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Where to Buy Ekart Inu Coin & How to (Step by Step Guide)

In this post am going to show you where to buy ekart inu coin and exactly how to do it step by step

So follow this post and within few minutes you should have some ekart inu coin in your wallet and make profits easily.

This just launched earlier the week, and a lo of people have been asking questions like where can I buy ekart inu coin and its the reason I’ve decided make this post to show complete beginners how to do it.

In summary you are going to learn:

  • What Ekart Inu is all about and it’s price
  • How to buy ekart inu coin and where
  • Etc..

But before I go ahead with this guide; you may want to know what this cryptocurrency is all about, the prediction, token price etc.

What is Ekart Inu Coin?

Ekart inu token is a meme/community based token and this is under the Ecommerce Category; this means that this meme coin’s use case has to do with online shopping.

They are building a marketplace that will give customers the freedom to shop using cryptocurrencies through Ekart Inu tokens.

According to predictions from Zycrypto this token could jump to 1000x

Note that this is only a prediction but from what I’ve seen so far following the unique features of the coin, it could definitely do some good X(s).

  • First of it’s kind
  • 15+ whales
  • Did 10x in the phase 11 of their presale
  • 150,000+ account holders in last 15 days
  • Etc…

This is definitely growing really fast and could give really good profits if you get in early.

You can find more details on their website at

Holders can connect with the community via these channels:

  • Website: (You can see all details such as token price, and other stuff right here)
  • Telegram Group: (Over 189,000 members as at the time of making this post

Where to buy Ekart Inu Coin

First you have to know what cryptocurrency exchange is currently trading ekart inu token and you can always google that but since you’re already here I’ll just make things easy for you.

You can buy ekart inu through their website using either btc, ethereum, matic etc… as seen in the screenshot below;

Unlike other coins, it isn’t listed on binance or pancakeswap yet, where to buy is through their website

and you have to do that using either btc, eth, matic, and or usdt.

don’t worry, I know you may be a complete beginner who probably haven’t bought crypto before so am going to show you step by step how to do this.

How to Buy Ekart Inu Coin

  • Purchase any crypto
  • Signup and buy btc on coinbase
  • Register and login to Ekart Inu Website
  • Buy Ekart.

Step 1: Purchase any of the crypto

You have 4 options to chose from; the best one to use is btc.

The idea is you;

  1. Purchase btc
  2. Use it to buy ekart inu coin

You can buy bitcoin on coinbase.

(If you use my invite link to join coinbase, you’ll get $10 in btc for free when you buy up to $100 crypto on coinbae)

>> Click Here to Signup Up for Coinbase and get free $10

Step 2: Buy BTC on Coinbase

After signing up on coinbase, you need to buy btc over there with your debit card or through bank and buying btc is quite easy.

You can follow below to buy btc on coinbase

  • Register and Login to your coinbase account
  • Buy btc with either credit/debit card or through your bank (Buying through card will make your crypto purchase arrive instantly but you may be charged higher fee, while bank transfer is slower and cheaper; I would go with card)

Let’s assume you’ve purchased like $100 or $200 btc then it’s time to buy ekart inu token.

Remember, if you face issues with any of the steps you can always drop a comment in the comment section of this post so can help you.

Step 3: Register on Ekart Inu Website

You have to go over to their website click on BUY and then you’ll be prompted to register an account.

Do so and login.

Once you’re in your dashboard, click on Buy Tokens as seen below;

Where to Buy Ekart Inu Coin

Select btc and enter the amount.

Then hit buy and BOOOOM!

You’ll be taken straight to the page where you’re given an address to send your btc to.

All you have to do is send the btc you’ve got on coinbase to the special address given to you.

Copy the address and send to it from coinbase and within 5-30 minutes you should be done.

That’s it.

You’ve just purchased yourself some ekart inu tokens.

NOTE: You can’t buy less than $50 worth of ekart inu (I think this is presale price) so make sure you don’t send less than $50 or your money will be lost in cyber space.

I’ll advice you buy from $100 upwards.

Remember: I’m not a financial adviser this is only a buying guide to show you where to buy ekart inu coin and step by step how to do it.

You can as well watch this buying tutorial video to help you easily.

Hope this helps and if you have questions feel free to leave your comments, I’ll reply as soon as I can.



    • Sorry, you can’t be able to retrieve this, as you don’t know the owner in position of the address. Next time kindly make sure you check thoroughly before sending. Sorry for the loss.

  1. Well, they give you two unique addresses. The addresses were different for me too. The address they said was my EKARTINU address but then a different address comes up when it is time to actually deposit your coins from another site. Luckily,I tried just over the minimum $50.00 (I think I used like 70 bucks) went through the entire process with the address they prompted me with to deposit and now it’s not in my “EKARTINU address”. Obviously something is going on. Why would it prompt you with a different deposit address than your personal ekartinu address

    • Yes you can. But to be able to send out Eth from trustwallet you might need some BNB to use for transaction fees.

      Once you are able to send out your eth, kindly register via the website and use eth to purchase the coin.
      Remember the minimum amount is $50.

      • Sir.. I transferred ethereum from wazirx to ekart inu first address. Withdrawal successful from wazirx but not reflected in ekart inu account..need your help

  2. After depositijf the btc there on the first address, what next sir? Kindly tell me everything step by step from after creating the account on ekart Inu website, what’s next, please give me the stage by stage to follow

    • Need help..i transferred( withdraw) ethereum from wazirx to ekart inu address(copied main address- just below the token balance) .. still no balance has to recover or check.. From wazirx withdrawal successful..thank you Sir

    • Yeah.
      Sign up under the website, go to to buy token and payment, select usdttrc copy the address and deposit.
      Make sure you deposit more than $50 to avoid losing your coin!

  3. Please is it compulsory to only transfer the btc through Coinbase. Like can I transfer from Binance? That’s for those that have btc on other exchanges/platforms. What’s your take?

  4. I am trying to buy ekart inu via ETH as I already own it. Which particular ETH needs to be bought? I mean whether BEP2 or BEP20 (BSC) or ERC20 network in order to buy Ekart Inu???

  5. I did everything according to the guide successfully, I sent it from binance for a minimum amount of $50. The main thing is not to forget to watch how much they will charge you with a commission. So as not to lose money.

  6. The instructions here and in the video are very confusing and apparently steps are missing. No mention of transferring your BTC or ETH, or MATIC to a wallet first, then making the purchase from Ekart with your crypto in your wallet. Isn’t that’s how transactions work? You buy stuff from your wallet, just like buying groceries from a store? If two addresses are popping up, then which cashier should you pay? One of them if not both are not valid and you’ll lose your donated $50+. I’m not following these instructions. I’m looking for other instructions via video that is a lot more clearer and shows me step by step using video. Good luck guys. I’m not liking the feedback and comments on lost money here.

    • Before you came down to comment are you sure you read this article?
      I don’t seem to understand you, because all those were mentioned.

  7. Here’s my 2 cents. This is fake. After carefully looking into it, Ekart Inu is not registered on any blockchain, including Polygon. It doesn’t have team members as in who’s behind this crypto? If it’s not on a blockchain, then it doesn’t have a crypto coin, plain and simple. Fake and Scam. It went from $10 min, to $50 min investment, because the creators can get more money from you faster. Don’t fall for the EAID coin either. None of these coins… Ekart Inu, and EAID are listed on any of the major crypto tracking sites like,, or Just another fake scam. That’s my opinion. Do as you please. You’ve been warned.


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