Top Insurance Companies in the USA

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If you are searching for Top Insurance companies in the USA, then search no more as you will get to know the Top insurance companies located in the united states in this guide.

There are numerous insurance companies across the United States, and each one comes with its own set of policies and offerings. This article will highlight some of the most reputable insurance companies across the nation.

 Largest Insurance Companies In The World  

One of the largest insurance companies worldwide is Northwestern Mutual life insurance

It is the Northwestern Mutual life insurance company that provides a range of different life insurance plans. Northwestern Mutual is a mutual company, which means that it is owned by policyholders, not stockholders. Each year, any leftover profits are paid to policyholders in the form of dividends. They are able to be taken as cash or used to boost death benefit amounts or for paying premiums. Annual dividends aren’t guaranteed however, Northwestern Mutual has been paying dividends each year for more than 150 years.

  8 Top Insurance Companies In The USA    

There are many various insurance companies that operate in the United States. Some specialize in certain fields of insurance, like automobile insurance or health insurance. There are other companies that offer a range of insurance policies, such as ones that cover property and casualty as well as life insurance and retirement savings. The most reliable insurance providers offer a variety of choices to satisfy the needs of their clients. Here are the Best Top Insurance companies in the USA in 2022

1. New York Life

New York Life Insurance Company is home to 6.75 percent of its U.S. life insurance market share and was the most valuable insurance provider in 2020.1 In addition to its life insurance division, New York Life also sells annuities, long-term-care insurance as well as mutual funds, and has a growing investment management company.

New York Life is a mutual insurance company and is not traded publicly. It posted $2.3 billion in operating profits in 2020, which is an all-time record. The company also disclosed a dividend payment of $1.8 billion in 2021. Dividends are cash payments that companies make to their customers.

2. Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company is the largest insurer in the 6.52 percent of the American market.1 Alongside life insurance products and other insurance it also offers annuities, investment options, along with financial plan services. The company’s revenues were $31.1 billion in 2020. This was a rise from $29.8 billion in the prior year.3

As a mutual insurance firm, Northwestern Mutual is managed to serve the interests of the policyholders, not stockholders. The benefits for policyholders amounted to $11.7 billion for 2020. That’s a rise from $11.5 billion in the year prior to that. The firm is privately owned.3

3. MetLife

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (NYSE: Met) is an openly traded insurance and financial product company. More commonly referred to as MetLife which is the third-largest life insurer within the United States, holding 6.05 percent of the market share.1 MetLife offers term life and group universal life and group universal variable life insurance. It also offers accidental death plans.

The company also offers many other insurance products, ranging in home and health. Beyond being an insurance provider, MetLife provides financial products such as retirement and investment plans, as well as helping small businesses provide benefits for their employees.

In the period ending 2020, MetLife achieved a 7.6 percent equity return and a $78.67 value for its book value.4

4. Prudential

Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE PRU) is an openly traded financial services company that offers insurance products, annuities mutual funds and investment management services, and many other services. It was founded in 1875 and has operations in more than 40 countries across North as well as South America, Europe, and Asia. Prudential was able to claim the 5.8 percent market share of every life insurer within the United States in 2020.

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Prudential provides a variety of life insurance, such as universal and variable universal life insurance. Prudential’s term life insurance is available in four different options: SimplyTerm, Term Essential, the Term Elite along with PruTerm One. The three choices are individual policies, with SimplyTerm offering basic coverage, while the other two offer options for customization and riders. A fourth choice, PruTerm One, is specifically designed for small-business owners who have to pay back short-term loans.5

Despite the fact that the company posted earnings of $819 million during the quarter ending in April of 2019, Prudential posted a loss of $374 million as a result of the environment that was difficult in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Prudential managed assets in the amount of $1.721 trillion by 2020 compared to $1.551 trillion for the previous year. Prudential plans to achieve profitability and pay more than $10 billion in capital payments to shareholders, in addition to its dividend payments.6

5. Lincoln National

Lincoln National Corp. (NYSE: LNC) is a financial services provider that provides life insurance products, long-term annuities, insurance products along with retirement planning services. The company is not present outside of the U.S. It and all its affiliates are advertised to customers using Lincoln Financial Group. Lincoln Financial Group brand.7

Lincoln National has 4.83% of the 2020 life insurance market share.1 In their annual report, Lincoln National reported $630 million in premiums for written life insurance against $798 million in the year prior. Lincoln’s 2020 net earnings were $499 million, lower by 44% from $886 million in the year before.8

6. MassMutual

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company also commonly referred to as MassMutual was the sixth largest life insurance company in the United States in 2020.1 MassMutual provides a range of insurance options, including universal life, whole term, life, along with variable universal insurance. The company also provides long-term and disability insurance.

Alongside insurance, MassMutual gives a wide array of financial services, like annuities, investments as well as wealth management, and workplace benefits for employees via their employers.

For 2020, the business has earned $10.6 billion from insurance premiums as well as $23.2 billion from revenue. This means that the company made the sum of $128m in its net earnings which were down from the prior year’s loss which was $524 million.9 MassMutual’s market share stands at 4.57%.

7. State Farm

State Farm is primarily known for its auto and home insurance however, it is also the seventh-largest life insurance provider across the U.S. and has been operating since 1922. It is important to note that State Farm is not licensed and is not able to provide Life insurance coverage within MA, WI, and NY. State Farm offers term, whole or universal insurance.10 State Farm has 2.87 percent of 2020’s the market for life insurance share.1

State Farm’s universal joint life insurance policies provide two people with a single payment, for example, spouses.11 The whole life insurance policy has a limited number of options for payment, which allows the client to alter the time and manner in which payments are made in the coverage.

For the year 2000, State Farm issued over $100 billion worth of life insurance products.13 At the close of 2020, there were $994 billion of private life insurance contracts that were in existence, which means that premiums are being paid for these life insurance plans. For the year 2020, State Farm reported premium earnings at $5.5 billion, distributed 584 million in dividends for policyholders, and generated $339 million of net earnings during the year.14

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8. Transamerica

Transamerica is the eighth-largest life insurance company in the United States and holds 2.8 percent of the 2020 markets for life insurance share.1 Transamerica is an affiliate of Aegon (NYSE: AEG) Aegon is a global financial and insurance firm with offices all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Transamerica provides five types of life insurance, including term index universal, full final expense, and Life insurance plans for non-native nationals.15

   Top life Insurance Companies in the USA    

   Top life Insurance Companies in the USA    

If you are looking for a top life insurance company in the United States, you can’t go wrong with any of the following: 

Haven Life

Haven Life is a digital insurance company that provides two options for life insurance with a term, Haven Term and Haven Simple. Haven The Term policy is the policy for terms with periods of between 10 and 30 years, with the coverage can be as high as $3 million. Haven Simple is also term-based insurance, but with a lower amount of coverage and fewer lengths of between 5 or 20 years. The benefit for some could be that it doesn’t require medical exams to be covered. Both policies can be purchased online, without the help of an insurance agent.

It is important to note that Haven Life doesn’t issue the policies it sells. Instead, they are offered by MassMutual which is also the one that made our rating or one of its subsidiaries.


  • It is available for purchase on the internet
  • There is no medical examination required for certain applicants.


  • Only provides Life insurance with a term


Bestow sells a single type of insurance policy that has terms ranging from 10 and 30 years. It is available in increments of five years. The policy is covered that goes up in excess of $1.5 million. The entire application process can be completed online and you can contact Bestow’s customer service team for any queries. One thing that distinguishes Bestow apart from other companies we have rated is that none of their policies need a medical check.

Bestow does not issue life insurance policies that it sells. Instead, the policies are issued by the North American Company for Life and Health Insurance.


  • No of its policies need a medical examination
  • Terms policies that span between 10 and 30 years of duration


  • No term life insurance policies are available.
  • Doesn’t provide any riders

New York Life

New York Life is the most highly rated company on our ratings to provide permanent and term-only policies. The permanent life insurance options offered by New York Life comprise both universal and whole policies. The term insurance policies it offers are also able to be converted into an ongoing policy.

Also, you have the possibility of adding riders like Disability Waiver Premium, Accidental Death Benefit as well as living Benefits.

Its New York Life website doesn’t necessarily offer a lot of information about its policies. You might have to talk to a New York Life agent for more details. Additionally, its term insurance policy is more costly than the majority of the companies that we rated.

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  • Offers term, complete life, and universal policies
  • Terms policies are able to be converted into permanent


  • policies are more expensive than a lot of businesses in our rating
  • The policy isn’t well explained on the website of the company.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual offers both term and permanent life insurance. The term policies are available between 10 and 20 years. In its life insurance policies for permanent, Northwestern Mutual offers universal and whole life insurance. It is possible, to begin with, a term life insurance policy at Northwestern Mutual, and then later without any additional costs or medical examination, you can convert it into the whole life insurance.

There’s only limited pricing information available on the website and policies are purchased through a life insurance broker. The kind of riders you can choose to tailor your policy is contingent on the policy you select and you should inquire with your life insurance agent.


  • Provides term, complete and universal guidelines
  • Terms policies can be converted into a life-long policy


  • It is only available by an agent
  • Limited price information on the internet

Lincoln Financial

Lincoln Financial Group offers both term and universal insurance. Its two-term insurance policies, TermAccel and LifeElements, are available for a period of Between 10-30 years, and options for coverage range between $100,000 and $1 million.

 Some policyholders are also capable of converting their term insurance into life insurance that lasts forever. beginning at $100,000. Based on the type of application you submit, you might not have to undergo a medical test.

Lincoln provides three kinds of life insurance that are permanent including universal life as well as variable universal life and indexed universal life.

To apply for a new policy involves contacting Lincoln Financial.


  • Provides terms and policies that are universal
  • Certain policies might be able to not need a medical check


  • Does not offer whole life insurance policies.
  • The process of applying for insurance policies involves the assistance of a Lincoln expert in finances

John Hancock 

John Hancock offers both term and universal insurance policies. One of the things that make it stand out from other companies we have rated is its term policy, which provides coverage that can go up to $65 million. However, the downside is that the minimum coverage is $750,000. The minimum and the maximum are greater than the majority of the companies we’ve included in our rating. For instance, Haven Life’s Haven Term policy starts at $100,000 and goes up to $3 million.

The firm’s choices for permanent insurance include universal life, index universal life as well as the variable universal life. The company doesn’t offer any complete life insurance choices.

You might be able to save money through John Hancock’s Vitality Plus program where you could save money on your insurance premiums by recording healthy actions through the company’s mobile application or the website for the program.


  • offers universal and term life insurance policies.
  • Has higher coverage levels than the majority of the companies in our ratings


  • Doesn’t provide whole life insurance
  • Certain policies have very the highest minimum coverage levels.


The insurance companies listed here on these Top Insurance companies in the USA are some of the biggest and most reliable in the USA. They offer a variety of plans and benefits, so it’s important to compare rates and decide what is best for you. So whether you’re looking for basic protection or something more extensive, these companies will have an option that’s perfect for you.  

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