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Top Visited Websites In The World

Probably you can guess some sites that are popular but you couldn’t guess the most visited websites.

The top most visited websites in the world are discussed in this article.

These top visited websites are obviously great, according to users’ experience.

In this list of top visited website in the world are also the most visited website in the US, UK, China & other top countries.

The list below is the world’s top visited websites, ranked by a combination of total traffic, daily visitors and popularity.

Also, there is the top most visited websites daily.

We’re discussing the websites with most visits with values to its users. Those websites are used by multiple millions of people daily.

It’s obvious that among the list Google, YouTube & Facebook are the most visited websites daily.

Furthermore, these top most visited websites operate in the U.S. & there are some that operates outside the U.S.

So to avoid too much ado, here is the list of Top 10 Most visited and popular websites in the world.


According to users’ experience, Google is earned the achievement to have been the best search engine on earth.

On a daily basis, billions of people all over the world use the Google search engine

Also, there are many things that seem Google searches’ power is limitless.

In 2019 Google.com is the most visited website according to Alexa rank and it’s also a U.S. based company.


Yet, the second most visited website is another Google’s product “YouTube”.

Also, it’s one of the biggest search engines in the world.

YouTube is video streaming website for both kids & adults.

YouTube is able to generate about 23.35 billion total visits per month.

This had made YouTube to be one of the most visited, famous brand & with much value globally.


Another most visited and famous website on the internet is the Facebook Social Media Platform.

It is a social media network that serves more than 1 billion users globally and it operates in the U.S.

Facebook is the largest social media network that had significantly changed the way of about 1.4 billion active users communication.

Facebook has about 22.30 billion total visits per month and Alexa has found about 4,247,005 sites linking to the Facebook website.


The website, Baidu is a very good alternative of Google to the Chinese.

Baidu is a search engine that the Chinese use as Google is restricted from china.

The Chinese use Baidu as their search engine.

Also, Baidu provides a site that’s a good alternative to Google’s Adwords, Map, Translate & others.

Baidu get about 10.45 billions total visits per month.

Some considered Baidu as the 4th or 5th most visited website in the world. It has 1 percent of its visitors from the U.S. and an estimate of 90 percent of Chinese use Baidu as a search engine.

Baidu as one of the top visit website in the world is the 4th most popular website globally and 1st most popular website in china.


Another most popular and most useful website in the world is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an internet-based encyclopedia.

According to millions of users, they experience Wikipedia as the best encyclopedia website in the world.

Also, Wikipedia grows by about 800 articles every day whereby, expertise write on topics that aren’t sufficiently covered.

The Wikipedia knowledge base resource seems to be incomparable to any other knowledge base resource in the world.

In addition, Wikipedia had maintained about 5.33 billion total visits per month.

Also, it is the 5th most popular website globally and the 6th most popular website in the U.S.

The 5th most popular & visited site in the world & 6th in the United State of America had to be Wikipedia.


The Tencent QQ website (qq.com) is an instant messaging service in China.

Tencent QQ is a social networking service that allows users to send a photo, write blogs, watch videos, chat, play games & shop.

It’s the Chinese most used & largest internet service portal.

The second most visited site in china & 6th most visited website globally.

QQ.com gain monthly traffic of 1.12billion. Also, 93.14% of its traffic from China while, 1.87% from the U.S.


Taobao is an eCommerce online platform in China. Taobao is the 7th most visited website globally and one of the largest eCommerce website in China.

Also, it’s the third most visited website in China.

Also, the  Alibaba Group owned Taobao. It’s a marketplace that allows users to sell and buy products.

It is also the most visited website worldwide, maintain 612.70 million monthly traffic. 1.5 percent of the traffic is from the U.S.


Yahoo.com is an internet portal offering mail, search result, videos, map, and many other web services.

Yahoo maintains 8th most popular website in the universe and 7th most popular website in the U.S.

Also, Yahoo.com get about 1 billion traffic monthly.

49.75 percent of its traffic is from the U.S. and 3.81 percent from the U.K.


Another top visited and most popular website in the list is Tmall.com

Tmall.com website is spun-off from Taobao, operates in China by Alibaba group.

It operates as an online retail site in China and the second-largest eCommerce website.

It has over 500 million active users.

Tmall ranks 9th top-visited website globally and 4th in China.

Chinese accounts for 87.63% of its traffic while the U.S. accounts for 1.40%.


Another most accessed website in the world is the amazon.com

Amazon.com is an American based company that focuses on AI, digital streaming, cloud computing, and eCommerce.

Amazon is popularly known for its eCommerce service on their website in the world.

Amazon maintains 4th most visited website in the U.S. and ranks as the no 10 top visited and popular website globally.

Also, it has monthly traffic of 2.22 billion. 80% of its traffic is from the U.S. and it could maintain 2.75% from China.


These list of top 10 websites are ordered according to their popularity and traffic.

Furthermore, the list is based on Alexa ranks and other statistics from other websites.

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