watch any content for free. Sounds cool right? It sure does. And the most interesting part is that it’s quite easy to download the Oreo Tv apk on your Android smartphone and it supports a wide range of Android devices. 

We’ve packaged detailed information into this easy-to-digest guide. You’ll get to know:

  • The Oreo TV APK
  • Oreo TV APK For Android
  • Oreo Tv Apk Download for Android
  • Oreo Tv Apk latest version
  • And lots more


The Oreo TV APK is the latest online TV Application that enables users to stream and watch contents like movies, IPL matches live in HD graphics, sports and news channels, and popular TV series on your smartphone for free.  

You can watch any content or channel with high-quality resolution, and can also download the latest TV series or drama directly on your smartphone or computer. 

The Oreo TV APK is unlike other types of applications like Netflix, Amazon, Hot star, and Disney+, that charge subscription fees. It is completely free.

Oreo TV APK For Android

If you are using the Oreo TV and want to download the latest version of the application, you may find various websites out there that allow you to download all versions. 

Oreo TV is used by millions of people to stream and watch their favorite Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and more live TV Channels.

But first, below are some of the amazing features of the Oreo TV apk. 

Watch IPL 2021:

Presently, IPL is the most watched sports in the world. A lot of  IPL fans prefer to watch IPL matches on their smartphone or mobile devices though an HD Streaming Platform. 

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 The Oreo TV App 2.0.6 is currently one of the best IPL Streaming applications because it can conveniently be used for watching IPL than any other streaming applications.

Features of Oreo TV APK:

  • The best features of Oreo TV APK include watching and streaming movies, TV shows, etc in offline mode or after downloading it. 
  • Allows you to adjust the quality of download from 360p to 4k.
  • OREO TV APK comes with 6000 tracks from various countries, and each channel has entertainment content. 

Other hidden features of Oreo TV apk include;

Live TV Channels:

You can watch all your favorite TV Channels live on your smartphone. You will also get all your favorite TV channels like movie channels, entertainment channels, sports channels, and more and stream them all for free.

Categorized Catalog:

In the Oreo TV APK app, contents are organized in an orderly way. Movies can be found in the movie section, Sport channels can be found in the sports session and entertainment channels can be found in the entertainment session.

Internal Video support:

The Oreo TV app comes with a default video player that allows you to change the visual of a video to Full HD or Ultra quality 2k and 4k. These options can be found on the bottom of the video player section. 

Moreover, internal tips on how you play,. pause, forward and control the volume, and brightness of the video can be found on the left side of the video player menu. 

Free TV shows and movies:

Oreo TV APK app provides the most advanced Movies, TV shows, and Sports all for free. You also get to watch Ultra 4k HD videos in pure sound.

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Favorite list:

Oreo TV APK app allows you to add any TV shows, movies, and sports channels to your favorite list so that you can find them all in one place if you want to watch any of them. 

New Specialist:

Oreo TV is the only android application that has multiple features such as DARK Mode and PIP Mod option as well as  Refresh and Power off button, that enables you to refresh content and EXIT it at the same time.

Inbuilt subtitle:

If a movie or TV show is in a different language you don’t understand, you can use the subtitles provided by Oreo TV. 

Oreo Tv Apk Download for Android

Here’s the step by step process to download all versions of Oreo TV APK. 

Oreo TV apk is not available on Google Playstore because it is a third-party application and is under a private community. Therefore, it can only be downloaded from the OREO TV page.

Go to google and search for the Oreo TV app. Various websites will appear. Look for the Oreo TV app link, or click the link below to download Oreo tv directly on your smartphone.

Download Oreo Tv apk

After installing it, open the App and choose your preferred category to watch contents all for free.

How to Install Oreo TV APK on Android and Tabs:

  • Go to the security settings in your Android and enable unknown sources.
  • After downloading the OREO Tv app, click on instal. It will take a few seconds to install.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the OREO TV app and watch any popular movie or Tv shows you want.

Below is a brief summary of the Oreo TV apk in all different versions.

Application name Oreo TV APK

Website           OreoTV Official

Latest Version v2.0.7

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File Size             10 MB


Requirement             Android 4.2 and above

Price                         Free

OREO Tv APK new update features:

  • Dark mode
  • PIP mode which is great for multitasking.
  • Full schedule (Date,Time,Venue) and matches highlights of IPL 2021 
  • Contents are organized in an orderly way. Movies can be found in the movie section, Sport channels can be found in the sports session and entertainment channels can be found in the entertainment session.
  • Each video has a related video under it.  
  • Other options like Live Chat, Present APP Version, and App sharing are also available. 

Oreo Tv Apk latest version

The Oreo Tv 4.4 latest version has a unique feasible application such as the best quality, UI, resources, and much more.

Bugs and malfunctions are common in third-party apps. Below are options to resolve some of them. 

Oreo TV App not working on your smartphone:

Oreo Tv Apk Download for Android

If the Oreo TV is not working on your device, It may be because it is now an old version and is not providing the necessary services. Therefore, you have to update the app to the latest version. 

To  download the latest version of the Oreo TV app, click the link below 

Download Oreo Tv apk


Oreo TV APK is the latest online TV Application that enables users to watch movies, IPL matches, sports and news channels, and popular TV series on their smartphone for free.  

Everything about the Oreo TV APK, Oreo TV APK For Android, Oreo Tv Apk Download for Android, and Oreo Tv Apk latest version has been detailed in this article. 

If you have any questions about the Oreo TV apk, let us know in the comments below. 

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