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Top 10 Website To Make Money Per Day

website to make money online

Okay, you will not regret opening this page because in it I’m going to show you ten websites to make $100 per day.

These are 100% real websites that you can actually make good money with and I myself I’ve actually made good money on these websites.

Let’s jump into the real topic and this is the 10 websites to make $100 per day okay kicking this off at number 10 that we’ve got


Upwork or is basically a professional online freelancing platform.

So if you’re good at web development design or you’re good with graphic design, logos & things like.

Also, if you’re a good writer, customer service marketing, accounting.

There’s plenty of skills in here if you’re good in any of those skills you can make money through Upwork.

So the way it works is let’s say that I want to hire a writer, so I’ll go up there and I’ll just type in “content writer” and then you can just hit enter and the people that are will show up in the search result page.

Writers and everyone has their own specific skill set so this some may be eCommerce copywriting specialist, creative content writing,

So you can define the thing that you’re good at and then as you can see you can set your hourly rate to $40 per hour, $50 per hour, $60 – $250 per hour

You can tag the things that you’re good at and get endorsed by clients for your skills and you can build your profile and start making really good money online

Another thing to know is your trading hours for money, so basically you’re doing projects for people and recording your hours and being paid for it, but it’s a great way to get started right away with making money online.


Skillshare is a place where people come to learn things online so what they do is they sign up for membership and then they can watch more than 24,000 classes on various topics, like design illustration, business technology photo and film entrepreneurship there are all sorts of classes

So the way that you make money with this is by creating these classes and I myself have actually been on Skillshare for over a year now

People are paid based on minutes watched so at the end of the month Skillshare has this giant amount of minutes watched.

All the people that signed up for memberships and then as teachers you split a giant pool of cash based on how many minutes are watched on your classes so the better the classes the more minutes to watch that you have by students the more money that you make.

I’ve been on

Skillshare, since June of 2018 and my very first month I made $213 & over a

thousand dollars bucks.

Now the caveat here is that you should be pretty good with video and if not you can learn it. It’s really not too hard or at least screen recording and speaking in front of a camera.

Skillshare is a great way to make passive money online, okay.


Udemy is a lot like Skillshare in the sense that students come here to learn things online and take online classes and on you to me they pay per course.

As you can see the image below, each course has its own individual price on it

They always run a promotional sale, and they run these sales throughout the month to put a sense of urgency on the student to buy

As an instructor that’s good for you because you can end up making more sales that way

Obviously, there are all the different categories just like Skillshare.

There is business, design, photography and so on. If you’re good at any one of these you can teach classes                                   

One of my friends has been on Udemy for probably two years or more now and he actually uploads his stuff to Skillshare and Udemy and he earn huge amount of money.

They pay people via different methods including payment to your bank account

When everyone’s doing their new year’s resolutions, everyone wants to be online learning new skills and they go to places like Udemy and Skillshare to do so.

January is a great month to make money with courses as well as November my friend made over $7,000 in November and that is because of Black Friday.

Udemy was running those sales they do crazy sales during Black Friday and people are constantly online purchasing courses.

You can make pretty good money with both Skillshare and if you’re good in front of a camera or if you’re good with screen recordings and you know a little bit of editing


Flippa is a place where you can buy and sell websites.

Specifically, these are websites that are actually online businesses.

The way it works is you would buy these websites and you can either keep them or hold them because they’re already making money.

You can add to make them better and build them up and make more money, but at least you’ve got a foundation laid.

If you buy a business website, you will make your money back from the website and you could do more with the website & sell it back again if you don’t want to own & run the business with the website

Again, if you are good with digital marketing you can buy some websites.

If a website cost $2000 and you buy it, and the website is generating $583 per month. If you know anything about digital marketing and you can add to these websites & increase the revenue it generates

Maybe you’re good with video ads or things like that, then this is a good place to buy and sell websites.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle direct publishing and this is KDP

This is great because if you’re a writer you can write ebooks and then you can sell them through Amazon

The way it works is you would create these ebooks and upload them to Amazon and then Amazon will host them and also promote them for you.

Amazon does end up taking 30% and you end up earning 70 per cent royalty on all sales and that 30% is taken because they will host them on Amazon for you.

Amazon will put them in recommended reading lists and things like that sometimes which will help you get a little bit more sales you

The aim is, you want to get hundreds and hundreds of sales.

So you want to be making hundreds of dollars per day and even if your book is fifteen bucks you only need ten of them a day, and you will be making over a hundred dollars per day

Also promoting ebooks yourself if you have a social media account like Instagram or YouTube or anything like to promote your own book. This is also a helpful way to boost sales but again work smarter not harder.

If you can outsource this stuff to have it professionally written, you’re spending a little bit of money to do so but you’re also upping the chances of your book being very professional and getting much better ratings which will end up getting you much better sales.

So you will end up getting that money back but you can actually do that through some freelancing site & agencies like Yustack, Fiverr & Upwork.

Amazon handmade

Amazon handmade has a lot like Etsy if you’ve ever seen that.

Etsy is all about arts and crafts and selling them online and this is Amazon’s own version of that.

If you’re good with arts and crafts and making all these crafty products then this is the site “Amazon Handmade” for you so you can make them and upload your product to Amazon and sell it

You will earn ratings just like anything else on Amazon which will help boost your sales.

If you do want to sign up for something like this then you can just go over to services on and it’s got this page that will kind of break down what it’s all about with handmade

You will simply create your account & upload your crafts.


This is the place for writers so if you’re a good writer you can get paid to write content for people

This is specifically about writings.

You’ve got some links here this will tell you how Textbroker works.

Basically, you can register & submit some sample work and create an account.

Then, you can start earning and getting paid to write.

The way the payment works is the better writer that you are the more you’ll get paid. If you are a 5-star writer you can make up to five cents per word which doesn’t sound like a lot but if we go down and calculate your earnings, you will realize there are much to earn on Textbroker.

Let’s assume that you’re a really good writer you get some five-star work that clients will rate you for and you write even just 2,000 words in a day which really isn’t that much actually.

Then, you’ve already made a hundred dollars per day and you can outsource this stuff by just hiring someone to write and as long as that amount that you’re paying for that is lower than what you’re being paid on Textbroker you’re in the green.


Clickbank is a place where you can find a bunch of affiliate products to sell online.

If you’ve got a social media account, YouTube channel, a website or a blog website and a blog or the biggest ones is if you have those and you are able to promote online.

You can find all sorts of affiliate products on Clickbank

You will go to affiliate marketplace and you’ve got all the niches over there on the left side of the page

If you’re passionate about any of these you can make money online.

If you’re really passionate about health and fitness, you can click on health and fitness categories and there all of the products that you can promote in health and fitness will display in the result page.

You can write an article or make a YouTube video that will be like “the top ten ways to lose weight” then promote ten different programs/product in each one of those points.

“The one’s for flat belly fix”, this one will help you slim down your stomach to lose weight around your belly and you can make forty dollars per sale off when someone followed your affiliate link to purchase the product.

If you already you make three videos or article in a day and you can make over a hundred dollars a day but you need to be able to promote online.

It’s really not as hard as it sounds though.

For example, I have this my blog “worldtecharena”, I can get a product from Clickbank. If the product is a WordPress theme, I would write an article like “Top WP themes 2020”. Afterwards, I will place this product as first or second in the list & hyperlink the call to action button with my affiliate link or place my link somewhere it can be seen & clicked.

If you go to ClickBank you can find all sorts of products.

You can actually just go back to the home page and just scroll down and search and you will get all the different categories.

When you search for computers and the internet, you can click on that and there are just all sorts of products that you can promote online.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is awesome because if you do have a website or blog which is a glorified website then you can make money by putting ads on that website or even if you’ve got a YouTube channel.

You can also hook up Google Adsense to your YouTube channel and you can do it all through YouTube and you can actually make money for the videos that you’re posting.

Whenever people watch them there are ads in the beginning and then you get paid for that.

You can see some videos displaying ads on YouTube while watching them, those channels who owns the video is actually making money from it.

When you post your videos, people watch them and they skip the ad or they watch the ad and then you get paid for it.

Growing a YouTube channel as long as you’re staying consistent with it and you’re putting out valuable content that people really want to watch you will make it and generate revenue at the end from your hard work & time you spent

There is one other caveat though you have to have at least a thousand subscribers and at least four thousand hours of watch time in the last 12 months in order to qualify to run Adsense on your YouTube channel.

Let’s say that you are not a video person you’re more of a website person, well through my blog you can learn how to make websites and then you can put ads on that website and the more visitors you get to your website the more money that you’ll make

For instance, I run a site called “webhealtharena”, and it’s all about weight loss and healthy eating and stuff like that and I do ads on the site.

Then, when a user visits my site & click on the ads, I will end up making money from that action taken by a visitor.

Also, you need much visitors to view the ads more than the numbers of visitors who would click the ads.

Google Adsense does penalize accounts once they notice suspicious activities done on your ads with fewer ads views & impression.

Having a good traffic source is what helps you run AdSense on your site too.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associate is an affiliate program that let the approved associate to promote products from Amazon & make a commission per sale they lead.

If you have any sort of outreach online if you’ve got an Instagram account or a YouTube channel or a website, you can promote a product from Amazon using your custom affiliate link to that product

Once again, one of the most important ones is a website or a blog any form of outreach online you can sell Amazon products and the thing about this is the higher price that the product is, the bigger the commission you get off of it.

You’ll make more money selling pieces of technology like a $1,500 laptop with an Amazon affiliate link you’ll end up making more Commission off of that than you would sell a T-shirt.

Also, higher affiliate products are customers tend to teeter-totter on the fence a little bit because it’s such a highly-priced product now with things like T-shirts and you know random small stuff of it’s kind of like absurd five bucks why not so you end up getting higher volume.

There’s really no wrong way to go with higher-priced products or lower-priced products what matters is your outreach online and your ability to reach a high volume of people.

If you have a YouTube channel & you make a video “Best laptop of 2020” because I was talking about laptops their high price products.

You can check out my post on the best laptop

When you have you affiliate link provided for the audience to follow & buy a laptop, you would probably need just one sale a day to make good money.

In addition, if you’re good with any sort of outreach online or even if you’re not good with it you can learn it.

Just start the YouTube channel, Instagram, a website or blog and you can start building that out and make passive money.

These are not overnight things but are things that you build over the course of a year or so. But down the road, you end up making so much money passively from it

This a method that while you’re sleeping you are generating income.

You can search on Google the top in-demand products which you can recommend to your audience & promote it.

For example, this blog publishes contents related to tech, I can search for most favourite phone accessories & check that out on Amazon. When I see a unique, new, amazing accessories which people must love to have, I will just get my affiliate link & promote it.


None of these methods or website can generate you money if you didn’t apply hard work, smartness & creative ideas to it.

You cannot run all the ten mentioned platforms but at least, there are some which you can handle with your level of expertise and make the good out of it.

If you don’t have a website or a blog, you can create one if you can or just reach out to Yustack & get them to create for you. You can contact them if you need a special request.

I have published some articles related to monetization & marketing, you may check them out via the navigation menu.

If you love to work as a freelancer, you can join Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr & some others.

But for a passive way of generating money, I love Google Adsense, selling my ebook or course online & Affiliate marketing.

If you already have a large audience on your social media, it’s a great opportunity to utilize. Promote your related products to them or sell your products (physical or digital product) to them.

One thing to know is that affiliate links are always unpleasant to see, what to do to make it pleasant & professional is to;

Get your affiliate link

Go to

Paste your long URL & shorten it

Copy the short URL & be using it.

Once you have gotten this your short URL, once you click the link, it will redirect to that your affiliate link and the product page.

You have some parts in this article which you haven’t understand, do not hesitate to drop a comment, I love to help.

Also, follow us on our social media pages/profile, so that you will get more of our updates like this.

Share this with your friends to let them benefit from this.

Thanks for your time.

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