Top 10 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto In Hawaii

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These are the best exchanges to invest in digital assets. Below is a list of the Top 10 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto In Hawaii

  1. CEX.IO

CEX.IO is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that was established in 2013. It allows you to buy and sell bitcoins, and then store them in your bank accounts. This allows users to transact fiat to crypto with card payments or bank transfers to clients.

The platform provides a range of trading tools for both beginners and experts in order to trade various crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. These crypto-assets can then be traded for fiat money such as USD, EUR, or GBP. CEX.IO Broker allows you to trade commission-free on margin trading platforms.

Customers can trade via the company’s website and mobile apps.


  • Has good security
  • An intuitive and simple interface
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Various payment methods


  • High fees
  • Extensive verification process


  • Desktop Version
  • The platform’s user interface is intuitive and simple, making it both easy for new and experienced traders.
  • Mobile Application

This platform offers mobile apps for iOS and Android users. The CEX.IO mobile application offers the same functions and allows users to trade cryptocurrency while on the go.

To be notified whenever the price of the cryptocurrency you want to trade reaches the desired level, you can set up an alarm. For any concerns or questions, you can reach out to the support team via multiple channels 24 hours a day.

2. OkCoin

OkCoin, the most widely used digital asset exchange in the world, provides attractive value for users. It also has outstanding transparency, security, and professionalism.

The exchange maintains offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and other locations around the world.

OkCoin allows you to make deposits in USD, EUR or SGD


  • High liquidity
  • Futures and Margin markets
  • Affordable and Competent
  • Advanced trading platform
  • Fiat currency deposits and withdrawals


  • To withdraw, you must verify your identity.
  • A small selection of crypto assets


  • OKCoin is a reliable and powerful trading platform for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The trading platform, which is web-based, is intended for professionals but easy enough for beginners. The platform also offers a full-screen chart.
  • For detailed technical analysis, all technical indicators and trading instruments are available. Both the website and platform are responsive and very easy to use. The platform is simple to use and traders of all levels can benefit from it.

3. Kraken

Kraken, one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges worldwide, provides a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and internationally accepted funding methods.

Kraken Pro provides institutional and individual investors with advanced charting, trading, and other tools.

Kraken takes deposits in USD and EUR.

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  • Respectable reputation
  • Global support
  • Reliable customer support
  • Tiered verification
  • Affordable fees


  • Few payment methods
  • Sophisticated UI


Advanced traders can trade with Kraken which allows for more complex trading. Although it is riskier, trading on crypto can be done at a lower margin. However, this could yield higher returns. Futures trading can also be done on certain cryptocurrencies. Margin fees may vary depending on the cryptocurrency. To open an account, they start at 0.02%. Rollover fees are 0.02% per hour the position remains open.

4. Gemini

Gemini is a simple, secure, and elegant way to grow your bitcoin and crypto portfolio. Gemini is affordable and has a solid reputation.

Investors have the ability to view a snapshot of their holdings by logging into the dashboard.

Gemini allows deposits in USD, AUD, and CAD.


  • Ability to set market limits
  • Low fees
  • Clean user interface
  • Strong reputation
  • Great customer support


  • Available to select countries


  • Peer-to-peer trading: Gemini facilitates direct trading between buyers/sellers via the Gemini Clearing portal. The spread and minimum order size are not required.
  • A platform designed for desktop users: Gemini Basic allows you to purchase cryptocurrency based on the amount of crypto or dollars that you want to spend.
  • Gemini’s ActiveTrader platform has more features than the standard charting and tracking of multiple order types. You can also block trade.

5. Bittrex

Bittrex, the most widely used cryptocurrency trading platform, is available to customers around the world.

Bittrex allows USD deposits to trade fiat currencies.


  • Highly secure
  • Excellent cryptocurrency selection
  • Low fees
  • Advanced trading tools
  • Educational content


  • Mediocre customer support
  • Challenging for beginners


Bittrex offers many order types including limit orders, stop orders, limit orders, charting tools, and live order books. For experienced traders looking to invest in crypto, this exchange is the best.

6. Bitsquare

Bitsquare lets users trade, buy and exchange bitcoins for fiat currencies.

Bitsquare offers the best bitcoin trading platform. This is especially true if you are concerned about trader security.

Bitsquare customers are able to buy and sell bitcoin using any fiat currency.


  • The central authority does not need to approve
  • Large range of fiat currencies
  • Arbitrators 24/7
  • Rock-solid customer support
  • Increased safety and privacy of your funds


  • Higher fees
  • Still growing
  • Require more partners


  • No Identity Verification

It takes only minutes to get started. You don’t have to wait for approval from a central authority.

  • Decentralized

Trading takes place on a global P2P network of users running Bisq from their machines.

  • Safe

Bisq doesn’t hold your funds. Deposits in multi-sig wallets 2-of-2 can encourage safe and successful trades.

  • Private

Your data is stored locally on your hard drive and never sent to a central server. Every Bisq node automatically provides Tor hidden services.

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7. Paxful

Paxful is a peer-to-peer platform for trading bitcoins. It was founded in 2015 by developers who wanted Bitcoin to be more accessible. This platform allows sellers and buyers to transact directly through a direct exchange.

The buyer deposits cash to the seller’s account via Paxful’s payment options, such as Gift Card Code or Prepaid VISA. Once the seller confirms funds have been received via Paxful’s Escrow Service they will release Bitcoins to the buyer. Sellers can accept over 300 payment methods. They will also be able to accept international buyers up until 85 spans>

Paxful’s platform can be accessed worldwide and has a minimum $10 purchase requirement. Paxful is an alternative to centralized exchanges. Users don’t have to create a username or password to access the marketplace. They only need their email addresses.

Paxful may be the best solution if you live in a country that restricts or makes it difficult for you to access central cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It can be accessed from any place you have internet access.


  • Escrow System
  • Security
  • Diverse payment methods
  • Simple user interface (UI)
  • Wide selection of sellers


  • Buyers and sellers are at risk of being conned


  • BitGo offers the Paxful wallet. Multisig wallets are supported by BitGo, which provides additional security. Peer-to-peer exchanges come with an escrow, which holds bitcoins until they are settled.
  • Paxful provides a rating system for buyers and sellers. This encourages good behaviour and fosters trust within the trading environment. The platform’s escrow service eliminates trust issues between users. However, users can easily identify trustworthy actors using the rating system.
  • Paxful’s trading interface is very easy to use. Paxful offers access to both a mobile trading platform and a desktop one.

8. LocalBitcoins

Top 10 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto In Hawaii

LocalBitcoins pioneered peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading. It is not suitable for most traders, however. You can post classified ads offering Bitcoin (BTC), for sale or to buy. Although it’s a great idea, it can be cumbersome and not available in all 50 US states.

LocalBitcoins allows vendors to make offers in all currencies.


  • Peer-to-peer Bitcoin purchases
  • No selling and buying fees
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Reputation system


  • Unavailable in most states
  • Scams
  • Asks for private information
  • Offers Bitcoin
  • Limited Features


  • LocalBitcoins allows you to sell bitcoins instantly and convert them into cash for your business. These platforms are business-oriented and make it easy to get into or exit cryptocurrency.
  • Deal Arrangements – Want to make advanced deals over the platform with other businesspeople? LocalBitcoins makes promoting a sale, deal or any type of trade easy.
  • It is easy to use. If you are familiar with standard trading platforms, then you will be familiar with many of the concepts and conventions used in this system. LocalBitcoins doesn’t have a learning curve. You can instantly start trading. This is the standard for exchange platforms. There are no entry or learning barriers so business-savvy people can trade on any foreign platform.
  • Secure – Blockchain is a highly secure investment as it is immutable, unalterable, invulnerable against theft, and resistant to counterfeiting. The application is anonymous and secure. This application also includes SSL security which ensures that transactions remain safe.
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9., a cryptocurrency trading platform, offers a wide range of services and products. The app is extremely popular and allows you to trade, buy, borrow money, and even pay your bills using crypto.’s native digital coin (CRO), has high liquidity. This means that trading crypto coins against fiat and stable coins incurs low fees. It’s intuitively designed and easy to use for mobile users.


  • Wide range of crypto assets.
  • Fees are lower if you fund your account with cash transfers.


  • High fees for debit and credit card purchases.
  • Not available in the U.S.
  • No cryptocurrency-to-crypto trading.


  • Minimum trade
  • Trading and transaction fees
  • Numerous cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto-crypto trading pairs

10. Abra

Abra supports trading on more than 100 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, and litecoin. Abra offers this resource to help you understand how crypto access works in different countries.

Abra also offers mobile wallet storage. Once you have set up your wallet, you will be issued a digital recovery number. Abra gives investors complete control over their assets and Abra makes sure that only authorized users have access to the recovery phase of the mobile wallet.


  • Trade 100+ cryptocurrencies without fees (except spread fees)
  • Borrow against crypto holdings at payback interest rates of 0% to 9.5%
  • Earn up 8% in crypto or USD steady coins
  • Support for 150+ Countries, with 50+ fiat currency


  • High fees for Mastercard and Visa transactions
  • There is limited transparency about the exchange spread rates


  • Abra supports 200 cryptocurrencies. There are many cryptocurrency options available. However, access to them varies from one country to another. US users have access to only 90+ cryptocurrencies span>
  • More than 40 Fiat Currencies: Abra bitcoin wallet supports USD, GBP, and EUR. JPY, SGD. CAD. HKD. AUD.
  • Abra provides ‘free’ currency transfer: Money can be moved between currencies with Abra. Abra does not charge a flat rate fee or a fixed percentage for trades. Abra still makes money spreading the spread. The spread is displayed in the app prior to making the swap.


These are the top 10 exchanges in Hawaii to buy crypto and bitcoin. They offer the best opportunity to buy Bitcoin in Hawaii. These exchanges offer many features and opportunities for novice traders as well as experts.

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